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NWO award goes to...Dr. Heinz Kissinger


Kissinger to Receive Award at The New Criterion's 30th Anniversary Celebration

NEW YORK, April 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, will receive the inaugural "Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture and Society" at The New Criterion's 30th Anniversary celebration in New York City at an intimate dinner gathering on Thursday, April 26. The award marks the 30th anniversary of The New Criterion, an influential monthly review of the arts and intellectual life, and gives homage to the inspiration provided by Edmund Burke, the eighteenth-century political philosopher.

Dr. Kissinger will be the guest of honor and will be delivering remarks on "The Limits of Universalism: Conservatism and Neo-conservatism in American Foreign Policy."

"Henry Kissinger is an intellectual giant, a genuine statesmen and scholar in an era sadly lacking in both," remarked Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of The New Criterion. "His service to his adopted country has distinguished him in the annals of American politics and his work as a diplomatic historian has earned him the well-deserved plaudits of knowledgeable observers across the globe. Like Edmund Burke before him, Dr. Kissinger understands the fragile nature of civilization, so difficult of achievement, so easily lost, and, once lost, nearly impossible to retrieve. It is a great honor as well as a great pleasure for all of us at The New Criterion to bestow upon him our first Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture and Society."

"The New Criterion has done more than any other magazine to preserve what Matthew Arnold called 'the best which has been thought and said.'" stated Dr. Kissinger. "It is my great pleasure to receive its first Edmund Burke Award, named for the great eighteenth-century Irish statesman and philosopher, who has been a notable model for my own work as a diplomat and historian."

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ecorob's picture

he's a nazi and a pedophile...

the new centurion is a socialist rag...

in the future his greatgrandchildren will have to change their names or live in secrecy to survive...

he will burn in hell

history will write and he will be come to be known, like his cohorts, as the attempted destroyers of the world trying to create a new "world order" that was orderly only for them

their names will be heinous
they will all be seen as hitlers

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

There won't be any awards

There won't be any awards passed out to him in the next life.
Here's a good one for that snake - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bwfm7-uNS4

This man is an

Evil, perverted homosexual

who on his own is responsible for well over

20 million deaths. What a rotten piece of humanity.