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Essex County Mass Vote too close to call. Need Rule experts to watch this one closely

Todays Mass. Essex county vote was confusing. We started the Vote with 237 recorded attendees and 1 recorded Provisional ballot. We had the numbers repeated by the chair and on film. Hats off to the chair as I think he did a very honest job managing the process. After the ballots were collected and counted, they found 7 provisional ballots. We raised this as a question as prior to the vote the count was 237 and 1 provisional.The Liberty Slate had Rombach at 117 votes, Bowling at 114 votes and Berecz at 114 votes. The Mitt slate had Tarr at 115 votes, Jones at 109 votes, and Healy at 108 votes. Looks like 2 out of 3 Delegates will be RP supporters (Mitt bound on 1st vote) but since there is a tie for the 3rd place Liberty candidates Bowling and Berecz), the provisionals can come into play. The chair said they would be opened off site and no one seemed to know the rules on how they would be or would not be counted but that it would happen in the next 3 days. These 7 provisional votes could be used to bump Healy or Jones into the picture and an RP person out. I heard from one attendant that one of the 7 provisionals was known to be Liberty. I filmed the alternate vote count and may have some of the other provisional ballot names from the labeled envelope they were in but I have not posted it as I understand it is a private ballot. Healy interestingly removed herself from the alternative list she was previously also on.

The alternate delegates were swept by Liberty party people and the 6 provisional ballots for this round did not count but we are assuming they are a subset of the first 7. Only 167 people stayed around 4 hours later to see the Alternate votes and it was a landslide in favor of liberty. Persistence pays!

Does anyone know the Mass process for handling delegate vote ties and if Provisionals can be used and under what rules?

A good day in general for Liberty but I smell fraud in Mitts home state.

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Healy was on the delegate slate

She was nominated to the alternate slate by a highschool student in order to split the romney vote. Similar to what Brad Jones did. When he lost in the first round he decided to run as an alternate, and you could see the results. He divided the votes by 1/3.