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Does a Parent Have a Moral Obligation to send their kids to the Public Schools?

Great question posed at Patch with a Poll

I would think a parent would have an obligation NOT to send their kids to the public schools!

Here is the article and poll

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The state has a moral obligation

To make sure if they take our money they provide quality schools in return

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How can you use MORAL OBLIGATION

in the same sentance with take our money. TAking our money without our permission is called theft and threatening us with prison if we dont pay is called Extortion. So if they use extorted theft to steal from us they have an obligation? Are you realy sane? Wake up!
You can not promote morality with immoral actions for when you get done even if your intent was good you end up with exactly what you did not want. If i steal from you its my moral obligation to schoold your kids? You bet what kind of an education they gona get from liars theives and mass murdering war mongers? You know that answer. Got to stop thinking like tax is ok, its not.


how can progressives decry a church/state connection

how can progressives decry a church/state connection
but be in favor of an education/state lock
they are merely substituting education for religion

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I like Harry Binswangers Response to that

Or at least I think it was Harry Binswanger. In any case the answer given was (paraphrase): Its up to the parents to determine what values they most wish to emphasize to their children and act accordingly. Cases could be made for many different alternatives and there is no reason to think the values that guide that choice should be universal.

It depends on who you serve.

If you serve and worship the state, then it is your moral obligation to send them to public school. If you serve and worship God, it is your duty to teach and raise them up yourselves since God blessed you with your children, not the state.

well put

progressives want their children and everyone else's to worship at the feet of the state
(and for you to pay for the privledge)

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Jesse Jackson had the Rainbow Coalition

Ron Paul can bring together the { } Coalition

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Freedom/Liberty Coalition?

for Ron Paul!

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what is 'moral obligation' even

the phrase itself is an oxymoron

if it's a 'moral' issue then by definition you aren't obliged, otherwise it would be a 'legal' issue

Wouldnt it be immoral to send your kid to a school

that is dangerous and is detrimental to his well being?

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does a parent have a moral obligation

to turn their child over to the state propaganda child indoctrination center, prepares debt slaves for either the military or a corporate slave prison. Great idea.


no moral obligation to turn over the fruit of ones loins or the

fruit of one's labor to the state!

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Millions now Home School, Smoke Pot and Drink Raw Milk

Most of these should be Ron Paul supporters

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Home Schooling, Raw Milk, The IRS, the Fed

Ron Paul is right on all the issues

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What a question.

"because if we don’t take the time to make quality public education a possibility for all children, who will?”

I agree with that statement. However, simply sending your child to the school so that the district receives the funding isn't improving the quality of the school. To say it is a declaration of one's own laziness. It is this line of thinking and deliberate lack of involvement that has allowed the federal government to have such a heavy hand in the forming of children's minds.

So, I guess the answer to the question of who will improve the public school system if we don't is that the state will or at least to attempt to and that within what they deem as "improved".

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

GROUP THINK got to stop

How about lets leave it up to the parents of the child and stop being socialist comunist dictators. TAKE THE WE Out of your statements and start talking in I. So brainwashed is our culture.


right its up to the individuals and parents

to improve education-who says that it needs to be done through the state?
Sending your kids doesn't improve anything-indeed withholding your kds sends a messages that the state run schools are inferior and need to be fixed

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You have an obligation to send your kids to the army too

once you accept the view that you have a moral obligation to send your kids to public school (against their and your self interest), then you have moral obligation to sacrifice your kids to the army

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Public Schools teach "We ALL have to support global warming"

they pick the heroes and teach a progressive view antithetical to liberty and freedom. They teach conformity and statism

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and then tax the shareholder to pay for it!

alon with teachers salaries and lifetime pensions.
That does'nt include the money that goes to the Federal department of education where there are no teachers-but billions in expense!

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Ron Paul's View on Home Schooling and why the state

should not have a "greater influence over the knowledge and values transmitted to children than the family has"


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Ron Paul: Stand up for Home Schooling!

Link to his campaign cards on home schooling

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Sending kids to state run indoctrination schools

is immoral! So is being forced to pay for it

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reedr3v's picture



statist always use the "peer pressure"

argument to get you to do something you don't want to do-ie-infringing on your personal liberty-"its for the good of all"

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Home Schoolers are Penalized

By having to pay taxes for public schools
Their taxes are "moral" support enough with out having to subject their kids to statist policies

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Current Public school poll results

Yes, parents have a moral obligation to educate all children — not just their own — because being a part of the public system is how to fix it.
24 (23%)
No, supporting a public institution that fails to impress you at the cost of your children's education is beyond the call of duty.
79 (76%)

Total votes: 103

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Newer poll results since the daily paulers chimed in!

If elections were only won by on line polls!!!!!

Do parents have a moral obligation to send their kids to the local public school?

Yes, parents have a moral obligation to educate all children — not just their own — because being a part of the public system is how to fix it.
24 (18%)
No, supporting a public institution that fails to impress you at the cost of your children's education is beyond the call of duty.
107 (81%)

Total votes: 131

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