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Near Sweep for Ron Paul in Massachusetts

We just swept MA district 7, getting the 3 delegates and 3 alternates.

And I heard the same about districts 2, 3 and 5.

We might just sweep this whole state -- and then some.


UPDATE: regarding the sticker issue, just wanted to add that they were handing those out inside the building at district 7 as well. Barring that, the rest of the meeting ran smoothly and without controversy.

Thanks for the video link, FreedomLovingPatriot


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District 1

I was the coordinator for district one. Results: Ron C and Marcel B. will be our delegates without a question. I got 91 votes and an establishment GOP candidate got 93...BUT there are 13 provisional ballots (people who did not show up on the "Registered Republican" list) to be counted and I know at least 6 are voters for me...so as long as I get at least 8 of them, then we will have swept the delegates and we also got all 3 alternates as well.

Keep in mind folks---we are bound to vote for ROMNEY. BUT...at a brokered convention, we could vote our conscience....

... :)

Keep me in prayer that I get the 8 votes needed to win!!!!!

Will be praying for you

Great job everyone!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

That's awesome!

I suggested in the Georgia delegate thread that they should try and pass a resolution to unbind themselves. Couldn't you try that in Massachusetts?

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

unfortunately no

From what I understand, it is MA GOP STATE LAW that we are bound. We cannot become unbound. However if by some miracle we get 21 out of 27 delegates after all the dust settles, we can elect a chairman and abstain from voting at the RNC.

bound means you cannot vote for another candidate

It doesnt mean you have to vote. But if you do vote, it must be a Romney vote.

Consider if many delegates and alternates do not show up to tampa... Does Romney still get the votes? Im no expert.

You CAN abstain on any vote

It's really is that simple.

if it isn't brokered

can you abstain?

after all the provisional

after all the provisional ballots are counted, and we have 21 out of 27 delegates, THEN we can abstain. But right now it's not looking promising that we will get 21. It is looking somewhat promising that I myself will be a delegate.

Right now: ME = 91



IF EIGHT BALLOTS are mine (and I know 6 are for sure mine) and FIVE GO to the other guy (at the most)...I WILL WIN! There will be witnesses at the counting (which takes place in BOSTON) to make sure there is no cheating. I hope to be there PERSONALLY to oversee it.

Its close in District 6 and the provisionals are in play

When and where are the provisionals being opened and counted? If districts 6s 7 provisionals fall on RP, we could bump Tarr out.
Please share the info:)

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I love this post

it is very cute. Minimal for me with an arrow pointed. I know you are gitty and excited. I am too. God bless.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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thank you

Why can't you abstain? What

Why can't you abstain? What if a brokered convention is only possible if you do so?


It is possible that the rules execute the vote "automatically" that is, they know they have X delegates, the delegates are bound to Romney, and the chair of that state delegation is required to submit the total vote for X delegates to Romney by the state GOP bylaws. I don't know, look it up or ask the locals.

Now, if the whole state delegation were not present at the time of the vote... Of course, it's dangerous to be out of the room... Even if a couple of them were present...

My assumption is that if a state did not fill its full delegation or if they were not present at the time of voting, no one else can vote for them, unless it's in that state party's rules that the chair of the state can vote for them.

The state delegations each have their own rules, so perhaps the national GOP could not override--and certainly can't vote them automatically for a state. I also assume that the 1144 number would be reduced by any unfilled delegate slots from any cause or any state, but that having a whole state bound for Romney missing in action would still be in Ron Paul's favor.

You know, maybe you delegates should discuss this in private with supporters who know the rules and have experience, rather than all this speculation. Bottom line, be a delegate. We keep hearing reports of no one showing up, locally, and leaving votes on the table.

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Ugh - No you have to vote

I have been to 2 national conventions, you vote, it's not automatic. If you are required to vote because you are bound to a candidate, you have to vote for that candidate if you vote. The Chairman of your delegation CANNOT under any circumstances vote for you if you do NOT vote. It's against National Republican rules, only a delegate or in the absence of a delegate, an alternate delegate can vote. The chairman cannot add up delegate votes that did not vote, totally totally against national convention rules - why even have delegates if you could do that? Just send a Delegation Chair. What the Delegation Chair does is report the results of the delegation caucus (different kind of caucus) at the Convention. 10 votes Paul, 6 Santorum, 2 Romney, 8 Abstain for example, then the Delegation Chair will report that tally at the main microphone to the Convention Secretary. The official tally is recorded by the delegation Secretary at the delegation caucus and the convention Secretary that was given by the delegation chair via the microphone. The delegation Secretary tally and National Convention Tally must match to be officially reported.

Technically they're bound but

Technically they're bound but what are they going to do, arrest every Paul delegate for abstaining?

they certainly won't let you vote later

The Massachusetts team isn't going to let someone play those games. No one's going to jail - but the MA delegation isn't going to let someone skip a vote that they're required to make for Romney then come back later and vote for Paul.

Ha ha ha Shazad

i have been to 2 national conventions, they do not hunt you down to vote. Ha ha ha ha...

The delegate seating area is huge, as long as you do not step out of the delegate area you cannot under any circumstances be replaced by an alternate.

You have 2 types of credential tags, floor credentials that allow you into the delegate area and Delegate/Alternate credentials.

When you leave the delegate area, you retain your delegate tag, but give up your floor credentials to the alternate that is replacing you. It's is retained by the delegate area supervisor, that way only the allotted number of delegates are on the floor. Until an alternate leaves you cannot get back in until the next official break. At the point all delegates and alternates leave until the next session. Then during the next session, they let in Delegates first, then any alternates that are needed.

Thats how it works.

Do you not think the MA chairman will be prepared?

They're going to know that this is the plan. The chairman announces the state total, correct? Since they're bound to vote for Romney, the chairman will announce everyone for Romney. They'll have to come back from hiding under a table if they want to contest it.

I have never attended a

I have never attended a convention but can't they simply call for a division in the delegation to determine the exact vote, including abstentions?

I LOL'ed

"the MA delegation isn't going to let someone skip a vote that they're required to make for Romney then come back later and vote for Paul."

Have you ever been to a National Republican Convention? I'm going out on a limb and say: No, you have not.

There are a LOT of things going on right now that the establishment GOP doesn't like, and that's too bad because they are happening regardless.

Oh, I forgot to add. AND I LOVE IT!

have you been a Massachusetts delegate before?

Even if you've been a delegate, states all have different rules. What's your past experience trying to abstain as a Massachusetts delegate in a contested convention?

Today wasn't a good day at all

For you Shazad. It makes me feel good that you might have a little bead of sweat forming on the brow.

Your team just returned an interception for a TD

But is still down by 31 at the end of the 3rd quarter. If Romney didn't have a massive lead, I would be worried. If Paul would start winning primaries, then I'd start worrying more. Playing small ball and grabbing delegates in some states won't hurt Romney in the long run except for possibly the optics of the convention. If Paul were to win California and all the CDs there, I'd be worried about lot. I'm cool for now. Glad that you're happy that I'm so unhappy.

I am not glad your unhappy

But it does feel good to knock some of that over confidence out of you. I think we deserve our days in the sun...

Remove Shazad's account

Known Romney Hack. We don't want him

Only if they have a 2/3

Only if they have a 2/3 majority. Otherwise they won't be able to pull that off and everyone will be voting RP.

District 3

Even though the Romneys came with STICKERS to make voting "easier" for their candidates we took ALL 3 delegates and ALL 3 alternates.

Way to go. Provisional votes won't need to be counted because all positions won with greater than 4 vote margin.

Precinct 6, out of the 3

Precinct 6, out of the 3 delegates, a liberty slate candidate came in first and then we had a tie for the 3rd between the 2 other liberty slate candidates! The middle winner was a Romney delegate. All 3 alternates who won were Ron Paul delegates! That's 5 out of 6!


that made the majority. I just got done posting if we got two more delegates we would be over 50%. Now we are. Thanks for the report.

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Victory music


For all of you all who get this, we are defeating Shin-Ra.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
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