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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


Newest Paul Speech Films at This Daily Paul Post

Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

Austin News & PICS Will Be Linked HERE


Read our Austin news releases HERE

Twitter Users Who Helped with Pics from Austin-Follow Each

@WinLiberty & @ChonRM & @Texans4Paul & @VincentVindetta

WATCH recent speeches in High Definition

UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

Cal State Fullerton IN HD shot and edited by Christopher M Padilla

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DP Post had Austin Streams (some recorded and viewable

See this Daily Paul Post cool RP video

Nevada Reconvened Sunday, 9am PST: This DP Post has reports

Maine Convention 2nd Day Important Thread at this Daily Paul Post

Paul vs FED cartoon in this Daily Paul Post by DP user jmclarin

Daily Paul post has an inspirational letter from activist by DP user Dr.K.Research

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Ron Paul rally cal state Fullerton 5/2/12 part one


the best part of this video is when carol paul clearly says to the cheering crowd "oh please, stop it " then she turns around and starts giggling


thank you

I've linked that vid from your YouTube Channel on the News Link

She said there were hundreds

nice way to down play the rally

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

My Daughter

(her back) and I are in this one.


your 3 are up;

Have any others?

I know there's another on my media contact list


I can't offhand tell if they do news on weekends;

I've gotta go and look for that now

Just Got Back from Austin Capital Speech

Exhausted and Invigerated at the same time. My daughter and I were literally no more than 10ft from Rand and Ron. I have plenty of pics but am waiting for the YNN or other outlets to post thier vid's.

All I will say is You really do not know what you are missing if Dr. Paul is within a 3 hr drive of your house A FAILURE on your part to be part of a Rally, is a failure in the REVOLUTION to TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC.

Thank You President Ronald E. Paul

Live Audio NOW

thanks to jampat

Link near top of post

vid stream was offline

Video: BE MEDIA!-Explained


We had tremendous success with getting free media for the UC Davis Speech.

See the Speech, linked above, along with the UCSD Speech AND a HD of the Fullerton Speech which is on the way.

Watch Katharine Memole explain the success we've had and BE MEDIA!


We've been poking Austin Media for coverage


So far, it's not looking bad at all.

In Sacramento, we got TOTAL coverage...ALL TV and the major Daily (Sacramento Bee).

Read our last 2 news releases to Texas Media HERE


Pics and News Link at top of Post

Follow that and this post for All Breaking Pics and News out of Austin.

All updates & ALL other coverage will be added as soon as we know about it

Any Live stream of Austin

Any Live stream of Austin today?

I found a live Austin audio

I found a live Austin audio stream, Rand is speaking now http://ronpaulradio.com/

if we know we'll add it

email winliberty@gmail.com for anything related to the Austin speech so that we can add it


"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error,
It is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

-- Robert Houghwout Jackson,
Chief Judge at the War-Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg


wow wicked awesome

just viewed the mighty Ron Paul .. that guy gets smarter everyday... new viddy from San Diego... my god he is exposing things i never thought would ever come to be ,,, let liberty ring loud !!

gary gettis

Please Check-Out this I-Report on Fake Slates at Conventions

Please view This I Report then like and post on Facebook, Tweet, etc.

It's from Katharine Memole, who broadcasts the Free Humanitarian Show on Ron Paul Radio and also now does webcasts about WinLiberty.


submitted comment that CNN should either report the news or get out of the way.

RP R3VOLution

HD versions of UC Davis AND UC San Diego now HERE

Links above to watch the UC Davis and UC San Diego speeches in High Definition.

Very good crowd shots in each.


Let Americans see these crowds. Let the world see these crowds.

Let no one say it never happened.

This is happening. You just don't see it on television or read about it in the paper.

I so glad

that this HD video of the UCSD speech is online, now. I had tried making a video, too, but my camera ran out of power before the last 5 minutes of his speech. That, and the visual quality was pretty low. This is great.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

LOL, I share your frustration

Since I began wearing this ill-fitting hat of "producer" I've learned such are the ways of film production.

The San Diego film is a very good shoot.

I have that link already

I haven't been able to find any other TV coverage.

San Diego television doesn't seem to like us as much as Sacramento television :(

links to HD UC Davis film Parts 1 & 2 (of 2) are in post-Enjoy!

This beautiful film of the UC Davis speech and large crowds was shot and edited by Ray Anderson of dobsonimages


Listened / watched after dinner.

All good, great job. Thanks for all the effort.


We didn't rate interrupting your dinner?

Glad you enjoyed!

Bless Dr. Paul. He has done

Bless Dr. Paul. He has done 3 speaking engagements in the last few days as well as 3 fundraisers. He goes to Nevada today to speak and tomorrow to Austin for the tea party rally. Then Tuesday to do battle for us against the fed. If I only could have his health and energy at 76! Reminder - money bomb today - if this man do all this for us, we can make an effort to donate $25.00.