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Unvaccinated America

Want to stick it to the man again? Help expose the secret combinations by vindicating all the liberty-loving families in America that refuse to blindly sell their children's futures to the Medical-Industrial Complex. Vaccination has saved many millions of lives, but unchecked corporations and big government has let vaccines harm millions, too.


They need a lot less than the regular money bomb, only $45,000, which is pretty low for a national feature documentary. They just started the campaign, and they're giving back a lot of good perks.

In ADDITION to encouraging you to give at least $15 or $25 to get a copy of the film, I was thinking of a way to keep this thread alive so people give more. What if all of us could get friends and family to pool together and pledge another $500, $2,000 or even $10,000 all at once? That way we could get "The Daily Paul Community" listed under Special Thanks, Associate Producer or even EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! This would drive lots of new traffic to the Daily Paul and be one of the many things we can do after the election to keep liberty alive! I'll pledge $100 to start us off, but you can pledge whatever. If interested, go here:


If we make it to the top:
- I will copy a tweet version of all the promised updates from the movie here on this thread
- I will post links to full production updates and postcards
- One or a small group of DPers closest to whatever screening or film festival could go represent us, keeping the travel cost down versus a single EP
- You can post in the spreadsheet what you would do with the EFT session(s), like gift them to someone in need, and we'll vote on who to donate them to

Let's get the word out on this free speech effort to promote vaccine safety and end special interest exploitation of our vulnerable children. We haven't heard the whole story, so let's pitch in and help Helen and Orion Beaufort get the word out! Share this page!

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independent media is so

independent media is so exciting and supporting regular people like ourselves is so satisfying. good luck with the project i plan to contribute.

Master Pretzel Twister

There is no solid scientific

There is no solid scientific proof that vaccines are responsible for diminishing disease. Actually, once the vaccines for polio, pertussis, and measles were introduced, the already declining diseases skyrocketed. Neil Miller's books are well-documented and informative. Modern sanitation and just the natural cycle of disease would likely have totally eradicated these diseases without the vaccines. If anything, these live viruses in the vaccines actually perpetuate the diseases. My husband (a scientist) has been researching vaccines for 15 years, and he has not found any proof that there are any positive effects from these toxins.


That's a great perspective! I wonder about whether many vaccines have been helpful, such as Pasteur's rabies vaccine. I need to learn a lot more about this, but I encourage you to pledge to the documentary on my link. We are definitely going to go vaccine-free and we're glad our first child had no visible issues. The issues are so common now, it really is like eugenics experiments.

I salute you.

Thank you sir. Too often the alternative medicine crowd believe that ANYTHING said by the 'modern medicine' crowd is all lies.

In reality, both camps have lairs and ignorant people. Vaccines help. They also hurt. You need to weigh the cost/benefit and decide for yourself.

Before any troll says vaccines don't work 100%, you are right. They do NOT work 100% of the time. That is why there is the concept of herd immunity. But no one should EVER be forced to get vaccines. Just keep in mind that the mumps, measles, etc are still out there, but just much less. Polio used to be common, now we almost never see it.

Nutrition has nothing to do with it... see how much GMO shit is eaten by people and yet those disease rates are still down.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

Thanks, brother

I'm a firm believer that there are 3 sides to every issue: pro, con, and truth. I'm on the side of truth. Vaccines on the whole are probably better than no vaccines at all. But to stop there and say that's enough and that we shouldn't improve upon vaccines or replace traditional vaccines when a safer technology comes along is stupidity, fascism and economic suicide. Free markets and transparency would punish manufacturers of vaccines that cause developmental disorders in thousands, maybe millions of people.

So it's not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, because both extremes condemn millions of people to lives of pain and fear or even death. The conclusion that's being reached by doctors and immunologists who are for vaccine safety is that a minority of people are being negatively affected by vaccines because their bodies are being compromised by GMOs and pesticides and pasteurization and all the other stupid junk the government is protecting and that makes the rich richer and healthier and the poor and middle class poorer and unhealthier. Liberty is the truth side. When we are free to choose without fear of attack, we innovate and solve our own problems, not just for us, but for everyone, once and for all.

Thanks again! My cheers to Iowa.