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To all Nebraskans (State election will be held on May 15th)

Here's a letter I just sent to every Nebraskan I know about the Nebraska state election. They already know I'm very pro-Paul, so the point was focus on the senate and house positions that are up for election this year. We've got two liberty candidates running as Republicans, one for each position. If you are from Nebraska or know Nebraskans who might vote, please give this a read. Thanks!

Hey guys,

Did you know that we aren't just voting for a Republican presidential candidate on May 15th in Nebraska?

At the federal level, we'll also be electing a senator and a representative in Congress. I read somewhere that Nebraska public office-holders are re-elected 93% of the time, which I think is awful.
Either it means the guys we have in office are outstanding, which isn't likely, or it means that we are just voting for the guy with name recognition, which is much more likely.

Well, I did some research into the candidates for these two offices and there are two really good ones I really wanted to bring to your attention.

Please feel free to spread this to any Nebraskan friends or family members who might be voting on the 15th, as well. I'm going to put it on Facebook, as well, although I'm not sure if anyone will see it there.

Here's some quick info on the incumbents and who I'm voting to replace them and why.

*U.S. Senate incumbent: none, as Dem. Senator Ben Nelson is retiring this year

Check out Pat Flynn. Unfortunately, he has no voting record as he's never held a public office before. This also means he is not a career politician (not yet anyway), which usually is a good thing (Utah Senator Mike Lee and Louisiana Senator Rand Paul are excellent examples of this). If you're curious, he was a business owner and a minister before he retired to run for the Senate seat. His stances (according to his home page and one of his speeches that I listened to) on the issues are as conservative as they come. He's for small government, pro-free market, for immediate spending cuts at the federal level and seems to dislike overall federal government interference in business and our daily lives. Anyway, as far as I can tell, he's by far the most conservative of all the candidates and he's got my vote!

*U.S. House of Rep. incumbent: Lee Terry (8 consecutive terms so far)
Terry's voting record shows him to be a fiscal conservative, which is great. Where he fails in my mind, though, is how he's voted on national security bills. In particular, his votes for NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and has votes to renew every Patriot Act provision are MORE THAN ENOUGH REASON to vote for someone else.
Read up on the NDAA (effectively suspends Habeus Corpus and makes indefinite detention possible for Americans and foreign nationals on American soil) and the so-called Patriot Act (forces judges to give the okay to wiretap anyone in the US if a federal agent requests it, essentially a repeal of the Fourth Amendment) if you don't know what's so terrible and unconstitutional (read "un-American") about them.
Benjamin Franklin once wisely set "He who gives up his liberty for security deserves neither." Voting for these bills means you don't care about civil liberties or the U.S. Constitution, which every federal office-holder takes an oath to protect upon taking office.
Regardless of whether it was a reluctant vote due to pressure from other Republicans or a willing vote, Terry has gone against this solemn oath and has lost his right to represent us in Congress.

Check out Glenn Freeman. He's a very conservative constitutionalist that would have never signed either of these horribly un-American bills, ObamaCare, increased debt ceilings, etc.
We need more true conservatives in power like Glenn who can stand up and simply say "NO" more often. He's got my vote!

Once again, that's Pat Flynn and Glenn Freemen.

Maybe we can stop and even reverse the U.S.'s downward spiral by electing more people like these two gentlemen.
One can only hope.

Anyway, thanks for reading and considering what I have to say.
Have a great weekend!


p.s. No reply is necessary, unless you'd like to.

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