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Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches


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Reporting Austin Speech Sunday/May 6th: Paul Spoke 2pm CST

Austin News & PICS Will Be Linked HERE


Read our Austin news releases HERE

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UC San Diego in HD distributed by WinLiberty

UC DAVIS IN HD- in 2 Parts HERE shot and edited by Ray Anderson/DobsonImages

Cal State Fullerton IN HD shot and edited by Christopher M Padilla

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DP Post had Austin Streams (some recorded and viewable

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I'll be at cal State Fullerton

Tonight with some friends.

Follow me on Twitter @deForme_society

Enjoy the Show!

If you and/or your friends wish to share Vids/Pics and/or reports email them to winliberty@gmail.com

And, report to others directly via Twitter. Email your Twitter handle to winliberty@gmail.com and we'll post it above so people can Follow you

No live stream

I don't find any live stream!

I emailed KCRA 3, FOX40, KOVR13....

basically all the news channels I could remember or find in a quick google search and also the Sac bee and asked them to cover the event at UC Davis.

Can anyone who speaks spanish contact Telemundo or any other spanish language station, also Russian or any other language news agencies and tell them about the event, make sure they understand how many came to see him the last time he was in Northern California (berkeley 8500)


I emailed them as well. The

I emailed them as well. The more requests they get the more likely they are to see the event as "newsworthy" so everyone please try to contact the news outlet and demand coverage (in a respectful and informed way).

Those Sacto are stations all are on the Media Contact list

Thank you for hitting them also, that's what this is all about.

Sacto is WinLiberty home area:

We've got the statewide media list (it's far from comprehensive, but it's got most of the majors) plus a copy of the news release we sent out--- that's all linkable here:


I don't have information on ANY Spanish language or any other non English language outlets and sure could use them if someone can post that info to me...I tried, but the few stations I found didn't give instructions in English

California and Texas are game changers!

These two mega States will command a lot of National attention, and let's be sure Ron Paul gets the bulk of it. Now that it's down to a 2 man finish, Ron is poised to really strike a chord with the populace. His huge rallies are doing wonders, now let's just see some results in the popular vote. Once that's accomplished, watch out Mitt!

alan laney

the good news is that Texas delegates will be Unbound

right from the start.

RP R3VOLution

I did not know that - so the

I did not know that - so the popular vote in Texas doesn't matter? I think if Texans could compare Romney/Paul's stance on gun ownership alone, Paul would win by a landslide. But good luck getting that through to the media.

Some media response so far

A Sacramento area TV station has asked for a quick headcount after tonight's event in Fullerton---Paul is in the Sacramento area tomorrow, at the UC Davis event.

Looking better and better.

We are expecting 2,000

We are expecting 2,000 supporters. Considering that the contract was not signed until 4/30, that would be pretty amazing! Let's get the word out ASAP! Let's flood the social networks!

Going to the UC San Diego Speech with my kids...

"...Kids this is what a rEVOLution looks like..." So stoked RP 2012!!!!

Veteran -Dad -Artist

Enjoy the Show!

If you wish to report, please do, follow the instructions in the post to get Vids/Pics and/or any reports out to all.

Have fun at the speech!


We've got News Release out to major California Media organizations.

We have Contact Lists at http://winliberty.com/be_media.php

Do it NOW!


Send those emails and USE the Online submission forms.

Ron Paul speaks in Fullerton TODAY.

That's Southern California, so USE the online submission forms for the L.A. TV stations.


Ron Paul Interview with KNX

Ron Paul Interview with KNX 1070 – CBS Radio Los Angeles

Ron Paul will interview with KNX 1070 – CBS Radio Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 2nd at 8:08am Pacific. 11:08 ET



We used to have a guy here where I work, who was an old crank (retired now) who would turn on KNX in the morning and leave it on all day, and the most notable thing in my mind is that it sounded like a Rush Limblech vanity station. I asked a cow-orker rhetorically, "Does he listen to Rush all day because he's an old crank, or is he an old crank because his listens to Rush all day?"

But I tell you what, if we could get Rush into our corner (maybe mention saving Soc. Sec.) we'd have a lock on the old crank vote!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Well that was certainly close

Well that was certainly close to worthless. Dang, another shill for romney

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution


I'll get a file up on each as soon as they are available

I am also putting the

I am also putting the interviews on Youtube ASAP

Excellent! Please post links!

Excellent! Please post links!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution


Sure seemed to cut him off

Sure seemed to cut him off fast..wonder what is up with that?


Great! Can you send links? email winliberty@gmail.com and/or post here?

I'll wait for your links and post above

Sure I will email you, the

Sure I will email you, the first interview Dr Paul got cut off rather rudely mid sentence after only a few minutes.

I put up the vid from KNBC

I think you linked wrong up

I think you linked wrong up top, btw i changed the date error

Ron Paul Interview with KABC,

Ron Paul Interview with KABC, Los Angeles

Ron Paul will interview with KABC, Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 2nd at 7:45 am Pacific/10:45 ET


I'll get a file up on each as soon as they are available

Last night I hung 300 flyers

Last night I hung 300 flyers around the CSUF campus. I ran into Patrick and Mike who are involved in setting up the event. They were out chalking all over campus when I ran into them. The indicated that they are expecting about 2,000. Capacity is 4,500. Seating only one side of the stadium. Not too bad for 1 day's notice. Additionally, there will be a group of supporters staging a freeway overpass banner display at about 4:00 PM at Yorba Linda and the 57 Freeway. Event parking will be $8.00 and it appear that some of the campus streets may be closed to through traffic. CSUF would not waive the parking fee.

I am looking forward to tonight!!! Let's make it a great showing everyone! Tweet it, Facebook it, email it. I'm bringing serveral co-workers, the son of a co-worker who is an Afghanistan vet and purple heart recipient, my parents, my own family, my company auditor and a personal friend.

$8 to park, campus wpouldn't waive fee

Why isn't Ron Paul's campaign vending campaign materials at these events? Why is it OK for UCUF to rake in $8 per car, but Ron Paul campaign rakes in NOTHING?????

I don't get it.

Someone explain to me, because I'm not getting it.