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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


Newest Paul Speech Films at This Daily Paul Post

Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

Austin News & PICS Will Be Linked HERE


Read our Austin news releases HERE

Twitter Users Who Helped with Pics from Austin-Follow Each

@WinLiberty & @ChonRM & @Texans4Paul & @VincentVindetta

WATCH recent speeches in High Definition

UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

Cal State Fullerton IN HD shot and edited by Christopher M Padilla

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DP Post had Austin Streams (some recorded and viewable

See this Daily Paul Post cool RP video

Nevada Reconvened Sunday, 9am PST: This DP Post has reports

Maine Convention 2nd Day Important Thread at this Daily Paul Post

Paul vs FED cartoon in this Daily Paul Post by DP user jmclarin

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Way to push it John!

great job in Cali, I'll pick up the baton for Sunday in Austin.



hey, I'm dealing with one now (and more until I get a deal done) press agent types down there.

One specifically is major and works with Videographers. Looks like alot of them are on or next to Congress Avenue (or BLVD or something) in Austin, which I figure is like every other state, all the news bureaus are walking distance from those steps Paul will be on...so I'm just trying to get stuff to them in time to be distributed properly around Texas. Problem is I don't know Texas like I know Sacramento.

We should talk.

I need to get stuff to the media down there quick, and have no time to do it outlet by outlet; it's Friday.

Some of these people are news bureau people...IF they service TV stations that is where I think you would fit in nicely.

Or, do it renegade again, just please do it again! That last film was great and I still watch it :)

I at least could steer them to you if nothing else.

We need a pro to shoot that stuff again and like before, I'm overdrawn at the bank :)

I will be doing it renegade again...

I'm pretty confident that all the local affiliates
here in Austin will be there since it will be on Sunday, a slow news day.
Will keep you posted.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Nothing that I've seen in Austin American Statesman headlines

as of this afternoon... (But that doesn't mean I might not have missed it!)

Susie 4 Liberty

You missed it

I spoke with the Austin Statesman earlier today.

It's been in print and online versions, both.

Just a quickie announcement.

See our news release; understand we are working hard on that, we'll have Austin area covered and that includes most of the major Texas outlets which have bureaus in Austin.

We're doing what we can to repeat the kind of success we just had with the Sacramento area tv and print.

Thanks for your effort John!

Even if one of the stations reports not the whole truth or spins numbers etc...A news coverage even if its bad is worth more then no coverage at all!

YES-YES-YES...BE The Media

WE have to make Ron Paul and these events MAKE the news.
My personal letter to the editor of our local newspaper.
He said he would print it and include the links.
Everyone should do this. Use mine as a draft.
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney
There is a very heated race going on in the republican primary right now,
but you would not know it in the reporting by the mainstream media.
The mainstream is reporting as if Mitt Romney has locked up the nomination
already, which simply is not true. That same media is not reporting the HUGE
turnouts of thousands at Ron Paul rally events all across the country, or the fact
that Ron Paul has been gaining large amounts of delegates in many states
over the past month and that Ron has WON...yes WON five states, which is what
he needed to secure his name being on the ballot at the RNC in Florida later this
summer. This IS a contested race, and Ron Paul is gaining momentum daily.
Ask yourself why the media is not covering this news worthy information.
Is the media trying to pick the republican candidate? If so...why?
For proof of Ron Paul rally crowds view this: http://www.youtu.be/mfrNz_2hvvM
For a better understanding of how it all works: http://www.youtu.be/OHAdm64U-cs
To follow the latest updates and Ron Paul info: http://www.DailyPaul.com
To learn more about Ron Paul and his platform: www.RonPaul2012.com
The fact is that Romney can hardly draw 100 people. Ron Paul draws thousands.
It is never over until it is over. Mitt Romney does not have 1144 delegates...yet.
And Ron Paul is gaining on him. And fast.


GREAT how you cover media

GREAT how you question media motivation.

There Is Now and Always Has Been Just 1 "motivation" for Media

To turn a profit.

That's it folks.

These are businesses.

You deal with them like the grocery store...OR, you don't eat.

It's as simple as that.

reedr3v's picture

It's like dealing with the factory food industrial

complex. We have to grow our own for a quality product.

It's basic campaign 101 stuff

Yes, that's exactly right.

It's like buying groceries at Safeway.

Either you buy or grow food or you go without.

It's that simple.

There is NO conspiracy folks.

There's a terribly overloaded and therefore often inept campaign organization and there are a whole lot of passionate Paul supporters who show up because they are true believers.

I did the OBVIOUS thing that any halfwit campaign activist knows to do. Communications is NOT what I do professionally...but I can do the basics. That's all I did.

I pointed out to Mainstream Media outlets that there's a story here, a good story, a story about thousands of people, a growing throng who come out to every speech.

And look what happened.

TOTAL TV coverage.

That wasn't a mistake and it sure as HELL wasn't because the Paul campaign "pros" lifted even a finger.

The coverage the campaign just got was because I did the obvious...I pointed out to news people that thousands of people show up for these speeches.

WHAT the Paul campaign has missed is that very basic step.

They don't take that baby step so I took it for them.

It's that simple. It's called a news release folks.

ANYONE who has done it knows this.

That was ME and a few people here at Daily Paul doing it.

WE did that.

And so can anyone who wants to do it.

It's all right at the links, right here on Daily Paul and right over on WinLiberty.com

I've done this stuff for decades.

It's NOT new. ANY campaign run by pros does this stuff and it more, way more, than pays for itself.

The Paul campaign doesn't SO I did it here.

It works people.

I just proved it; I didn't prove it for me, I already know.

So too does ANYONE who ever has worked on a real campaign.

The way you get media is you GO FOR IT.

You don't wait for it...ANYONE can do it. Anyone JUST did it.

So, every REAL Paul supporter and activist, just do it!

You all are anyone, aren't you?

OPTION - go rogue on the 1st round at Tampa.

If RP is not nominated, we should vote for a 3rd party (Gary Johnson) in November instead of "write-in." Then GOP cannot blame us and Rand in 2016 for the failure, since they cannot tell if we voted for Romney, for Obama, stayed home or voted for a 3rd party.

There is no need to give GOP planners exact number of Paul supporters via "write-in" since "write-in" in itself wont produce any effect.

I've linked Channels 40 and 3 -waiting on 10

Channel 13 doesn't seem to have anything

I've also got some of the print up now.

Someone ought to collect all the TV and put them in a new post, it's good stuff


Uploaded a bunch of pictures

Uploaded a bunch of pictures from the event:



give me some time, I'll get back and to it

What a great day in Davis!

I would have to say this was a great day for the campaign! All of the local news crews were there. The crowd was enthusiastic. Many democrats and independents stopped at my table to re-register as republicans and grab Oathkeeper tri-folds. The speech was inspiring. All in all it was a great experience.

Some people have already begun contacting San Diego Media

And that's good.

Contact the Entire list, though. Most of the major outlets have bureaus in other major cities, like San Diego, and there is cross-ownership.

Remember, that list is only the majors (and not all the majors at that, since I can't speak another language and left off the Spanish and other language stations...those often have gigantic audiences of people who VOTE), and if I had the time I'd have included independents and we still don't have much on the foreign language stations.

Just hit EVERY Media outlet on that list again to help coverage in San Diego.

Copy, Paste, and one email sends your words statewide.

I'm way behind and haven't got a Texas list yet.

Somehow I'll try to cobble one together because that really needs to be started by tomorrow.

KPBS radio announced that RP would be here

Heard it this morning.

We also got at least one mention in the middle of today

On TV again, about Ron Paul.

THAT never happens.


It's a huge success, so let's keep it going!

AND, We Just Got Channels 3 and 10 TOO

Great stories, all of them---hard to beat that Channel 40 though.

I'll see if we get Channel 13.

The story by Channel 3 was their second of the day---they also interviewed him at the lunch, and I've already got a link up on that earlier piece.

I'll link them all here and DP probably will want to put them in a special post.

Excellent stories.

Can't say thanks enough to all who helped with this!

We just got Channel 40-You GOTTA See this!

A GREAT Piece by Channel 40, one of the leads on tonight's 10 o'clock shows

I'll link it as soon as I get a file. I'm not equipped to record off the TV.

BTW, Channel 40 says "some say 10,000" and "it certainly looked that way". LOL

This is working!

Again, GIANT thanks to all those who used that media contact list, some actually did their own news releases (and very good jobs of writing those from the ones I saw) and to those who called and emailed in did the time consuming work which is necessary for a successful news release.

Wait till you see this Channel 40 piece!


I linked the one from the news station's site.

Someone needs to take these links and make one special post of all the coverage...there'll be more by later this am.

Thank you Ron

I'm only twenty two years old but you have given me hope in humanity. Our history books will speak of you as the doctor that revived the republic and returned liberty to the people.

I was in Davis tonight

and in Chico last month. If I had to guess, I would say the count will be very similar to Chico. I felt like many of the people in Chico were open to Ron's message, but today in Davis was absolutely dominated by avid Ron Paul supporters. I saw at least a half-dozen booths registering voters. The parking lots were filled with cars with bumper stickers and Ron Paul signs and shirts etc. were everywhere.