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Weekend Listening - Ernest Hancock Destroys Mark Potok Of The Southern Poverty Law Center

Wow, Ernie lays it all on the line in this interview!

- If you're against what the gubmit is doing you're racist! (drones killing innocent people, wars on raw milk and organic farms, spying on everyone via the governet, etc.)

- If you're against using force to create your desired outcome, you're evil!

- If you're against being put on a list for your views, you're obviously guilty!

And so on... GREAT interview Ernie! Potok runs away with his tail between his legs before the interview is even over!

http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/108722-2012-04-02-04-03... (click the yellow "Play" button)

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Ernie addresses this post on yesterday's show


In the replay I recalled that Potok hung up right after a break when Ernie exited referring to him as "Mark Polack". Oops. Little thin skinned there Mark?

He also posted the video of the original interview. My favorite part is from 22:50-25:50 when the mics are left open during a commercial break. Ernie gets Potok cornered into admitting that there's no reason to trust this government, then badgers him about what it takes to get on the SPLC "list" so that he can strive to make it. Beautiful!!!


"Any objective criteria that would determine if someone is being bad, you could turn right around and apply to the government... How can you make those comparisons (to so-called "hate groups") and not mention that gang with a flag!

Potok's best lines:

"So, you want:
- "No taxes?" (very few in the Constitution)
- "No standing army?" (prohibited in the Constitution, except during times of war... hmmm...)
- "No service of any kind?" (WTF does that even mean?)
- "No cops on the road?" (Cops, no. Sheriffs, maybe. If they're elected. And voting is voluntary. And oaths to the non-aggression principle are sworn.)



Potok = evil demon from hell.

Along with everyone that's with him in the SPLC.

His buddy

Morris Dees, as well.

Dees is his mommie by his TV lover

oh I am sooo non PC and my TV friends would laugh at this
because they can poke fun at themselves, even most of the
jewish ones!

reality is comedy.

Dees had a schat and out popped potak with a 'pacifier'
in his mouth.

have to send this to a couple of TVs who will love it.

baaad girl Soph! yes!



I understood about half of your post and still laughed my @$$ off! :-D

That's why I love Ernie!

He can have a "civil" chat with an Evil Demon From Hell like Potok, expose him for what he truly is, and send him running back into his dark cave before the interview is even finished! Awesome.



am sending to my list but many are already subscribed to
freedomsphoenix. :)



I'm glad someone listened. The "left" needs to hear this!