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Ron Paul Louisiana Caucus results, please post here!


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It's not about the article.

It's about the power play tactics you are using here, bringing in the threat of banning based upon your status at RPF. We don't need this type of divisive and grandiose behavior at Daily Paul.

I worked closely with the first Ron Paul Billboard efforts on RPF and for my efforts I was banned. You know the story well.

Don't swing it in here. Behave.

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NOLA also posted an article

stating that a deal WAS made between #2,#3, And #5 to support Romney prior to this article. So what's the big deal, it was true.

I'm pretty sure that flyer

I'm pretty sure that flyer was put together by a website called The Dead Pelican, and AFAIK is unaffiliated with any campaign. They've been around for years. If they are trying to help one candidate or another, it's of their own volition.

another great post that deserves its own thread in the

Romney sheningans section ;)

Some Initial Results are in and Ron Paul

is kicking butt! This is simply what I've heard from delegates and vote watchers

In our area, there were 263 voters. Ron Paul took 102, Romney took 18! 134 were for the leftover Santorum/Spineless slate that just assigns unbound delegates. We also had a few votes for our delegates on duplicate slates.

Other areas did even better, though.
Videllia : 20 votes - 15 for Paul.
Winsboro: 55 votes - 100% for Ron Paul!
Monroe: 400 total - 290 for paul.
Ruston: 73% for Ron Paul!

I've also heard that we got approx. 53% of the votes in St. Tammany Parish.

*UPDATE!* Just got a text message as I typed this:

"It's official we won 4 1/2 districts! That means that we WON LOUISIANA! We get the delegates and will control the state! All of 1, 2, half of 4, all of 5, and 6."

I hope that's accurate!

What will half of 4th mean in

What will half of 4th mean in terms of the 3 delegates?

1/2 of 6

2 delegates and 1 alternative of 3 del.+ 3 alter. or 1 delegate and 2 alternatives..etc.

Ya..Ya...just got the email about winning 4 1/2....!!!!!!!


Sounds like a lot of great

Sounds like a lot of great news today for us, but were these delegates to the state convention, not national delegates? From reading the Green Papers, it sounds like the district conventions are happening AT the state convention.


Today's caucuses will elect

Today's caucuses will elect 25 state delegates per congressional district. BUT, each congressional district delegation will directly select 3 national delegates, independent of the other congressional districts. So, if CD1 elects a Paul slate, then CD1 will automatically also elect 3 national delegates. Then the 25 delegates per congressional district elected today will go to the state convention and elect the remaining at-large delegates, which Paul can presumably sweep if we win more than half of today's caucuses.

explanation of slates, kinda of

From NOLA paper yesterday:However, each slate has a political identity, and there is considerable overlap. Slates 2 and 3, for example, are virtually identical, even though Slate 2 originated as a Newt Gingrich slate, and Slate 3 as an uncommitted conservative slate that would have lined up for former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum had he remained in the race.

Slate 5 originated as a Romney slate, however, Scott Sewell, who is directing the Romney effort in Louisiana, negotiated with Slates 2 and 3 so that they would include some Romney folks and he would make room for some Gingrich and Santorum folks on 5. Santorum won close to half the vote in a big victory in Louisiana's March 24 primary, which binds 10 of the delegates to be chosen in Shreveport to him -- until such time as he chooses to release them -- and five to Romney.

And another update today from reporter Jonathan Tilove, The Times-Picayune
Jonathan Tilove, The Times-Picayune NOLA.com which implies that Ron Paul voters put misleading headings on the slates. In Lake Charles today, I was shown only a page of slates on one side and on the other side they listed the names of slates 1 through 7 without any identifier, so I am not sure what they are talking about.


The slates and their design:

Slates 2 and 3 were EXACTLY identical. Slate 5 was a very short slate and each name on that slate appeared on no other slate, (no dupes).

All of the other slates were identical to slate 7.

There really were only 3 slates, each with a set of names that were unique to those slates, simply duplicated in other slates, (except for slate 5 which was also a short slate).

This was determined from the PDF offered at http://lagop.com/2012/04/louisiana-republican-party-announce... which list the slates offered at each of the 6 congressional districts.

6 districts, 25 STATE LEVEL delegates from each go to the STATE convention in Shreveport. There they elect the delegates who will go to Tampa for national.

Each district elects 3 delegates, (Tampa bound), separate from other processes. So that 6x3=18 state TAMPA bound delegates that are elected by the state delegates from each congressional district.

If 4 districts were won outright by Ron Paul, we can be confident that at least 12 delegates to Tampa will be elected by the state level delegates before the state convention in Shreveport.

So 12 delegates SEEM, to be in the bag.

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Actually, 17 are in the bag

The primary was supposed to bind 20 delegates, but 5 of those are actually uncommitted because of the oddities of the primary's 25% threshold for binding delegates. Since Paul supporters will control the state convention, having won 111 of the 150 delegate slots, the will name the faces behind those 5 uncommitted primary delegates. 12 + 5 = 17. We will also name the faces behind the 10 Santorum-bound delegates and 5-Romney bound delegates. The only ones we can't control are the 3 party leaders, the 5 delegates appointed by the state executive committee, and the 6 delegates elected in the 2 CDs Paul supporters did not carry.

Will they have any idea of

Will they have any idea of the results by tonight, or is it a wait?

Nice sneak attack Louisiana, I love it

The 7th slate was the official Ron Paul slate but there were all kinds of slates with Paul supporters on them incognito, even many Mittens slates.

So it's not the slates that are added up to win delegates, it's the delegates added up on each slate.

So if the 7th had 10 Paul Delegates, the imaginary Mittens (really Paul slate) had 5 of the same as the Paul official 7th, and lets say a Christian Conservative had another 5 Paul that were also on the Paul official 7th - big win.

Man, the whole damn state could have went Paul using this brilliant technique.

also in congressional district one... Slidell

Wasn't one of the vote counters, but I got to see the totals. Ron Paul got 91 votes, and I think that the next highest was 55 votes.

I had to vote in Covington, and we had the largest presence there too. Not sure of how that turned out, but it looked very promising at 8am.

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some hub bub about our electioneering

Let them cry. My pimp hand is strong. We beat Mittens in the most republican part of the state. About 10 AM I started noticing the demographic shifting our way. The Dead Pelican is a Louisiana based news aggregator.


Here this story confirms that the whole thing we had on that paper that they objected to was in fact the truth and 100% correct. All of our claims about collusion were correct.


Shock and Awe

We have won Louisiana! The young people in Ascension parish were fantastic. The establishment is in shock and awe.

Jefferson Parish vote fraud?

I'm not officially affiliated with the campaign, but I was at Clearview Mall for the entire caucus process volunteering, greeting people at the entrance to the mall, waving signs... etc.

at some point in the last half-hour of voting, a man showed up and claimed to be one of the coordinators for the Obomney campaign and started making all kinds of noise about Paul supporters committing vote fraud. He said that two people were "thrown out" because they were passing out fliers that apparently attempted to fool Romney supporters into voting for one of the Paul slates. He had pictures on his phone of these supposed fliers.

a brief argument ensued between that guy and one of the RP coordinators. none of us RP supporters (who had been there from start to finish) had seen anyone get thrown out, or heard any talk whatsoever about the incident in question.

I suppose there's no real point to this story, just thought I'd share some of the shenanigans that went on in Metairie.



My brother and I were working

My brother and I were working security for LAGOP at the Metairie, Clearview Mall site and we threw no one out. In fact there were only two problems of note and those were people who thought they should have been on the registered list to vote but names were not. They probably just didn't register in time.

We have a duty ...

We have a duty to follow up on those names. If a fellow American believes they are due a right to vote, and we witness that complaint, we should follow up on that in order to protect our right to vote, next time.

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THIS IS EXCITING!:) I'm waiting to hear we do well in Alaska today too though the establishment was up in arms against us there.

I am a phone banker for Ron Paul. I made over a thousand calls myself to LA these last 2 days and I have been dedicating my life to this for many months now as have many others. Many of us have suspended our careers, educations, etc to elect Ron Paul President and restore our nation. I need to tell you how hard we are working to find and push these voters out to their caucuses, primaries and conventions. You need to now realize how big the coming states are and how bad WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW TO WIN THEM! WE NEED MORE CALLERS!!!! get on phone.ronpaul2012.com or find the Ron Paul phone bank in your area. I know there is in TX, LA, CA, WA, etc. and HELP US WIN!! It is going to be very hard to WIN TX and California WHICH WE NEED TO WIN!!! Despite the success of tens of thousands of voters turning out to the rallies to hear Ron Paul and the unfortunate luck that Romney's people think he's already won so they don't have to vote!!!!! The media is a total blackout. Many voters who like Ron over Romney do not know that Ron Paul is still in the race. We need their votes to get any chunk of the delegates. The media is omitting him from all online polls and neglecting to mention him at all and Romney will not agree to a debate. I myself and many of the callers have stretched ourselves as far as we can and we need you to step up now and help us on the phones. People did not know that Paul was still an option, they were told to vote Romney since he was the only option. We are up against something very powerful and evil and we need everyone right now to join this effort to turn people out to the polls. We have the internet covered and we need you making calls for Paul now!!! Please do not sign wave or blast Ron Paul all over the internet when you could be calling. The calls are our most powerful weapon. Everyone I have spoken with in the last week has been open to hearing about Paul. So many undecided voters and independents and conservatives who's candidates have dropped out. You need to get on the phone and tell them that Ron Paul has won Iowa, Minnesota and Washington and will win more and there is still hope for our nation and Romeny cannot defeat Obama he is not the solution, he is part of the problem. HELP US!!! FOR THE LOVE OF RON! & FREEEEDOM!! :))

worked! + please start a new thread!


please start a new thread to motivate people. this comment will be buried!

I just want to say thanks for your dedication to Liberty!

This is how we won Minnesota and I hope we can have a great finish going into the State Convention... I was told by Matt Collins when he came to Minnesota that this is how he was able to win the Senate Seat for Rand Paul.

People start calling for LIberty and its free!

30 Locations conducted Parish Conventions


There were 6CD's and 9 slates at most of them. many had multiple individuals on multiple slates. not sure why, I know you had to pay a fee to get a slate printed.


Slate duplicates

There were only 3 "unique" slates out of the 9. Slates 2 and 3 were exact duplicates. Slate 5 was a short slate.

All the other slates were duplicates of slate 7.

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Before you declare Ron Paul WON any districts

I am in Louisiana and a delegate in Congressisonal District 1.
Please be aware that there were muliple slates for Mitt Romney, so you can't just go by the Slate that has the highest number of votes and declare a winner. You have to add the slates together that were for Mitt and see if Slate 7 (Ron Paul) beat that number. In my voting area we were 18 votes behind, but I hear other areas are making up for our loss, so we may have won. I am not saying we didn't do well, but want to be sure we really have the majority of votes from all slate combinations.

Slate 7 Sweep :))

If Romney's people were dumb enough to make so many multiple slates and divide their votes votes up by confusing their people, it is not our problem. You cannot combine votes from separate slates. That sounds like pure non-sense!!