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Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

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Our Ron Paul Volunteers Pulled This Off in 2 Days

Obama needs more time than that to clear airspace AND block off busy city streets during Rush Hour, and he's got the FAA, the Secret Service the local police and the military to do it...

We have some goooood Volunteers!

According to the schools

According to the schools listing that grandstand has 4500 seats and it looks completely full to me in Angie C's last picture and you have more on the field and many standing on the top of the stadium area looking over the top rail, and of course the guy sitting in the visitors stands probably the photographer who took the other picture(hehe) it supposedly holds another 5000 but for most part appears empty in your pictures. So I am going to say about 5000+ with reasonable confidence unless someone shows later pictures with more of the field itself filled or the visitors area etc.

I think 5,000 is a pretty good estimate

I think 5,000 is a pretty good estimate. It was a phenomenal turnout when you consider that there was only 1-2 days to get the word out! The venue was changed from the Engineering & Computer Science lawn to the Titan stadium which seats 10,000 people. Each side seats about 5,000 people however, only one half the stadium was open. Tonight's attendance was an overflow crowd and standing room only. Supporters stood outside the stadium walls and watched through chain link fences. Dr. Paul gave a great speech which lasted roughly one hour and had the crowd cheering and chanting continuously.

Approx 4,000?

Since I guessed 5,000+ I've got another shot in and it's last in the Slideshow...it looks like approximately 4,000 attendance.

Great Work Fullerton Ron Paul Supporters!

That picture was taken before

That picture was taken before the crowd finished arriving. It was STANDING ROOM ONLY! Supporters viewed from outside the stadium fences and watched through chain link fences. The crowd was 5,000. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. If Fullerton had more time, I think Fullerton could have beaten UCLA's attendance record!!!

Congrats to ALL the unnamed Paul Supporters in Fullerton

You probably very few people who did all the work to make this happen, and in SO SHORT a time, wow, something like 2 days from start till kick-off!

You are greatly appreciated...anyone wishing to tell that story, just get ahold of me, you deserve the thanks of all of us!


+5000 Titan Stadium

Ill post some higher res ones when I get home but here's a cellphone shot for now. It was an amazing and incredibly diverse friendly and lively crowd. It was especially impressive for just finding out 2 days ago!
Ah yeah! Can't stop us now!

Good Shot

I've got that and the other in the SlideShow.

Looks like about 4,000 to me, guessing, but your last shot here is the clearest indication of crowd size--- I can't tell how many are standing, which might offset those empty sections and I don't know if it's 5,000 on each side or more on that homefield side

It was hard to see on the edges so

So many packed in the middle and packed up on the balcony, standing up. Behind the scenes and around the Stadium there were many good volunteers registering people to vote. Also a little chilly so people packed together. So I'd say 5000 easily give or take a few.

Side note:
Mitt Romney also showed up to UC Fullerton to give a speech to all his supporters on the other side of the stadium:
No one noticed ; )


WOW!!! Congratulations to the YFRP Cal-State Fullerton for putting on an amazing event with just 48 hours notice.

Yes, the CSU-Fullerton Administration did not finalize and sign the contract that allowed Ron Paul to speak on campus until Monday, April 30th!!!

With just 48 HOURS NOTICE YFRP was able to put this event together and have a crowd approaching 4,000.


Obama needs more time than 2 days

Just to clear airspace and block off city streets during rush hour

Yep, good crowd

Assuming that is the home field size (Press Box is there and it looks like it from the earlier photos I posted) I'd say it's at least 5,000+ attendance...

There's alot of standing room too.

I don't know for sure, but it looks like at least half the place is packed.

Line is wrapping around the stadium!

This is going to be nuts! Hopefully I get in this time and dont have to climb a tree :D


I've got that stream posted

It's up at the Fullerton Update link in the post
And it's dead for now

Right now

long line to get ticket for parking. That's where it's at; $7/hour or $8 for the day.

Is this gonna' be streaming?

I am jonesing for live RonPaul

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

start another addiction

Find a voter who knows nothing about Ron Paul (you can start with almost all the other voters in the nation).

Get addicted to reaching out, not watching for no ultimate purpose.

John I do this on a daily basis

and I also enjoy your work. Part of what helps me sell Dr Paul to others is staying on top of what's going on and I am also studying how his speeches have evolved over the campaign

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Los Angeles Media Admits for the 2nd day in a row..Ron Paul is

the last contending candidate against Mittens in the GOP race, with fund raisers and rallies as announced for CA. I heard it from local ABC 7 Eyewitness News for two straight mornings in a row...

I feel that with the successes of the Ron Paul Campaign in delegate wins from numerous states..the MSM starts to admit and recognize that the Giant of Liberty, Ron Paul has awaken the masses and is a real force to recon with against the "perceived" nominee, Romney.

Check Out the UC-Davis Rally on the College Wiki Web Page

Check out the cool announcement about the UC-Davis Ron Paul Rally on the University Wiki Page.


Very Cool

Thank you.

I'll have that up with Davis stuff, later tonight or early am

Current Weather at CSU Fullerton

It is currently cloudy, 63 F, winds at 5 mph with a 20% chance of rain. The lows late tonight will be 54 F.

Bring a jacket and your voice to cheer our Champion of Liberty at Titan Stadium.....

Get there early!!!!

We don' need no steenking weather!

I'm in Taximexifornicatya today, but I'm a Minnesotan at heart - here's a few words about Minnesotans:


Freedom is my Worship Word!

The people who were at the Philadelphia Speech might laugh

About needing a Jacket.

Austin had problems in the other direction.

Weather sounds just about right to those outside California or Florida.

U of I

People who went to the University of Illinois rally a few months ago would have killed for some cool temperatures. There were over 4,000 people and no air conditioning! Needless to say... It was WARM! :)

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

Illinois has real weather

Like most of the nation. It's difficult to explain that to some Californians