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West Virginia

West Virginia early voting has started. The Ron Paul campaign has 19 delegates to vote for and you can vote for 19. Romeny has 23 and you can vote for 19. I voted with my wife and son for Ron Paul. I have some more people I want to get in to vote.

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Bump. Now is the time to

Bump. Now is the time to keep the state conventions and primaries at the forefront. This a critical month.

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bump...ver important

bump...very important

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Added to my HUB

in the news section for visibility! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

Freedom Bump for West

Freedom Bump for West Virginia!

Take the bull by the horn and show the rest of us how its done!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I advise that we upvote this

I advise that we upvote this so people can see how similar the process is in West Virginia like it was in Pennsylvania.

Yes, direct primary


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

None of us in WV know

None of us in WV know anything about what is happening with the delegate process. There is literally no communication with the campaign in WV - if there is, those people are not communicating in any way with the supporters here. I wanted to become a delegate but got one random call that ended up going to my voice-mail. I want to at least vote for delegates if I can but no one has given any times, places, etc.

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We vote directly for our delegates

on the ballot 3 in each district and 19 at large.
Here is a link to the green papers listing the names.


The Paul campaign has wisely not over saturated the the selections.
I'm going to print a list to pass out locally.
My town requires staying 300 feet from polling entrances.

It didn't work like this last

It didn't work like this last time. Last time there was a popular vote and then a delegate selection vote held separately.

Is this different than last time?

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We did a direct election in 2004. It is explained under notes on The Green Papers report.
Another post or thread reported the 300 foot rule is statewide.

Let us get a poll worker in every precinct in WV!

As this article points out, having poll workers at each precinct handing out lists of delegates worked wonders in PA, and the precincts that had poll workers were light-years ahead of the ones that didn't. If we learn our lesson and have a poll worker at EVERY precinct in WV, we can win that state in a landslide. Maybe we could even get people from the neighboring states to visit WV for one day to help out, if they have nothing else to do.


Gotta love WV homegrown...

The GOA Assesment

Would be good to spread around WV. I know that mountaineers like their 2nd amendment.

please all consider handing out

Guys, here's some friendly

Guys, here's some friendly advice. I think the delegates, when they present themselves, should formally not mention they're Paulites. If they meet Paulites, then they could tell them. But maybe it's a good idea to keep the fact that you support Ron Paul a secret for those that don't know you.

Anywho, in 2 districts, Santorum didn't file for any district delegates. This is great news. Appealing to undecided, Santorum and Newt voters is key. :)

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From The Green Papers

"Each delegate candidate is individually listed on the ballot along with their presidential preference"
I hope this is true. in 2004 the preference was not listed and having not researched it, delegate voting was a crapshoot.

we will win

many delegates!!!





state of WV ,and i can tell you that at least here in Boone county we will win it for Ron Paul but to be honest i think Romney will win WV it really sickens me to think that people are that blind ,but that is the cold hard truth but that being said i am in it to the end

Where is the early voting

Where is the early voting being done? I'm in Morgantown and can get many people to vote.

Sup Mo'town?

Sending out a lil 3rd Street Morgantown carol for our DP'ers in Mo'town.

@ 12m:30s mark

I'll be working Morgantown and Preston County (and maybe Clarksburg) all this week. Y'all need any help Zach?

I need to know when and where

I need to know when and where delegates are being voted on.

Mon county courthouse

Early voting is at the Monongalia County courthouse I believe.

your local


Thank you for starting this thread and for your vote, jiradog!

Green Papers confirms your eyewitness account that Gov. Romney is running too many delegates (in each CD and At Large), while Dr. Paul always has the right amount. This should increase our chances to pick up delegates, even in a situation where we don't win the popular vote:


We do need to keep the popular vote close, however. Overall turnout will, I suspect, be low, as the average GOP voter there probably thinks that Romney has won and that there is little point in voting (please correct me if I am mistaken). If we can get Liberty supporters to turn out in heavy numbers, maybe we can spring an upset. What to you think, jiradog? Any other Mountaineer patriots care to comment?

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

+ what can we do from outside the state?


If you are in a neighboring state...

... you might be able to drive in and help (hand out flyers, wave signs). If you are far away, maybe you can help with calling our supporters to encourage them to vote (I don't know if a phone bank is set up there yet).

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

connecting with the people of Appalachia

Anyone who knows union history knows how much power and control the companies gained and exercised over the people of WV, using paper funny money (company script). What they do not realize is the Federal Reserve is doing the same thing today, to every single American worker and homeowner. When talking to people in WV, connect the dots for them. Heck, many West Virginians will be impressed by just the fact you even know about Matewan, Blair Mountain, and some of the history of those early struggles.

Battle of Blair Mountain aka The Red Neck War

The culmination of government intervention (subsidies) in the coal market, and a paper money ("company script") scam perpetrated by companies owned and financed by the Melon banking family and their cronies. Melon was one of the architect's of the Federal Reserve Act at Jekyll Island.

The only time in American history (so far) that the federal government conducted aerial bombing assault against US citizens on US soil. That's right, our government dropped bombs from airplanes on American citizens in West Virginia, and chances are this is the first time you've ever heard tell of it.

The movie "Matewan" (Matewan massacre - precursor to the Red Neck War) will give you an idea of the economic and social conditions that were created by a debt based paper money standard that was then very much similar to the one we have in use today.


Federal subsidies undermine the price of coal which consequently undermines the price of mine labor... and from there the movie picks up the rest of the story.

(part 2 has a scene where James Earl Jones character has a Ron Paul moment expressing concern over the possibility of price inflation at the company store, and like Ron Paul he is rudely ignored)

Go Mountaineer!

God speed, and good success!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."