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Ron Paul Wins Louisiana!

I'm at the Louisiana HQ right now. It's confirmed...Ron Paul won Louisiana!!!

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"Trix Cantscorem"

That is the best!!!!


Nah, I have been hearing

Nah, I have been hearing around the news space that in district and state caucuses the Santorum campaign has come out and suggested their supporters ally with Ron Paul (post campaign suspension), so maybe, just maybe, Santorum has seen the light?

He has always been careful to say, I am not endorsing Romney, however if he wins the nomination I would vote for him in Novemeber... making him like 90% of the rest of the Republican party which votes right with the party lines. (ok... pulled the 90% out of thin air... that number is actually whatever the difference in percentages between Ron Paul Republicans and establishment Republicans). But since he hasnt and prob wont side with Romney until after said potential nomination, it makes sense to side with Paul since he is the most conservative out of the two... and for all of his faults, I truely believe that Santorum believes he is a true conservative and couldnt find it in his heart to go against God or his conscience and vote Romney when there is still another option.

Seeking Ron Paul Voters in Laplace at District 6

According to the LAGOP tally, 6 voters voted in Laplace at the Quality Inn (District 6) for Slate 7. My family and friends, who went with me to vote, made up 5 of those votes. Another friend assured me that he voted that morning. The other slates had 2 and 1 votes respectivly. We were there for an hour at the poll and it seemed that more than 10 people walked though those doors to vote. I'm happy that Dr. Paul's delegates won district 6, but I'd like to know if any other Ron Paul supporters voted Slate 7 in Laplace yesterday. We also took pictures of our ballots with our driver's licenses on them to document our votes. We cajuns are not going to get "sucker-punched" like they did in Maine. Geaux Dr. Paul!

Just Beware

Stay focused at your state convention. Study and learn what happen in North Dakota. Comney arrived with all of his big guns and destroyed the Ron Paul movement. I don't want to be a sour puss here, just be careful. Be prepared or should I say Lock and Load.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

While this is awesome...

and I am quite dismayed with the results from district 3 which I thought was a Ron Paul strong hold...

It seems the LAGOP was up to dirty tricks again with slates that lied about who they were for. I thought the GOP had changed their rules to not allow "issue" slates anymore and that only "candidate" slates would be allowed. Even the fact that delegates could be on more than one slate is absurd. Really, it should be clear cut, but I'll take the win.

I'll also point out something I wasn't aware of previously, and something that didn't happen in 2008 - while the caucus vote decides 25 delegates and 12 alternated per CD, it seems the State Central Committee gets to choose 5 MORE delegates per CD. Thus, the establishment can pick 30 of the 180 delegates. By the numbers presented here, 39 are non-Paul from today's result, and it should be assumed the additional 30 (5*6 CD's) are establishment hacks as well.

That gives a 111-69 advantage to RP supporters at the state convention. Not as good as 111-39, but still nearly a 2/3 majority - almost unstoppable. Smaller, Constitutional government - here we come...

also surprised at district 3

in Lake Charles, there were Ron Paul bumper stickers, teeshirts, supports. I really thought it was Ron Paul territory. In 2008 we had 7 districts and now we have 6. District 3 is paired with Lafayette, but I also thought they were strong.

I still have trust issues with LAGOP after 2007. They stacked the slate for Thompson, not knowing that he would drop out of the race the day before causus. And Stephanie, whereever you are, I miss you.


Tea Party contingent in Lake Charles

There is a Tea Party contingent that has been very active in Lake Charles since 2009. The leaders of which really, (except for Randy, he's pure Ron Paul), the leaders of which REALLY like to think THEY invented the Tea Party, I'm not kidding.

The main Tea Party person in SouthWest Louisiana literally, totally, disavows ANY connection of significance by Ron Paul to the Tea Party.

I've had some very heated discussions with this person and I just think ... this had a lot to do with the poor showing.

A national campaign paid regional was stationed in Lake Charles, (who is now a delegate), and there was significant Ron Paul goin's on in Lake Charles.

Unfortunately, Lafayette did not get as much attention from national as other areas. And by and large, the areas in between Lake Charles and Lafayette were abandoned.

And that's the strategy, why spend money in hard won areas, when in areas where there ARE supporters, rally them to bring people to the caucus ... and ... the strategy worked brilliantly.

Doug Wead and Ron Paul, smart guys. :-)

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What's sad is that it would not have taken much effort to win in


Lafayette and Calcasieu parishes make up most of the population in District 3. (old #7)

Both Lafayette and Lake Charles had strong meetup efforts in 2008 and it would have taken only a small effort by the campaign to bring in new people on board.

Myself I turned at least 15 new voters out for Paul over 2008.

At least we still won the state overall.

I feel partly responsible for the Lafayette/St. Landry votes.

TBH I didn't make many of the Meet-ups, as I should have. I was always working late hours. I thought I was making up for it on my days off. All my neighbors, whom are Registered republicans, all know me. I managed to hand out 1500+ SB's & Slim Jims, door-to-door, with primary/caucus and contact info.

I got quite a few calls back from the people that were not at home. I thought I had 20 or so votes to show up for sure, yet, some of these "for sure" votes didn't show. A close friend even went on vacation this weekend. I just think I could have done more to get the apathy out of my parish and my friends/family.

I will not stop fighting the good fight though. I will learn to project my message better, and in that, hopefully inspire more to join me in the fight for smaller government.

At least the other Districts did really really well. Good on ya, Louisiana. 1 1/2 more districts to go until advocates of limited government blanket the entire state.

Don't take it so hard. You managed more than me this cycle.

The meetups were always during my work hours, or so close to after work I couldn't make it. (I work 45 minutes away from home)

I think I was also much busier personally this time around compared to last. It seems I always had every evening and weekend booked at any given time.

Last time the meetups were much more convenient on Saturday afternoons. I'm not sure what the participation was this time, but last time we had a fairly active group in Lafayette.

We all do what we can.

I too had three or so votes I thought would deliver, but they "forgot."

C'est la vie.

+1 on "Doug Wead and Ron

+1 on "Doug Wead and Ron Paul, smart guys. :-)"

You HAVE to give them credit in all of this, because they kept saying through out the whole thing, when the dust settles and the votes are counted we will come out much better than whats getting reported.

You KNOW they KNOW that there is obvious issues with lying cheating and stealing in the GOP, but if you openly say too much they will kill you where you stand (I mean that more figuratively than literal although the later wouldnt surprise me). As such he HAS to play by the letter of THEIR rules to avoid mass crucifiction.

Reminds me of Eisenhower waiting until the absolute end of his presidency before warning America of its own demise via the Federal Reserve... Because when JFK openly took up that mantel, look what happened... Im no conspiracy person, but Im just saying... he had a lot of enemies...

JFK was no enemy of the Fed. That is a false "patriot" myth.

The EO cited all too often actually served to end silver coinage, it wasn't designed to increase it. It delegated authority back to the Secretary of the Treasury to issue certificates so the silver coinage stockpile could be depleted. This was necessary because the law giving that power from the President to the Secretary had recently been repealed as part of a larger bill which was moved to end silver coinage and move to clad coins and smaller FED notes.

Kennedy signed the bill allowing the FED to print ONE DOLLAR and TWO DOLLAR denominated FRNs. Up until that time, they were only allowed to print as small as a FIVE.

The FED did not have him killed. He was a close ally and friend of the banking establishment. There is zero evidence otherwise.

Delegates for Paul = 111 Not Paul = 39

I used the LAGOP for all of the information so anyone that poos my report can go do it themselves. Each CD elects 25 delegates. I compared the names of the proclaimed winners to the slates of 7 (pro Ron Paul) and 3 (not pro Ron Paul). Every single name of the proclaimed winners has been accounted for on one of those slates in every congressional district result. The numbers are as follows

CD1 = 25 Ron Paul
CD2 = 25 Ron Paul
CD3 = 25 NOT for RP
CD4 = 11 Ron Paul 14 NOT for RP
CD5 = 25 Ron Paul
CD6 = 25 Ron Paul

Total 111 Ron Paul 39 NOT for RP
Yes I realize there was some question for CD4 because of 7 people in a tie for the last two delegate spots, but they are all RP people so it doesn't change the results no matter which two names win.

These 150 people will attend state and then choose 3 from each of those districts to go to national. The results from the public primary vote that happened on March 24th have Santorum with 10 national delegates, Romney with 5 national delegates, and 5 delegates going as unbound. They will also elect at large delegates. Total delegates = 43 (only 15 of those bound)as well as three party officials as three more unbound.

TLDR = Ron can take plurality in LA.

Primary delegates

It looks like from the rules that the actual delegates for the primary spots sent to Tampa are elected at the State Convention.
So again Ron Paul people can be elected to the 10 Santorum spots and the 5 Romney spots and all of those 15 delegates could abstain on the 1st ballot in Tampa.

What say you?

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."


Excellent work, I concur as I have been doing some comparison myself in access.

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The Cause Of Liberty Cannot Be Denied!

Way to go PEOPLE - Let's Wake Up The SHEEPLE!


Way to go Louisiana!!

What a great day it was today! Let's keep it going, great job everyone!

I heard that the distribution

I heard that the distribution of flyers for specific candidates is fraud and illegal.

There were reports of RP supporters handing out flyers and that doing so is considered fraud and illegal.

Can someone confirm or deny this?

Not true

The laws say that it is illegal to Campain within 600 feet of a voting booth for a general election.

However, because this was a GOP caucus and not a state run voting booth, the GOP set the rules.

In louisiana, the GOP encouraged electioneering anywhere except within 10 feet of the voting table as long as the electioneering did not block any exits.

There were Ron Paul supporters passing out literature for Slate 7, just as Romney people were passing out Literature for Slate 5.

Now for the Slate guides that some people didn't like...I don't know which Campain or agenda passed them out but the slate guides that were passed out were compiled by an independent group called the dead pelican not Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.

that is the point isn't it

I voted today in Lake Charles so I can't speak about others districts. I walked in and they had supporters of Romney and Paul at tables and some standing outside. I said I wanted to vote. I was given one sheet of paper and told that you can vote for entire slates which was on one side of the paper, or you can vote for the candidates individually on the other side of the paper by checking off the candidates that you want. So I could vote for Slate 7, or any other number, or I could vote for delegates from each slate individually. They was no mention of Paul or Romney on either side. The slates had titles, like family values, Marriage, and one slate at the end had voters who don't like traffic cameras. I don't remember the others. So I didn't see anything like that.

What I read from this newpaper article that critised the Dead Peligen Paper is that the paper tried to simplify the slates for votes and that this was misinformation and the reason that Ron Paul won. The paper may have done this, but I don't know anyone who read the paper and it certainly wasn't handed out where I was voting.


Primary "Poll politicking" vs. CAUCUS politicking

At the "Louisiana Presidential Preference Race", about a month ago, it is against the regulations and state statues to "politick" within 500 yards of a polling station. This is a State government sponsored primary/beauty contest, which Santorum won resoundingly.

At the private, republican presidential caucus locations, it's ALL about politicking.

State law and city law, etc ... have nothing to do with what occurs at the "Republican Caucus", either at the Congressional district levels, or at the primary "STATE CAUCUS CONVENTION" in Shreveport.

The whole idea at the caucus, (locations), is to politic with everything you've got.

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I hope that this is correct.

I hope that this is correct. I can sense that the news media will somehow only get the negative rumors about RP's win.

In that one article about RP winning Louisiana, there words such as "cheating", "unfair and undemocratic", "fraud and illegal."

I would be extremely angry if the MSM picks up those words from the article and use it against RP to smear him.

finally, Media response and great picture of Paul

Look before they change it.
The Dead Pelican is webpage news of Louisiana, especially political stuff that happens at the capital, Baton Rouge.




Let's stop posting articles that undercut Paul's presidency

P.S. that entire article was riddled with MSM's way of undercutting anything good on our side. don't post this bullshit

I hope that I am free to post what I want after 4 years of being

a Ron Paul Supporter. And you are free to critise it.

There is a Facebook page started now called boycott the DeadPelican because of that article in a New Orleans which misinformed many readers. They were writing how the article critised them for Ron Paul's win. I posted it because many in Louisiana are going to read about the backlash and I have already written letters to the reporter, the New Orleans Paper, the Facebook Webpage of the LAGOP, etc. And I am handling their criticism because I am informed.

I did not vote for Ron Paul because I was misinformed about confusion of the slates. I voted for him, because I researched the issues, I trust him, I dislike all other candidates, etc.
I have been a Republican for over 40 years, and I will not apology for voting for Ron Paul. And many others leaving comments have supported that same view. Sorry if this post bothers you. But that is what is happening in Louisiana tonight. We won and people are trying to undermine it. But I will NOT let them or you tell me what truth I must hide behind.



doesn't make any sense.

You just sound mad

It's like at the beginning, in 2007

Then the pundits all said the reason Ron Paul won all those online polls was because of a few kids in a basement somewhere.

Then came the record fundraising day, so they said "yeah, might be a few more kids than we thought, but he can't win".

His supporters have dominated most caucus states, beginning with the first, but even when no victory is possible they call the first state, Iowa first for Romney than for Santorum, even though Paul supporters absolutely dominated in that state and as long as his opposition obeys even just most of the rules Paul will take more delegates in Iowa than anyone.

But we can't be told that, we hear "Paul can't win"...because after all, we're just children and we can't handle the truth.

2007 the year of my disillusionment

and the year of my awakening. In theory, Ron Paul should have been the only candidate because he got all his paperwork in on time, and all the signitures. And thanks to the LAGOP, who extended the deadline so others would run against him. And the next insult was the slates of Reagan Family Values, etc. I ran as an alternate, and I felt that the GOP, the MEDIA, the BIG Businesses, ran the show. AP only reported the misinformation of other medias.

So I am glad that we learned sometime from that experience. And I will defend my vote and the hard work we have put into this.
There is no difference between Romney and Obama. All paid and bought by super pac money. And I would really hope the supreme court will fix that mess.




The slate guide was

The slate guide was inaccurate but didn't effect us in district 5. We shored up all delegates and alternates for Ron Paul in district 5 to go to State on June 2