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Good News From Virginia

From the Ron Paul Forums:

"RP sweeps district 9. one delegate in district 4.

4/6 delegates so far"

Districts 4 and 9 held their conventions today in Virginia. We swept CD9 and got one in CD4. What a great day! First Massachusetts, now some wins in Virginia, I'm looking forward to good news in Louisiana and Alaska too!


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Did we pick up any alternates in CD-4?

And thank you, Virginia patriots!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


This is soo good to hear....good job and God bless to all!!!


Wonderful! Thus far, the

Wonderful! Thus far, the wall of silence continues from the media. I almost don't mind, however, considering the good news.

I'm sure the media

silence from the Main Stream is working in the good Dr's favour. Those who support the Revolution are spreading the message in their own way. MSM announcing Mitt as "the Winner" will leave many republican bums on the couch as they don;t have to make the effort to vote. It is fantastic that you can use the strength of the MSM to turn on itself. Just imagine...Bill O'Riley, fluttering his pretty lady hands to the last Fox "News" viewer on the planet....Mr Murdoch...in his jail cell. What a great thought.
What an epic battle you are fighting. Strength to you all.


Propaganda Judo!


Lets find out how we did on the alternates too!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

According to someone that was

According to someone that was there, CD9 was clean, "zero problems". I can only imagine that means alternates too.


Well, not quite

I meant zero procedural problems. We didn't vote by slates; we voted for the individual candidates. Basically, there were six candidates filed for three spots. The top three were elected as delegates, while the next three were alternates. Only a plurality was necessary to elect, so had we filed more delegate candidates in an attempt to sweep delegates+alternates, we ran the risk of dividing our votes and letting the other candidates through. We elected the three supporters as the delegates, although covertly - none of the candidates mentioned their preference during their speeches. The three alternates' preferences are unknown, but I would suspect it's 2 Romney, 1 Santorum?

Bump for later.reading


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