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May 8th - Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina?

Those 3 primaries are on Tuesday May 8th. Now that it is a two man race, how come the campaign isn't holding at least 1 event in each of those states??

Instead we are holding 2 events and lots of campaign fundraisers in California which is great....but shouldn't we also be doing events in Indy/WV/NC??

Many people think Ron Paul dropped out, we need to remind people in the states that Dr Paul is still running. This is the chance to truly maximize the delegate strategy. Remember Virginia in a two man race??

Most states are proportional and we could get a lot of delegates from just showing up and trying. What is the excuse?! Come on campaign get to those states!!

BTW- Those who want to learn from PA and how to get delegates elected in a primary, take a look at West Virginia! They allocate delegates the same as PA did so we CAN learn from PA and use it this election cycle!



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I live in NC..

and there are a lot of stealth Ron Paul supporters here. I've had three interesting encounters in just the past week.

First, I went to a wine tasting last Friday at the local wine store and I ended up at a table with two couples. Both had moved here from NY: one was Dem and the other Repub. We got to talking about various issues and I finally just blurted out that I supported Ron Paul. Surprise Surprise! Both the Dems and the Repubs said that he was someone they could like, but of course they both thought he didn't have a chance. But, just hearing that type of response from both sides of the politcal spectrum was really a great!

Second, I just went to the Ace Hardware store yesterday to buy some plants. The young man who is in charge of the plant department moved here about 6 months ago from Missoula, Montana. We got to talking about the two states, the different accents, the style of talking, etc and started touching on the elections. So, I once again blurted out that I was voting for Ron Paul. Surprise! He really liked Ron Paul, too.

Third, I got an email from a former Hillary supporter (I'm one of those, too) asking people to support Hillary at Americans Elect. I emailed her back and said I was voting for Ron Paul. Surprise! So was she! In fact, she had met Rand Paul at an airport not too long ago and conversed with him. She thinks Ron Paul has a good chance of doing well in NC.

So,of course, this is all anecdotal information which means nothing in terms of votes, but it does indicate a good cross section of voters support Ron Paul.

Ron could win WV

just seems content on Cali and Texas for now...shame too, many in WV are hunters and farmers. They are exactly the type that would want the government off their backs..

i live in WV. although many

i live in WV. although many would agree with ron's platform, most honestly haven't heard of ron's positions due to the media blackout. my grandmother (D) even thought that the race was already over, shows how the MSM has control over how people perceive things.

Morgantown or Charleston would be the best places, if anything.

Big talk show host Tom Roten is a huge fan of Dr. Paul

and says nothing but good about him. Locals should get on his station and discuss the Paul platform, urging people to vote.

Watch out big-time for election fraud in this state. Locals must conduct at least two exit polls in each of these cities at the large precincts, over 300 voters.