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Ron Paul Louisiana Caucus results, please post here!


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My wife and I went vote today

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet!!!

My wife and I went vote today and were met at the door by a Ron Paul delegate. Great job Guys!


Congrats from the North here in MN.

Good work Louisiana!

...can't wait for the complete results.

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I was at the Jefferson Baptist location and it was awesome!! The turn out was great!! I'll see everyone in Shreveport for the state convention.

RP takes Franklin, Madison, and Richland Parishes

unofficial source: RP (slate 7) takes 56 out of 56 votes in Winnsboro, LA caucus for Franklin, Madison, and Richland Parishes.... regional caucus site within the Louisiana 5th Congressional District

La. Dist 2

Ron Paul won in a landslide in Cong #2 winning all 25 delegates to state convention!

Liberty Freedom Peace

What do last month's Primary results from Louisiana mean?

Santorum won that handily and RP was in dead last. Are delegates bound from the primary process? What do today caucus results mean in the grand scheme of things? i.e. actual delegates to Tampa that can vote for RP

this is from the LAGOP

this is from the LAGOP site:

How will the delegates to the national convention be elected?

At the state convention, each of the six congressional district delegations will elect 3 delegates and 3 alternates, for a total of 18 delegates and 18 alternates. These district level delegates shall be allocated and designated as uncommitted.

There are 25 at-large delegates and alternates who will all be elected by full body of the state convention. 20 of these delegates may be awarded proportionally to the presidential candidates receiving at least 25% of the vote statewide at the primary. A presidential candidate receives the same percentage of the 20 at-large delegates that he receives in the Primary. Votes in the Primary for candidates who do not receive 25% are combined and that percentage of the 20 delegates are allocated as uncommitted. If no candidate reaches this threshold, the 20 are also uncommitted.

The remaining 8 delegates, including the 3 RNC delegates (state party chairman, national committeeman and national committeewoman), are uncommitted. The 5 non-RNC member delegates and alternates will be nominated by the executive committee and elected by the convention.

The caucus and the primary are separate affairs...

The primary decides 20 delegates

The caucus decides 23

And then there are 3 party hacks

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

This is all from memory, so

This is all from memory, so someone correct me if I'm wrong:

Louisiana has congressional delegates (3 per district, 6 districts) and 25 at large. Santorum locked up 8 at-large delegates and mitt locked up 1 at-large in the primary. All of the congressional district delegates are selected based on today's caucus results - which it sounds like we are doing pretty well. Additionally, the state delegates selected at today's caucuses will vote for the remainder of the national at-large delegates.

What all of that means is that if we win at least 4 congressional districts today, we can nail down (3*4)+(25-9), or 28 delegates to the national convention. Each additional congressional district that we win will be another 3 national delegates beyond that.

haha according to CNN

46 total delegates: Possibly 20 tied to March 24 primary; 5 additional statewide delegates are chosen by the state convention and are uncommitted; 18 district delegates are uncommitted but CNN may estimate according to district-by-district vote results; 3 unpledged RNC members.

LOL. Louisiana had 25

LOL. Louisiana had 25 delegates up for grabs today. Santorum is the only one who got any from the primary, but now those are unbound, cuz he dropped out. There's 45 total for the state. CNN needs to do some fact checking.

Unless something has changed, Santorum SUSPENDED

his campaign, and hasn't yet DROPPED OUT. Important distinction as he still owns his delegates until he officially drops out.

Reporting text recieved from delegate in St. Tammany:


wow. tears in my eyes!

this might be a turning point.
Damnit what would have been if we had paper ballots everywhere?

Ugh I dont think he won my district (#3)

The coordinators would have sent word of that in their mass txts by now. Had a feeling, this area is really neocon-ish

He won

Bossier and Webster Parishes. He got 94 votes and all the others combined got 88 votes.

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One of those...

simple messages that says so much!

At this point in this thread

At this point in this thread Paul has won 10 out of 64 parishes.

St. Helenaaa, Livingston, East Baton Rouge, Beauregard, Vernon, St. Tammany, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Concordia, Slidell

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Slidell is a town

located in St.Tammany.

i forgot to vote but what was

i forgot to vote but what was the results of sttammny?

tnx for the correction, have

tnx for the correction, have no knowledge of that so please keep correcting me if necessary

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

MC ?


freedumb is not free!

Reporting text recieved from delegate in St. Tammany:

"We won 1 and 2 and 5!!!!"

Sticking it to The Man

Dr. Paul cleaned up today in Baton Rouge. Shoutout and thanks to all who helped today @ Jefferson Baptist.

He won the Slidell Caucus!

Keep it going!

Concordia Parish! Vidalia Caucus site

Ron Paul won 15 out of 20 votes in Concordia Parish! I was there all day, and a fellow volunteer who stayed to oversee the vote count let me know after they were done.

West Baton Rouge Parish and Iberville Parish!

Both won by Dr Paul!!!

Glad I could contribute.

Glad I could contribute.


First off, this is great

First off, this is great news! But I am a little confused as to how this is being reported. These are district conventions but you've been reporting wins by parish. How do the wins break down by district?