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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


Newest Paul Speech Films at This Daily Paul Post

Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

Austin News & PICS Will Be Linked HERE


Read our Austin news releases HERE

Twitter Users Who Helped with Pics from Austin-Follow Each

@WinLiberty & @ChonRM & @Texans4Paul & @VincentVindetta

WATCH recent speeches in High Definition

UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

Cal State Fullerton IN HD shot and edited by Christopher M Padilla

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I think you are pretty good at estimating the crowd.

Just looking over your quick clips here, I'd have to say at least around 4,000-5,000.

Not sure yet of course.

Safely, we can say that at San Diego what we all knew would happen did in fact happen: Ron Paul packed 'em in again!

I filmed the entire speech in 1080p with clean audio feed...

I was on the platform with the press wearing my Ron Paul shirt.

All the stations were there covering it at different times including a few Hispanic stations.

Will post on my YouTube channel by late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Also covered...

DEA issue over UCSD student...

Explained China-U.S. relations and foreign policy brilliantly.

Great San Diego crowd.

Thank you

I am trying to locate people to assist in reaching non-English speaking media outlets.

It's VERY encouraging to know that some of those outlets were at the San Diego speech.

I want to help them get the visuals they require to properly inform their audiences of these crowds for Ron Paul.

And let us know when you have that video up; just email me at winliberty@gmail.com as I can't always be on top of comments here.

I'll upload a master HD one to my dropbox and give you access...

But in the meanwhile, I got home from a studio I do work at and had a YouTube error on the video, even though it said it was processed and my account is validated :(

I was all excited to post the video! I'll go back up tomorrow morning but I have to get in a few hours of sleep after being up for 23 hours.

It was truly an amazing speech.

Dropbox works

I have DropBox, that will work.

YouTube often has errors like that; if you try again it might work fine

Thx much, eagerly awaiting

Thx much, eagerly awaiting youtube upload.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

The full San Diego HD version is online now

Thanks to WinLiberty for pushing it online to his channel.

You can see a few complete sweeps of the crowd and atmosphere towards the end in light around 48:55.

The little kid in the crowd at the beginning with the Ron Paul sign almost blocking the camera view was a great touch :)

Poignant speech... and

Poignant speech... and finally some decent local news coverage to boot (no foolin). San Diego set it off tonight, the good Doctor is on fi-yah!

Great seeing everyone out.


Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

Austin, Texas!!! Sunday, May 6th, 2pm

Just a reminder to everyone in Texas, especially if you live in or near Austin. Ron Paul is having a Tea Party rally downtown on the steps of the State Capital building on Sunday, May 6th at 2pm.
Also, there is a huge festival going on a few blocks away called Old Pecan Street Festival on Saturday and Sunday so plenty to see and do downtown this weekend.
Suntans and Beautiful Smiles!!!
See you there :)

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!

I’m still amazed at the

I’m still amazed at the energy Ron emits! He traverses across the country to swarms of people, with little or no coverage; he is befouled by the media; he has to deal with snakes and frauds in the GOP; and yet he presses on, because he embodies a message that is as ancient as those ideals of yesteryear's patriots. All this at the young age of 76!

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


Watching the Live US Stream tonight from Warren Mall at UC-San Diego the crowd size simply looked MASSIVE. Closely looking at the crowd itself I am guessing in the size of it at 9,000 maybe even 10,000+

Certainly it is the largest crowd of the week in California for Ron Paul and was very LOUD!!!

The Tea Party Rally in Austin, Texas on Sunday will have its' work cut out to TOP THIS!!!

Great Job YFRP UC-San Diego Chapter.....You Made us Very Proud!!!

I was near the front, so I was wondering

WOW, you are thinking 9,000? There WERE a lot of people but I couldn't tell where I was. It was a trip to actually see him in the flesh lol

Link to Pt 1 of UC Davis Speech in High Definition

Posted above now

We have Pt 2 (of 2) on the way

thank u

so much!

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

i just stumbled upon it.

i just stumbled upon it. thank aaronlujan!

Debbie's picture

Thanks, that was awesome!! Looks like he had a great crowd!!



Live UCSD pics!

Not to take away all the good work you guys (winliberty) have been doing, but in case the rest of us has the photo sharing app on our phone called Instagram, just do a search on "ronpaul" and you will see quite a bit of live ron paul UCSD pics posted by people who are there now.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

Yes, I know

However, I'm in the process of throwing up a High Defintion Vid of the UC Davis Speech right now and I have 8 million other chores.

I won't be able to also hunt down on the minute pics, most of which are uninformative, because I am just one person with only 2 hands.

Besides, the BE MEDIA project is FAR more important AND far more successful than one PIC here or there delivered immediately or semi immediately.

Is there a livestream for tonight

I thought I saw one somewhere, but can't find it now.

We won't have it

If I happen to be here and there is one I know about I'll post it.

I am too busy making sure we get the Austin event announced to Texas Media.

I put a note above in the original post explaining.

I'm off to see the wizard

I can't believe we're going to go see him tonight at UCSD. I'll see you San Diego people there!! :-)

Enjoy the Show!

Share Vid/Pics and Reports.

Let Americans See These Crowds!

Do we have any complete crowd

Do we have any complete crowd shots from UC Davis?

Its a bit shakey and out of

A bit shakey and out of focus, but here is all I've got.


Susie 4 Liberty's picture

It's a great portrayal of the crowd!

THANKS for posting it!

Susie 4 Liberty


Got film being processed right now.

There also were more pics than I've been able to get up...right now I'm advancing the Austin thing and still setting up for San Diego tonight...

I'll get to the backlog when I am able.

What a great speech!

This is another speech that glued me till the very end. Ron Paul gets better and better. He's refined the freedom message to a magnificient degree. When the rest of the sheeple wake up they'll find a trove to go through (hopefully the videos will still be available).

And Channel 13 Too (also Channel 31)

Channel 13 (which also does Channel 31 News)did a story

That's a clean sweep of all English Speaking TV news in Sacramento.

Channels 40, 31, 13,3, 10

Coverage linked Here (except for Channel 10, haven't got a file yet):