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Very nice

Gives a good persepctive! TY

Wow...An Article Posted On The Main Stream Media About

Dr. Paul in Fullerton? Am I dreaming?


No Chance?

It seems like a mantra - great crowds but no chance to win. I wish that they would do the same when talking about Romney - no crowds and no chance to beat Obama.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

no, that's how it's done :)

That's from the OC Register, and I've had that linked.

The Register probably never would have missed covering Ron Paul anyway.

But, I made sure the media contact list included them; they got alot of emails and of course the news release.

The Wisckol article was up on the Register website almost immediately after the speech ended.

Fast, good stuff in there, which is why MSNBC is "reprinting" it.

That's Awesome!

Great Job John!

I'm sure that one wasn't me, but thanks anyway :)

Like I say, the Register was the one paper I figured wouldn't miss covering Ron Paul.

jeffjeffjeff's picture

To those concerned about enthusiasm

I think it's important for some people to realize that enthusiasm isn't always the best sign of effectiveness during these events. In some cases it helps to rally people together and to connect on an emotional level with some of these important issues. In other cases however where you have lack of cheering and such it could be that the crowd is bringing in newer members to the revolution who are listening carefully and absorbing the information. If you've listen to Doug Weed speak he talks about how Dr. Paul is great at saying things that get people to think, later they will go home and continue to think about it, google it, read more about it, and then become hooked. So it's important to engage these people who are new to the message and not to overwhelm them with enthusiasm because just sometimes that can be a turn off like going to a Lady Gaga concert and sitting next to her biggest fan (the guy in the meat dress).

I would recommend for those attending the rallies who have been following the movement for some time to grab a few people who look like they are new to the message and invite them out for a beer or coffee after the rally to talk. This way you can exchange twitter, facebook, and blog links. I'm always surprised at how many Ron Paul supporters I meet that have no clue about the the Daily Paul for example and that's one thing I always share with those interested in the message. Engaging others in a friendly way like this is a great way to convey exchange information and ideas in a way that is targeted, friendly, and positive.

I always ask people at

I always ask people at rallies and meet ups about the daily paul, and a lot of them don't come here very much.

This site is a great resource for the revolution. We'd be better off if all the supporters were here so they could stay up to date on the grassroots strategy and events.

Ron Paul is a JEDI.

How does this guy find the energy to do all of this? and he is in his 70's. Remarkable.

Still adding Vids/Pics AND News Reports in the Fullerton Link

See it at the Fullerton Link in the post.

There's an exceptionally quick and good news article from OC Register Newspaper.

The article points out this was the "largest political rally this year" in Orange County, California-topping the whopping 300 Bachmann got.

For those who don't know, the OC Register is the Flagship paper of the famous news chain, Freedom Communications, a true pioneer outfit of individuals who advanced these ideas for many, many years.

Philosophically, the original bunch took no quarter and never changed. The ownership has changed hands now, but the legend stands).


That's a link to the Wikipedia of the founder, who considered himself a "libertarian" (small l) and who also more strictly used the term voluntaryist.

Under his reign, the newspaper never endorsed any bleepin' politician.

The fierce libertarian/voluntaryist editorial stance AND the competition it represents once had it banned, literally, from sidewalk stands in LA.


OC Register

The Orange County Register (http://www.ocregister.com) has been a part of my daily fare for some years now. And it's true, they won't endorse anyone - I find it rather frustrating that they won't throw in with Dr. Paul, but at least they do endeavor to tell the truth. I especially like Mark Landsbaum's Global Warming Denialism! (heh, heh, heh) (For What It's Worth, I've been a GW Denialist since the 1970's, when somebody in some science magazine so thoroughly debunked it that it was almost a joke. "Cap the Volcanoes!"}

Anyhoo, I do post there whenever there's an opportunity, and as a Paulbot, I tout the Good Doctor (apologies to The Original Good Doctor, Isaac Asimov) every chance I get!

Oh, by the way - I didn't know it was literally banned, I simply ass-u-med that they simply couldn't afford to continue to put actual physical dead-tree papers out at those stands any more.

There's a dead-tree paper that's fairly conservative - the Daily News, but I can save fifty cents by simply looking up the editorials I like on the internet!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I first started reading it in approx 1979

I had to work and live down there and the Register still was a dime while other papers were a quarter on the rack.

They had more circulation than the LA Times and far outsold the Times in advertising.

Bob LeFevre ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_LeFevre )still was Editor and only a few of us used the "l" word; I was one. I was a bit different in that I worked campaigns...but the rest of the way I fit in, just didn't go to their various schools and seminars.

Every few months or so LeFevre used to write a column about The Millard Fillmore Society. a group dedicated to ending the custom of people asking 'who's calling please?' by invariably answering 'Millard Fillmore here'.


LeFevre was one of the major influences for libertarians, young and old. I don't recall if Ron Paul was in any of the schools, as a student, but I think he was there, more than once, probably at some of the seminars. I know Ron Paul read LeFevre; we all read LeFevre.

To see why, look it up, I know Mises has a collection.

The "l" philosophy was there in the largest daily in Orange County; every day it was there.

They'd gone to court to be allowed to have coin-operated racks in L.A.-before that, they'd been unable to get permits like their competition.

They used to have their own style book. Only a few papers have a style book all their own, most used either AP or UPI, something like that.

The Register style book required, among other things, that Register writers never use the phrase "public school" unless it was in a quote.

Their phrase(s) to replace "public schools" were things like "taxpayer supported schools" and if I remember correctly "taxpayer supported and government run schools".

I knew LeFevre in passing and I got to know one of his successors, the late Alan Bock pretty good.

Bock once had done me a favor for a local campaign I was running; I'd asked him for some time with my client and he was impressed that someone actually read his stuff. He taught me that writers almost never hear that, and I've always remembered that.

The Editor of one of the nation's largest and most influential papers actually was impressed when a stranger called and thanked him for his latest editorial.

For my client, I scored a friendly Sunday lead editorial by Bock out of that and remained friendly with him from afar, speaking now and then.

He wrote what I consider the best book on Ruby Ridge...and when I first read he was working on it I was in the area running another campaign and called him up to thank him for writing about it.

He was kind enough to find me at whatever hotel I was in on the next campaign and shipped me the book fresh off the press, a hard copy before it was out to the public.

It's a gripping book; nothing else I've seen about Ruby Ridge was as hard hitting as that one.

Those 2 were examples of the principles of the old days under Hoiles except Alan didn't actually mind people who believed in working in the electoral system -- LeFevre didn't either, LeFevre just didn't agree.

Bock agreed that electoral work was viable; after all, he had dealings with me :)

I think Fredom still owns the Marysville Appeal Democrat and a bunch of other papers including the largest daily in Colorado Springs.

There were family fights, lawsuits and the thing ended up in bankruptcy...

The Register always had an agenda. A good one. :)

My First Rally

Kind of a let down. Couple things I noticed... a few people while in line totally talking up NWO and other conspiracy stuff. Just seems like a good way to scare people away...

Got in and had awesome seating 6 rows back... I have heard this speach a few times. So excited to hear and see the good doc in person for the first time. More excited to be part of the energy in the crowd. Crowd was pretty quiet tonight.

I wouldn't change going though. I love the message and stand by Ron and just figured, I need to go to the next one too maybe it will be better.

Here is my quick album of the event. I just got home and put up 20 or so. haven't retouched to fix exposure or cropping so enjoy but they are still raw.

God Bless

Try to understand them

Thanks for posting the pics! I know exactly what you mean about his fans talking about conspiracy theories which might scare people away. I felt same at first when I was introduced. But you have to understand that it's rare that his loyal fans get a chance to discuss theories (which very well might be true) without being ridiculed by ignorant people. When they do get a chance to discuss it, there's a lot to catch up on.

oops heres the link



I'll link the album, it's not here yet, right? :)

ZERO energy in the CSUF crowd tonight.

Just got back from the CSU Fullerton rally and it was really disappointing! Although there were easily 5,000* people there, I felt absolutely no enthusiasm, no "buzz", no excitement in the crowd at all.

I was at UCLA last month and you could feel the energy immediately, from the walk with the streams of people from the various parking areas, to everyone standing in line, and of course to the packed stadium.

Tonight was just the opposite. Standing in line outside the stadium, I felt something was missing right away. It was way too quiet, everyone was subdued, like they were waiting in line at the grocery store. Once inside, I knew it wasn't going to get any better. As opposed to the "horseshoe" arrangement of the seating at UCLA that kept the noise and energy of the crowd in the stadium, the crowd at Fullerton was limited to one side, so the sound of any cheering was directed to the empty bleacher on the other side of the football field, some 70-80 yards away. There were several people around me that seemed fired up to be there, but overall, it just felt dead. My wife, who also went to UCLA, felt it too.

Dr. Paul was great, though. Did his usual stump speech with a couple of new wrinkles that I hadn't heard before. But as far as I'm concerned, the crowd let him down. We just didn't "show up" tonight. That happens sometimes. You see it all the time in sports where one team as a whole just seems flat. That was us at CSUF.

* Wikipedia states that Titan Stadium's capacity is 10,000 [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_Stadium_(Cal_State_Fullerton) ] and the home side was full with a lot of people standing at the top.


I wasn't there, so I certainly can not judge, but I can judge the phenomenal energy that was put out by the hosts and the Ron Paul staff to pull this together. It would be interesting to go back to 2008 and see if Obama with all his media buzz had weeks of back to back rallies with thousands at each event. Ron Paul is amazing, but even the very best will have up and down days. I, being a Christian, think the crucial part of the "energy" comes from God. I pray for Dr. Paul on a daily basis and am calling on likeminded supporters to do the same. I pray specifically that God will annoint Dr. Paul and the crowd. I also ask we not only pray, but take action. My favorite scripture is Ephesians 3:19-20.
I think a valid point is made about some venues working better than others, but when you are trying to find a spot for thousands and not break the budget there are limitations. It really is telling that with volunteer help and $, Ron Paul with less than Mitt or B.O., can do so much. He certainly could help fix the budget!

I don't know what you're

I don't know what you're talking about! The crowd was great! There was loud applause for Dr. Paul all throughout his speech. My hands were numb from clapping so often. This morning, my voice is so sore from all my cheering! Dr. Paul definately heard us. LOUD AND CLEAR!

Congratulations to everyone involved in putting together this event! Great job!

Did you go to UCLA?

The energy was there, not at CSUF. Last night, when people tried to start the "End the Fed" or "President Paul" chants, they just fizzled out. People were looking around like they were the only ones that stood up when trying to start "the wave" at a football game. You could see the "WTF?" look on their faces. Because of the wraparound seating at UCLA, the other sides could feed on the noise and keep it going or expand on it.

Only thing I can say is that

Only thing I can say is that people wanted to hear what Dr. Paul had to say! Rather than shout over him, the crowd listened and responded appropriately enthusiastically!

I went to both I disagree

pound for pound, 5000 vs 8000 I'd say CSUF was more energetic and had more homemade and creative signs per capita than UCLA. It was also much more organized despite such short notice. The line was long but we all got in quickly and smoothly. Event staff, campaign staff, and volunteer staff getting people registered all did a fantastic job, they were everywhere and made a great impression. I witnessed many people getting informed and getting registered. I'd say it was a huge success!

I though the stadium was pretty cool, but I'll give you that point that the horseshoe shape of the UCLA tennis center did create a more raucous sound. Other than thought I thought it was great!

Well, don't forget

Sorry for the disappointment, but after all, this is Taxifornia, which is heavily biased to the Obamacrat side, and with the tax-supported colleges, they've never really heard of Liberty or Self-Reliance. And the venue and the nasty weather ("May Grey") were probably factors.

Don't ever give up!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

It seemed reasonably energetic where I sat

For a chilly SoCal evening that seemed to be threatening rain at the end of a mid-week work day, I thought it was pretty good. There was lots of applause and several standing-Os.

I brought a couple (and my wife, who can't vote, but seems to be learning the freedom message) who are friends. One of my friends is pretty much completely supporting Ron Paul, and her husband is probably 80%. Both thought Ron Paul's speech was great, and they were impressed with the crowd. They were very impressed with the younger informed supporters we talked with. That really helped to build credibility for the movement.

A great night!

Yes, there were pockets of enthusiasm.

But compared to UCLA, overall, it was dead.

Thank you for the report

So, the sides are roughly equal in capacity, and the crowd side WAS FULL with standing room only plus people outside looking in, right?

It's then accurate to say "well over 5,000"?

Please correct me if I got any of that wrong.

I wasn't there, so I can't judge whether our side "showed up" or not.

It's a different venue than UCLA, different acoustics (as you point out) and totally different atmosphere.

Again, thank you for your very thorough report.

If everyone was this clear and detailed, my day would go smoother :)

I'd say well over 5000

The above is very accurate. Considering that this was thrown together last minute with no notice and that many people showed up pretty insane.

The crowd did get going a few times but yes the noise just kinda dissolved. and quickly.

yeah over 5k.

every seat was filled the top was all standing all the way out the gate.