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Paul Mulsine: Greedy geezers? Make that 'greedy totalitarian geezers'

The comments section in this is very telling. Many people confirming what Paul stated in the article...


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More divisive wedge-issue tripe.

Just what we needed, right?


Excerpt from the article, a quote illustrating the mindset the article's author condemns:

My major suggestion has been to get all physically able high school graduates to give two to four years to government service, not necessarily military. Cleaning up messes from industrial operations of centuries ago would be a useful exercize.

Divisive? Hell yeah, that had better be divisive!

So we should never have a

So we should never have a dialog about the misconceptions which create the runaway growth of centralized government? If these forums are not the place for the nuances of the philosophy of liberty to be aired and discussed, what other site do you think I should frequent?

Put another way, if no one can discuss the mentality that brings this madness down upon our heads, how will it ever be resolved? I think this is completely relevant and fail to see why you call it "tripe".

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein