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Paul Fest 2012! The Greatest Celebration Of Liberty And Music The World Has Ever Seen!


From the organizers of R3VOLUTION March 2008. We proudly bring you "Paul Festival" The Largest Celebration of LIBERTY The World Has Ever Seen!
Now, in the spirit of that March in 2008, members of the original team of organizers have reunited with the goal of creating another hallmark "Paul Event".

An event which is sure to mark the beginning of a new era in the freedom movement. In the words of Dr. Paul.......


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If Roger Waters doesn't

front up for this in some way, I am sending all of my Wall T shirts, programs, CDs etc back to him in disgust.I really thought that somebody who has been so deeply affected by war, and preaches such a strong anti-war message would have been on the Ron Paul revolution wagon a long time ago. Mr Waters I am waiting for your public endorsement of Ron Paul to make up for endorsing Obama.