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Let’s Win Arkansas: Anonymous Donor Pledges $2500!

Great news: I have a guarantee of $2,500 to use for SB mailings in Arkansas. The money kicks in WHEN we match it. My donors are FIRED-UP by our results in LA. Let’s show them what we can do and match their funds quickly. More could be coming!!

I know a lot of people in Arkansas who are pro-Ron Paul, including several owners of health food stores. Let's combine mailings with canvassing and calls. With Santorum out of the race, we can open even more eyes.

After hitting the streets all over the country, I am convinced about one thing. It’s that if you show enough Americans about Dr. Paul’s message, you will win plenty of converts.

Let’s use one of our most powerful tools, the Super Brochure, to win the upcoming states. We can win Arkansas. We just have to combine the canvassing, with direct mail, and, finally, confirming the vote. So, let's get out the vote through direct mail--buy your precincts, now:


We also have the tools, now, to confirm the vote. That kicks our strategy up another notch. We can get out the vote AND make sure it counts.

So, calling all Arkansas voters and activists, make sure you get those votes recorded in the most powerful way possible, with a signed affidavit:


Vote, but also count the vote. Absentee and early voters, go get your affidavit notarized and upload it to the site.

So, buy any precincts you can afford. Then, post your matching donations, here. As soon as it hits $1500, the other kicks in: $3000, unbelievable!!

See also this post on the DP: “Dr. K…one of the biggest reasons Schuyler County hit #1 in New York State with 30% of the votes was the thousands of Super Brochures that you sent.”

This group did a combo of mailings plus canvassing.

That’s all the evidence you need.

Note: see also this latest research showing positive effects of this direct mail piece in CT, which is impressive considering the media black-out, http://www.ronpaulforums....

For those who may still have some question about the effectiveness of direct mail for Ron Paul see these two DP posts:



UPDATE: $1500.00 in mailings have already been purchased, so the other $1500 will kick in. You'll see it on the ticker. Now, we have to match another 1K to get those matching funds. We have been promised $1500 more, generously, from our friend in Canada,through his relative. If that kicks in, that makes $3500 already: incredible!!

UPDATE #2: we are well past the slated goal: congratulations, everyone. Matching funds will soon be applied.

UPDATE #3: the $1500 has been applied. You can see the transparency of RonPaulProducts, here:

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Chipped in $90.20

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
51799 (UN) UNION 1 N US $6.60 US $6.60
51820 CAMDEN WARD 12A 1 N US $7.15 US $7.15
51815 CAMDEN WARD 09 1 N US $9.35 US $9.35
51829 CAMDEN WARD 17 1 N US $9.90 US $9.90
51779 (BH) BEHESTIAN 1 N US $9.90 US $9.90
51823 CAMDEN WARD 14 1 N US $10.45 US $10.45
51797 (S1) SMACKOVER WARD 1 1 N US $11.00 US $11.00
51831 CAMDEN WARD 17B 1 N US $12.65 US $12.65
51801 (V2) VALLEY WARD 2 1 N US $13.20 US $13.20
Total: US $90.20

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Precinct 22 in Benton County

It's my precinct. :)

You have chosen Precinct 22 for a total of $185.90

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Also, Texas early voting ends

this Tuesday and we have the Primary Vote on the 29th? Why no Texas Page/link? I need to buy for my precinct and do it NOW!

So Arkansas is Done Yes?

Brochure Outdated?

Does anyone know if the brochure has been changed since posting a copy here:

All the listed election dates have passed;

and since they raised the price, the math is incorrect....

7c x 900 = $63 not $70
7c x 9000 = $630 not $650


They have created a new one, which is printed.

Perhaps RPP will post on here to let us know how much old stock exits. Regardless, let's get them out there. Dr. Paul's platform is timeless.

Hey, everyone. The offer still stands for Searcy. Five bucks has been put down. There's about $280.00 to buy it all. If you post misc. contributions up to about $140.00, my donors will buy the rest, one of Paul's best counties/regions in 2008.

A different Brochure should be printed for each State

like RevPac did showing the people of Iowa who endorsed Ron Paul. RevPac showed also surveys that Ron Paul is the only candidate that can win against Obama.

Arkansas Counties

Ok- Quick counties to get off the board by May 6th midnight:

Calhoun -- Precincts Left: 10 Total Dollars Needed: $278.30
Cleveland -- Precincts Left: 11 Total Dollars Needed: $282.15
Searcy -- Precincts Left: 13 Total Dollars Needed: $288.20
Monroe -- Precincts Left: 11 Total Dollars Needed: $324.50
Yell -- Precincts Left: 17 Total Dollars Needed: $366.30
Nevada -- Precincts Left: 26 Total Dollars Needed: $460.90
Cross -- Precincts Left: 8 Total Dollars Needed: $481.25
Clay -- Precincts Left: 9 Total Dollars Needed: $486.75
Bradley -- Precincts Left: 14 Total Dollars Needed: $522.50
Sevier -- Precincts Left: 16 Total Dollars Needed: $565.40
Polk -- Precincts Left: 15 Total Dollars Needed: $863.50


$5.00 + Arkansas Bomb Now

Get matching funds!
(post transactions in this thread)

Only 3 days left

Let's get all the small precincts to get the "Vote Ron Paul" word out!

Purchase here:


Chipin via PayPal https://www.paypal.com/
U.S. Legal residents send money by:
click "Send Money" tab (near top)
email to: ronpaulchipin@yahoo.com
enter amount in US Dollars
click "Personal" tab and click "Other"
click continue
choose/change payment method, and who will pay fee
type an optional message like: for AR Super Brochure Precincts - Thank You! :)
click "Send Money" button
click Add Contact
Chipin RonPaul has been added to your contact book.

Post here:
Amount sent:
-$5.00 USD
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-$0.45 USD (I paid fee, used credit card to see how works, bank transfers are free)
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-$5.45 USD
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May 4, 2012
15:06:23 GMT-07:00

Anyone else wanna contribute?

Thanks! ;D

We only have until Monday to do this; that's the funding

cut-off. Let's get this done. There are millions of us. People can pool their money.

Anyone out there? I'll buy half of Searcy, where he got 16% of the vote and beat Romney in 2008 (probably more), IF you buy the other half!! Pool your money and do it; post it here. Then, I'll kick in the funds. Let's reach those old supporters, with a brochure in their name, right into their homes.

Funding or Mailing Deadline?

3 days? For which? Funding or Mailing?

They will shut down the the buys on Monday

in order to comply with getting the direct mail out in a timely and exact fashion. Don't know what time the cut-off time on Monday, that is for no more buy-ups accepted. So, really, for sure, we have tonight, Saturday, and Sunday.

Nearly one-million people on facebook 'like' Ron Paul. A dime from each would take care of this business. Contact everyone.

Arkansas - Vote Day May 22nd?

Ok- Let's get some counties off the board:

Searcy -- Precincts Left: 13 Total Dollars Needed: $288.20
Yell -- Precincts Left: 17 Total Dollars Needed: $366.30
Bradley -- Precincts Left: 14 Total Dollars Needed: $522.50
Sevier -- Precincts Left: 16 Total Dollars Needed: $565.40
Polk -- Precincts Left: 15 Total Dollars Needed: $863.50


Washington -- Precincts Left: 138 Total Dollars Needed: $6277.15
Benton -- Precincts Left: 50 Total Dollars Needed: $6034.05

Chipin here:

To donate to the paypal chipin,please:
login or create a user account here: https://www.paypal.com/
If you are a legal U.S. Voter, send payment amounts of your choosing to:
ronpaulchipin@yahoo.com (please indicate the intended use of your donation)
[Payments via your bank account are fee free; payments via debit/credit cards incur a fee of 2.9% of total amount sent plus $0.30 per transaction, so the net amount after any fees will be received.]

If you are not a legal U.S. Voter but would like to help, participate, or donate, please join the yahoo group here for further notice(s):

We need Ark

Do some small counties.

A Purchased For A union County Precinct

About $4 and 6 supervoters. My fourth purchase - pass along and consider purchasing some mailing people!

My friend just purchased

My friend just purchased Traskwood precinct, Saline county. $33.00

Hey, all, please read this for inspiration


AND send these two links to everyone you know and tell them to donate: it's inspiring. Did you see where that one lady go so turned on, she is going to campaign for him? We should mail the whole state!!

Can we get any newbies out there to bring in matching funds?

Email these out with a few sentences asking people to join the revolution and bring freedom to fellow Americans. Let's see what we can dig-up. Mailing ends in 72 hours:




$$$$ bump[


For some small donations.

Good luck with this..

I have not been visiting DP for long, but I do notice that they talk and post a lot but when it comes time to contribute and donate - forget about it - the biggest tightwad campaign supporters in history. Just whe we need to pick up th epace a little in the money area DP and RP supporters are going to drop the ball - mark my words. End result - in about 4 weeks RP announces the end of his campaign - siting monetary constraints to be competitive. Hope the grassroots can pull off some more delegate upsets and dominations.

Ron Paul 2012

Maybe their saving up, strategically, for Texas and California

I don't know, but I really wish we could send the SB as a direct mail piece to EVERY super-voter in these states.

Searcy County!!!

Please consider buying precincts in Searcy County. it looks like about $400 could take the whole county. From what I have found in the 2008 results, Ron Paul did best in this county. He finished 3rd with 16%, Romney must have finished 4th with less than that.


Excellent research. OK; I'll buy one-third of these precincts.

Will post, here. Match me for a landslide!!

Description: AR-Searcy Precincts:Bear Creek #6+Bear Creek #5

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
52286 Bear Creek #6 1 N US $43.45 US $43.45
52285 Bear Creek #5 1 N US $47.30 US $47.30

Total: US $90.75

One-third in the bag. Let's finish em off!! Use your copy function and post your purchases, here. It inspires everyone.

Match me, Brochure


Nearly 100 freedom-lovers have matched you and the donors

What a tremendous response to bring freedom to Arkansas. The last 1K will soon be applied.


Why don't we do the whole state?? Let's try and get some big donars on this.

Ref giving out bumper

Ref giving out bumper stickers.

Its a lot better to say

I will put a bumper sticker on your car, where do you want it ?

Otherwise most will go on a wall in their room or in a drawer doing absolutely no advertizing at all.



Why no mailings in California

Why no mailings in California or Texas?

Great News: Texas is being launched on Thursday,

God willing; and that is a very exciting thing. No news, yet, on CA.

Let's talk to everyone, business owners and others, and see if we can get together additional "anonymous" funds. Have organized a commitment of $2000 to launch it, with donors asking for others to match this. We could start with $4000 or more and matching funds.

Can anyone help? http://www.dailypaul.com/229771/let-s-help-dr-paul-win-his-h...