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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


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Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

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UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

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Any chance of a stream

be great if we could get hooked up for ron paul chat tonite!

gary gettis

better still

Try chatting with the vast majority of American voters who know absolutely nothing to next to nothing about Ron Paul...you'll find them at home, watching TV.

Rally Video FEATURED on infowars.com

Infowars.com is featuring the latest Ron Paul Rallies mash-up.


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Update: Twitter now working for WinLiberty

Is it working for anyone else?

Site says up, I can't Tweet or Search for users, just see my homepage and nothing new coming in there

Shared on facebook community pages.

Shared across 12 community pages on facebook with combined Likes of ~20,000 and potential reach of 800,000.

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I met an AMAZING petitioner in Wyoming

This guy called tables, "speed bumps". He told me to avoid tables if I really want signatures.

He had at least a dozen (most I ever did was up to four) this guy had a dozen pieces of cardboard cut to the size of the voter registration card. He placed one registration card onto the cardboard and secured them with a wide rubber band and a cheap pen, and he would place himself at exits, and pass out the cardboard cards, offering them to EVERYONE.

In this case, you would say, "Register Republican For Ron Paul.!" That's it. Offer the card to everyone, look them in the eye, if someone moves away, just pass on to the next..

This guy would have 10 people standing there filling out the cards in a group, and THAT group attracted more people, so as people came up to see what the group was doing, he would pass them a card, "Register Republican for Ron Paul".. you may have to ask, "What County?" Give the appropriate card... but the MAGIC, is having as many people as possible filling out cards, to attract more people.

So forget the table, and just pass out the cards saying, "Register Republican for Ron Paul!". Once you have a group started, it doesn't end until the lights go off at the stadium.

I've seen it. I've done it. GOOD LUCK

Yes, you normally don't want a table

If you want the real numbers.

Registration is a bit different, forms more confusing, time consuming...ideally, you do BOTH.

You definitely need to work lots of clipboards to get the most per hour...and DO NOT use regular, hard clipboards...they are too clunky and even dangerous when you are swinging them about in a crowd. Use cardboard; I always prefer foam board cut larger than the form itself. Don't use too small a clipboard, harder for people to handle and sign, use clipboards a good bit larger than the forms, the forms stay untorn AND it's easier for the signer, quicker for you.

One "secret" to per hour numbers is to get one person stopped, more people stop after that...once you have 1 stopped you call out, saying things like "and we need you to sign too" and "I know you are a voter"...things like that.

I've always trained telling people "this isn't a sit down job, unless you need to sit" etc.

Best table is a standard ironing board...so if you are going to use a table. Ironing board has smaller "footprint" and holds more forms, petition sheets, whatever. It's higher, better on bad backs of people siging. Easiest to tote around.

Tables in general relegate you somewhere outside of main traffic flow as they are fixed and do become obstructions.

I just sent emails to all of

I just sent emails to all of the news agencies on this list about Ron Paul's swing through California: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1V7pzaIhj9hvV8d8CXAb...

I provided detailed explanation on the true delegate count (with tons of videos). I am hoping if I give them all of the information about Ron Paul, maybe they will ask him a real question instead of, "why are you still in when Mitt has so many more delegates?"


Thank you. Hopefully many more are doing the same kind of thing. That's what it's about.

Voter registration

My coworker and I plan on bringing a table and a stack of voter registration forms to the UC Davis rally. Does anyone have experience with this? Can I just drop off a stack of filled out forms somewhere or do I have to mail them all in individually?

Contact the campaign in your area.

Here in Los Angeles, we have someone take the registrations to Liberty HQ in Venice. They have people that enter supporters and new registrations into the database for RonPaulLosAngeles.com, and they can actually get money for the campaign by bringing in new Republican voters. So I wouldn't just mail them--get them to the campaign.

And a word of advice - if you table, don't say "Are you registered to vote?"

Open with "Are you a Ron Paul fan?"

That's what I do

You definitely can and should drop them off...at the Voter Registrar for each county.

It doesn't need to be you who drops off the forms.

Are they Calif. Secty of State forms or County addressed forms?

Any questions, let me know

On the Secty of State addressed forms the Secty of State merely forwards to each county, and that process delays final entry into the local registrar's database...so it's best not to mail and to drop off at each county if possible.

At the event people will be getting primarily Sacramento, Yolo and Solano counties, presumably, and someone from MeetUps or whatever will be dropping off, so I guess folks just hook up with those drop-off people in each county.

Saves you alot of driving around because just Sacramento, Yola and Solano registrars are a long distance between...

Can you attach a sheet with

Can you attach a sheet with Ron Paul's web address www.ronpaul2012.com. All these crowds and delegates are awesome, but he can always use money!

You can drop them off. Our

You can drop them off.

Our meet up groups will be doing this as well at Davis.

I have a box of Ron Paul

I have a box of Ron Paul campaign brochures that can be handed out.

Can't wait to see him at UCD!

I called a couple of friends over at Davis to come to the Quad this Thursday evening to see him speak. I'm so stoked!

Report it here

You and/or your friends and everyone need to send info like Vids/Pics and other reports

Email them to winliberty@gmail.com

IF you wish people to Follow you directly on Twitter, email me winliberty@gmail.com to add you to the Follow list in the post above and I'll add you

Enjoy the Show!

Add me, I'll send updates

Add me, I'll send updates from UC Davis:

got it

You're added

BTW, Twitter is out on my end...

Out for everyone else?

oops double post

oops double post

Going to UCSD

My wife and I are locals in SD. We'll be at UCSD. So pumped right now. She supports Dr. Paul by supporting me. She's mostly just overwhelmed by the whole political arena. I'm hoping this whole thing will make her realize that I don't give one $@*# about politics. Politics is just the game we play to win the prize. The prize is hearts and minds joining for liberty.


Here is an I.M. I just got from her and my response:

Wife: My mom just laughed when I told her we were going. She said he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Then she said she understood why you wanted to go because you love him so much. I told her it's not just him you support, but the ideas. She said, "Oh, right, I am sorry."
I am hot with anger

Me: She is just echoing everything that the news spews out. Anger is good. Channel it and direct it at the source, not her. Your mom and everyone like her is imprisoned by lies and it takes generations to change hearts and minds.
I may be mistaken but that just might have been a spark going off in my wife's mind. SO PUMPED!

Send this to your wife's mom

Send her this video with the subject "You really think he doesn't stand a chance?"


Strangely enough...

...I sent this to my wife this morning to show her what to expect on Friday. I don't think she had a clue. If you only listen to MSM or other people that do, that is understandable.

change is by generation

Most get trapped by the bias of their days

Spanish Speakers

Please contact Telemundo and other Spanish Language stations/newspapers/media outlets, and tell them about the Ron Paul event at UC DAVIS

Very important that we reach all language markets with this news, Russian, Chinese, anyone who is multilingual, help us get the word out!

Great idea - keep wishing

Great idea - keep wishing more minorities would show - the liberty message is for everyone!

Spanish Speakers Needed

And Chinese and whatever else---

CALL email or whatever way you can to get these other than English stations (plus radio and print if you have access to that contact info)


That's Telemundo in Sacramento, CA

Here's a list of Telemundo stations in many states including Texas --- emailed to me by Perry Auch (Paul speaks in Austin again, on Sunday)