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RP 2011 Estimated Net Worth 3.2 Billion.

Ross Perot (RP) - Cheap trick but I wanted some feedback.

Ross Perot is the only president I have ever voted for. I'm 48. This year I voted for Ron Paul in our primary here in Fl and I will vote for the 2nd time in my life this Nov. I find it a bit ironic that the only two times I will have voted in my life will have been for RP!

Anyway Ross Perot...for those of you too young to remember...bought and paid for 1/2 hour blocks on mainstream media where he used charts and diagrams to educate the public about the unsustainable economic path in which we were headed. It had a huge impact on me and many others since I finally saw someone running for president that was concerned about the direction of the country rather than just being concerned about becoming president.

I wish the Mises institute, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Judge Nap, and all the other influential Austrian economics minded people would do something similar to the Ross Perot 1/2 hour infomercials today. I don’t watch TV but the people that we need to wake up still do. I know it would be expensive but there are some rich people in the private sector that should be all over this. If we could just begin to EDUCATE the masses and explain how America has replaced free market capitalism with a Corporate/Fascist State, surely more people would wake up and see the economic catastrophe that Ron Paul speaks about. Hopefully they would also notice that without exception history indicates that all past socialist forms of Government have lead to tyranny.

On a side note, I lived in Ft Worth, Texas when Ross Perot was running for President. I was going into a chili's restaurant in Dallas one day at lunch with my wife just as Ross Perot was walking out the door. I was shocked at how short he was and how “normal” he seemed. We spoke briefly and I mentioned I did vote for him. He thanked me…got into his (probably 5 year old Cadillac) and drove himself off. Ross Perot was a billionaire and drove himself around Dallas in a 5 year old American car. Reminds me a lot of the other RP that I sure wish I would get the pleasure to meet one day too!

Does anyone know if Ron Paul and Ross Perot ever talk? Ross Perot is 81 and has a net worth of over 3 billion. You would think he would be someone our campaign would be interested in meeting with.


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What about the infomerical idea?

Neither of you commented on that.


Is he not using a small fraction of this money to back Paul PAC ? Never could figure out why the man who talked so much about the deficit doesn't like Paul?


Because he's a NWO interventionist....

...just like the rest of them, who just happened to hate GHW Bush enough (as most patriots do) to do him in in '92.

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