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Plan To Stop Texas Vote Rigging

You have every reason to be optimistic about Texas.

The "romneymania" that is sweeping the cable news networks has yet to materialize at the polling place. Perhaps the presumptive nominee was anointed too soon, or more likely there is a HUGE disconnect and enthusiasm gap among voters. After all romney is a liberal, so why would a Texas conservative show up to vote for the presumptive nominee if he already has it in the bag ? The answer is....they won't. In fact, it is much more reasonable to expect the opposite of "Romneymania" to occur, which is "notROMNEYmania". Many disaffected conservative Christian voters will cast a vote for Paul in protest of the Massachusetts liberal. Consider for a moment that Texas is Ron Paul's home state where he has honorably served his district for 12 terms, as well as cared for thousands of people while practicing medicine. While there are probably a few vocal Texans who who oppose Paul, there are more than likely tens of thousands or more that quietly RESPECT him. How else would he have won 12 TEXAS elections.

Anyone of these factors by itself would give Ron Paul an edge in the Texas primary over the liberal Mormon bishop. All of them combined make him the hands down favorite!!! Except we don't count the votes and the GOP is going to steal Texas like they did all the other states ho hum :(


1. We NOW have an easy, super effective system that enables us to certify OUR own votes. Anyone here can print off hundreds of affidavits to hand out to voters as they show up on election day. We will also provide those voters instructions on how to certify their vote. So this time when the GOP says "prove it" we can.

2. We will let the GOP know that we not only have a way of recording our votes, but will be watching them very carefully. Let them know by plastering social media networks with this massive affidavit initiative on both our websites and networks as well as the ESTABLISHMENTS WEBSITES AND NETWORKS

This will force the GOP to rethink the VOTE RIGGING strategy. When it is realize we are prepared and able to account for our votes they will have no choice but to count them.




This is a list of all the GOP COUNTY CHAIRMEN IN TEXAS.


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People count # of voters in and out of precincts!

Not sure how they handle early votes.



Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!

Texas Has No Voice in Picking GOP Nominee ??????

???Is this true information folks???

Submission A:::::
Texas Considers ‘Winner Takes All’: Could Deny Romney GOP Nomination
Written on April 6, 2012 by V2A, Filed under
2012 Election, Politics

An effort to shake up the GOP primary race is underway in the Lone Star State. The outcome could set the course for a brokered convention by keeping front-runner Mitt Romney from securing enough delegates to win the presidential nomination outright.
David Bellow, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, told The Daily Caller that he believes there is enough support among committee members to call an emergency SREC meeting to vote on changing the state’s delegate allocation from a proportional to winner-take-all system.
According to Bellow, the effort has support from the necessary 15 SREC members to petition and call for an emergency meeting to make the decision.
In order for the committee to vote they will need a quorum of 50 percent, and in order to change the rules they will need a two-thirds vote of the SREC members in attendance at the emergency meeting.


Submission B:::::
Texas Has No Voice in Picking GOP Nominee
By: Jim Bell | 1 week ago Because of the drawn out court battle over redistricting, the Texas party primaries have been delayed until the end of May. With the GOP Presidential nomination battle all but over, and Mitt Romney the nominee-apparent, this means Texas will have no say whatsoever in picking the GOP nominee this year.


Texas Told Rick Santorum NO!

They would not consider changing the rule to winner take all. Lone Stars? We pray.


Thanks for sharing :) Let's do this!


First lets get the votes!

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Is True the Vote

a good source to work in partnership with? I remember their activism from a few years ago and wondering if they could be of any help to us now.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Ed/Steve, your idea is great.

Ed/Steve, your idea is great. But how will it work with absentee ballots/those who vote by mail? I don't know if these are high percent in Texas.

Where I'm in California, absentee voting constitutes a significant percentage in fact. I'm myself personally planning to vote by mail. Interested in hearing your ideas about this.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Good question...

...don't have an answer other than that they CAN be distinguished and compared afterward. If they are way out of line with the verified "local" vote, we can dig deeper to find out why.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Pollworkers should print double sided with...

The affidavit on the front and the liberty delegate slates on the back.

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Relieved this was posted again...

I looked into this site and entered a log-in name and password. And in Texas, with our black boxes? ANY election should have this method! Vote followed by Affidavit... I also plan to take a photo of the screen just before I hit the Submit/Vote selection.

A few years ago, my closest voting place was a lovely retirement facility across the street from me. And first time I'd seen this 'fancy' selection malarkey... And I had to ask for help! (And I consider myself somewhat 'computer literate'. And I could not help but be saddened for those residents who were NOT and too proud to ask for help.

Have seen a fool-proof way for its being done...and would be accepted by the public! However, I seriously doubt the Govt wants that type system.

Susie 4 Liberty

Hey Susie, I agree.

We are positioning ourselves to win Texas by accounting for our votes.

When you get a chance please plaster the below links all over your social media network of choice.


I think the chances

of PROVING fraud and turning our country to Ron Paul and the Constitution as "blow back" outweigh privacy concerns.

No one will hold a gun to anyone's head and make them participate.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Affadavits Are Great But Please Exit Poll

Try to get someone at every voting site - and then you can also verify whether or not CNN correspondants and others are actually there doing legit exit pollinf themselves - please record audio and/or video or it didn't happen. EXIT POLLING is the key - kep count of how many affadavits you distribute - it is a moot point if all voting places are not covered - at least try to get an RP supporter at each of the major voting places.

The affidavits are a sworn

The affidavits are a sworn legal document once they are notarized and they are also a physical paper trail. If everyone has one, they only need to use it if there is evidence of fraud. We are not trying to prove to ourselves there is fraud, we already know there is. We are trying to position ourselves to catch the fraud, or more importantly stop it before it happens with our preparation.

They WILL rig TEXAS i

They WILL rig TEXAS i guarantee it. They know he'll win and will probably try to make it look close but will stuff the boxes last minute in a concentraed urban area with Romney votes from dead people or Tim Tebows lol.

I hope Alex Jones will be in Austin recording and send all his volunteer reporters in EVERY big precinct and watch them like hawks.
Then we'll win the beauty contest but then the media will say Romney will win the delegates or "projected" delegates lol

Bumperoni, Big-Time

Mr.Schill is on the mark. Great effort!!!

I voted the Schill (says it all) article down.

The reason is below.


You're killing me :) . I wrote that as a reply to a comment left by a troll. Which you might find if you look carefully enough.. or it could have been erased by a Mod. I doubt you're dense or else you wouldnt of found the DP.

You know how they say "its always the crook who thinks he is being robbed" ? ...maybe we should be clocking you Lipred, you're acting reeeaal funny like ;)

"The "romneymania" that is

"The "romneymania" that is sweeping the cable news networks has yet to materialize at the polls. "

But Romney was leading Ron Paul by 31 points in the last Texas poll, and likely by more without Gingrich.

Also...calling these affidavits doesn't mean they are legal documents or would hold up either in a court of law or a court of public opinion. The process is not even remotely scientific and a waste of time.

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you have been a member for 3 hours and 55 minutes and this is what you have to offer. I hope this post helped motivate you to join :)

You have passed the troll qualification process with flying colors. Congratulations

Wait,,,,you post the article

Plan To Stop Texas Vote Rigging
Submitted by EdSchill on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 11:57

Then reply with "you passed the troll test?"

Welcome to the DP
Submitted by EdSchill on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 20:36. Permalink

you have been a member for 3 hours and 55 minutes and this is what you have to offer. I hope this post helped motivate you to join :)

You have passed the troll qualification process with flying colors. Congratulations

e. schill

I have to agree with the others. You seem rather suspect being a member for a few hours, and especially with congratulating yourself for not being a troll. My job requires good attention to detail.

Nice try, though. The name "Schill" somehow seems appropriate.


I think you might have misread. ED has been a member for several months and has all legitimate and supportive posts. The "troll test" comment was a sarcastic remark to a post by "brown bear" I think it was, a troll who made some negative comments, and the post I believe is still there, but user may be banned now. EdSchill is a good guy, IMO, and I firmly believe that this attempt to end the fraud is a genuine and admirable effort by him, Dr. K, and others. Please, let's keep this thread positive. Of course questions are welcome, and skeptics are a given, but please inquire before you jump the gun and jeopardize the outcome of this very much needed project. People all day everyday comment about their suspicion of fraud, vote rigging, cheating, and, tyranny. These guys are just trying to find a way to get some answers. I haven't seen any other legitimate attempts, only a lot of talk and no action. I am personally very excited about the prospect of answers and a possibility of actually being able to hold someone accountable. Thank you guys again for your hard work:-)

TY for the kind words and for

TY for the kind words and for explaining that to him so I didn't have too.


and posting on here :)

I don't get high

I have no desire to toke. As for "clocking me" well, do your best. As for responding to a post, well, a smarter person would have hit the 'reply' button at the bottom of the comment instead of making it seem like you were inflating your own ego. Just sayin.

mmmm hmmmmm

Last time Man. I did hit reply, to a response from a troll titled "romneymania" that may no longer be visible to you because it was erased by a DP mod cause the poster was an obvious troll.

My mistake, Ed.

Figures I spout my mouth off about having attention to detail and it comes back to bite me. Karma. I went by what I saw and what others seemed to write about you; had me going "WTF?" Sorry, Man.

Not a problem.

No need to apologize, it was confusing because the original response was removed. So I get it...and thanks for being a person about it, most people can't admit when they make a mistake.

You might want to be careful what you say, here:

you might just reveal yourself. A signed affidavit, notarized under the penalty of perjury, is a potent document, which is a lawfully standing one in court.

It is res judicata, which means it stands for itself and can prevent any defensive action by the opponent.

Are you trying to discourage us from proving election fraud? That can be the only conclusion from your commment.

And since you are are 36 minute'r as of this post, your motives are suspect, especially considering the venom of your post.