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Obamney / Rombama comparison collection

Please comment with any other material you find and share all.

I found these searching DP:

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Obama/Romney vs Paul/Kucinich

They should just shake hands and put themselves on the same ticket...

The first ever Purple vs Purple general election.

Just saying...

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I think the ticket the establishment fears is Paul/Paul

Paul/Kucinich would be an interesting ticket, but Kucinich would have to give up on government intervention into our property, money, and economy for Ron Paul to run with him. Kucinich likes government intervention when it comes to our property, money, and economy, he's only in favor of keeping government intervention out of foreign conflicts and our lives, except for our property.

The establishment also seems to fear a Congressman Paul/Governor Ventura ticket, as they've been attacking Ventura fairly hard the past few months. That would be a closer match than Paul/Kucinich, but Ventura would also have to come around on some socialist beliefs and life.

And a Paul/Napolitano ticket might fly under their radar. Napolitano would be the best, but I'm not sure if he would draw as much support as a former independent Governor, or a Senator which most Neocons seem to be ok with.

I'm refering to them as Obamitt now

Because it reminds me of both "oh vomit," and "oh bomb it."