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Tx Poll Has Paul At 90%+ Over Romney

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AS OF 4/28/12 1344hrs

Poll - 10042 - Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul

Who would you vote for, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul
1. Mitt Romney (4.40%)
2. Ron Paul ( 92.2%)
3. Neither ( 1.73%)
Not Answered ( 1.56%)

Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation's economic problems?
1. Conservatives ( 47.4%)
2. Liberal ( 8.50%)
3. Neither ( 41.2%)
Not Answered ( 2.83%)

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that there is a poll that actually considers Ron Paul still viable and even more interesting that it is on WND.

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Haven't been to that site in a long time, joe.

But, I know they weren't all that keen on Dr. Paul in the beginning. Some of the members there started to get on board and the numbers kept growing, not by leaps and bounds, but growing steadily. Their main objective seems to be getting rid of Obama. Strong Santorum support there, so maybe when he dropped out, they finally realized that Romney can't win, so they are going with Dr. Paul.

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Any body can vote in this

Any body can vote in this poll, why is it specifically titled a "Texas" poll?