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Marco Rubio 'Crown Prince' of the Tea Party claim pure fiction

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Marco Rubio 'Crown Prince' of the Tea Party claim pure fiction

by Jay Stephenson

Out of simple curiosity, I explored Marco Rubio's Wikipedia page and the fourth paragraph caught my eye:

Rubio has been called the "crown prince" of the Tea Party movement. He has been mentioned as a potential choice for the Republican vice presidential nomination in 2012 but has said he is not interested.

I found this declaration a bit strange, so I checked the citation for this claim, which was a November 2, 2010 London Daily Telegraph article titled: "Midterms 2010: Tea Party 'Crown Prince’ Marco Rubio wins."

Continued: http://www.generationsnooki.com/6/post/2012/04/the-marco-rub...

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Actually, the original Tea Party does not

exist anymore. It was overtaken by the establishment hacks. You know that is true when Sean Hannity starts claiming to be one of them. He is totally backing Rubio as VP now.

~Your perception becomes your reality~