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If you're not helping your delegates

If you're not helping your delegates, or the delegates in other states near you, then you helping Mitt Romney.

Posting pictures and links and shit online was cute when the race first started, but it's meaningless at this point. None of that is activism. It's called cheerleading.

The only thing you should be using the computer for now is to seek out info on how to help the delegates. Facebook, RonPaul2012.com, Meetup. Seek them out. Volunteer to help in any way they need.

Then, leave your house to help. Drive 2 or 3 hours if you must. If PA had more on-the-ground volunteers than internet warriors we would have dominated in delegate selection.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.

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I think they are helping Obama

I agree with your perception.. If you want Ron Paul to win the GOP nomination, you have to register Republican, participate in your local RCC to help Ron Paul's delegates (if that's not you, HELP anyways), your local politicians under the influence of Ron Paul, and getting other voters to register Republican, and show up to the RCC meetings too, and presuring the GOP to change from within by showing up and being counted!