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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


Newest Paul Speech Films at This Daily Paul Post

Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

Austin News & PICS Will Be Linked HERE


Read our Austin news releases HERE

Twitter Users Who Helped with Pics from Austin-Follow Each

@WinLiberty & @ChonRM & @Texans4Paul & @VincentVindetta

WATCH recent speeches in High Definition

UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

Cal State Fullerton IN HD shot and edited by Christopher M Padilla

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DP Post had Austin Streams (some recorded and viewable

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I've posted the link to a possible live stream

same guy was live once from Berkeley and is trying again tonight from Davis

Where is the Link???

Please give us the actual link!!!



I refuse to serve people who hang out in comments and STUPIDLY expect me to catch that.

I'm working 16 and 20 hour days and have been for a month and a half, 7 days per week.

If you can't READ then you cannot fill-out a voter registration card and I don't care to cater to that audience.

Some people DO and the rest hang out blabbering in comments.

Thanks for the link but

Bad form on your venom above.

You should have labeled the link to stand out and you should attempt to counterbalance your own lack of sleep. You've turned on a fellow RP supporter based on circumstances you created, not them.

not bad form

A refusal to cater to those who watch, who constantly spout off and who do absolutely NOTHING but that.

That's comments, that's the people who spend inordinate amounts of time in comments.

THIS post, THIS project is for people who wish to reach voters unaware of Ron Paul (and that's almost everyone else in the world outside comments). I don't do this to confirm the many idiocies of those who do nothing but spout off.

IF you figure I should have done it some other way, then DO IT!

I'm doing the best I can.

THAT is not what I'm hearing continually from nincompoops who DO NOTHING.

It's in the post

Thank You

Thank You i_am_free

he's live!

right up close too.. very nice.

Any crowd

estimates? Livestream not doing any crowd shots.

Wow - big crowd!

Wow - big crowd!

I don't understand

where this slide show is of tonight...where? can't find it.


on winliberty, it's called Speech SlideShow page

John I Only See CSU-Fullerton's Rally!!!

John, I only see the CSU-Fullerton's Rally Slides on the page.

Have you uploaded any Pics yet from UC-Davis?

Here now

Im pumped. Standing where he walks in. Come say hi to me balding guy white and blue plaid shirt.

Current Weather at UC-Davis at 6:00 PDT

While thousands of Ron Paul Supporters are gathering at this very minute on the University Memorial Union Quad to hear our Champion speak in just one hour at 7:00PM PDT.

The weather is: 65 F, mostly cloudy, winds out of the SE at 10 mph with 30% chance of rain.

Here is expecting a record crowd of 10,000 tonight!!!!

Make sure you follow on Twitter, folks

Follow the 2 listed; if you are going and Tweeting, email me and be added to this list so more can Follow you.


Let America See These Crowds!

Wish I could be there, hoping

Wish I could be there, hoping he makes a quick stop in Oregon before the 15th. If anyone going today or tomorrow wants to help the Moneybomb, here are some fliers you can print and hand out.

Full Page: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91799328/MB-Flyer-Full

2 Per Page: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91799477/MB-Flyer-Half

4 Per Page: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91799478/MB-Flyer-Quarter

WearsMyLiberty.com - Liberty shirts and Ron Paul shirts to spread the message

Already spoke on the phone with...

Pamela Marineau from the Sacramento Bee, who will be coming to the UC Davis event, and I just got off the phone with channel 10 news here in Sacramento, they should be there with cameras as well.

Check out a project I've been working on, I'm going to bring a few of these shirts to the event and give them to the raffle that's set up. These will be just some of the prizes, they also have some pretty cool Ron Paul stuff:


10 is no surprise; I've had contact and they sound good to go

The Bee is very good to hear about

I've been expecting we'll see most of them there...the big questions Are what gets in print?, on air? and with what prominence?

Thank you for taking the time to speak with the Bee; we need more self activated generals like you;

Yah! Yah! Black this out

Yah! Yah! Black this out media! Just you try to black it out. It's impossible. Go ahead and try media.

Oh? What? We're supposed to ask the media to cover it now? My apologies.

you always ask

If you don't, how would they know he's doing the speech?

About to go to Davis, so

About to go to Davis, so excited!

Just put up postcards.

I just finished putting up 500 RP postcards in my neighborhood in Sacramento, Ca. They specifically targeted democrates and encouredged them to register republican to vote for Ron Paul. My feet hurt now, need more postcards. Let's get this done people.

Ron Paul 2012!

Johnny!! Ron Paul is Kicking "HIND A#S"

The rEVOLution is EXPLODING!!

Romney's campaign is sputtering and leaking oil..

He's done!

Its all Ron Paul from here on...Look at the all them delegates he is winning..

Its Glorious!

Orange County Register Front Page (Web)

Go Here ...

Look about 2 3rds down on front page for a slide show.

click on slide show and look at the 24 picures - get the hit rate up.

Then click on the actual article.


I really hope

that Dr. Paul is telling these people to register and vote. I keep hearing that they need volunteer help in California because the folks there do not realize they must register Republican to vote for him. What better way than the man himself in front of a large crowd telling them what they need to do to help him. I have not seen the feed from here, but I know in other speeches I have seen he rarely asks for help or support. He really needs to push this. The grassroots need to have a presence at these events also with tables etc. to get people info and get them involved to help Dr. Paul win.

Ron Paul now on intertops

It just coast me a mail and now he is on that list. At least now people see that there is not just obama and romney.