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My first caucus today, in Massachusetts! We got 2 maybe 3 out of 3!

Just got back from my first caucus. There were way more people there than last time. Ron Paul Liberty Slate people got 117 votes for first place, 115 went to Heeley and 114 was a tie between two RP supporters. My vote, along with 6 others were not counted yet as they were sealed because were weren't on the list. I registered the day before the deadline so I'm guessing that's why. However one of the delegates himself was not on the list despite being registered 4 months prior. Sounds fishy. Anyway, we know at least 1 other person's sealed vote was for the three RP people and 1 was for the second place person. That leaves four ballots left. We need 3 out of the four to guarantee getting 1st, 2nd, and third. If there's a tie Romney's chairman gets to decide and we know where that will go. So all in all we are guaranteed 2 out of the 3 and maybe more. There were Republican big wigs in our district who were not happy. Former governor candidates, state minority leaders, etc.

It's totally my fault but I should have gotten my wife to register in time and come. And my neighbor backed out yesterday. THen again most of the men there had wedding rings but no spouse to be found. Shame on me.

Now all we gotta do is make sure Romney doesn't get 1144 and we'll be in awesome position to get this thing! So 2, maybe 3 for CD 6!

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If just you and I had brought or wives it would've been a done deal :-(

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I'm so gald you posted

that yours was one of the sealed provisional ballots, and knew of one other for Ron Paul. I was there and observed the count for the alternates. He counted the provisional ballots from the alternate box at 7.
All three alternate slots are safe because they won by a landslide, but I am a bit worried about the second Primary delegate.
Are you saying there was only 6 provisional ballots in the box for the primary delegates and you know you and one other are RP supporters?

This is really important because third delegate is tied by two RP delegates, however the other two are both Romney at 108 and 109.

This second RP delegate could be a close call.

sorry for delayed response. I

sorry for delayed response. I spoke with one of the RP delagates afterwards. there were 7 provisional envelopes to be counted. he said he knew one person was for the liberty slate. add me to that list and that's 2 votes for 1st, 3rd/3rd. A guy sitting behind us during the day said he was a provisional but was voting for Romney slate as someone on 2nd place's team brought him there (he was a democrat until recently). So that makes 2nd place's total be 116 and 3rd/4th be 116 too. That leaves 4 envelopes left. if we each get 2 envelopes then it's a tie and Romney's chair determines the victor which would not be us (but we'd still get 2 of three). We had to get 3 out of the 4 left to outright win and get all three slots.

I wish someone could watch that. Also, I am a bit nervous about my vote counting. My wife mailed it certified the day before the deadline, but I honestly don't trust the party counting everyone's votes. When I asked a simple question out loud the chair went on and on about how many reasons someone's provisional ballot may not count. It was as if he was trying to set the tone for them not being counted. Anyone know how I can be sure mine counted?

That is great!

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Thanks man! very uplifting.

Thanks man! very uplifting.

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