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Millions Now Home School, Drink Raw Milk and Smoke Pot

Given that millions of Americans homeschool their children, drink raw milk, smoke pot, are against the Wars and IRS, shouldn't the Ron Paul campaign focus on these issues rather than general concepts of "liberty" and "free markets"

We can layer in the philosophical underpinnings as part of the pitch to these voter.


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Let us never forget...

...our dear Rachael Corrie.


God bless you honey. Some day your murders will be brought to justice. Count on it. These murderous isrealli people are well known to God and He will punish them harshly for their sins in the not to distant future.


Conservatives Can Get Onboard

I'm a lifelong Republican, and a Reagan-idolizing conservative, but I have come to agree with Ron Paul on this issue. I would never consider using drugs, but I fully support the idea that the government has no business legislating what I put in my body. Here's a better argument you could use.

If you require the government's permission to drink milk, then it means the government owns your body, and they are responsible for what you eat.

If a government agent can take away the turkey-sandwich that you gave your child for lunch, then the government owns your child, and is responsible for what you feed her.

If the government can tell you that you must purchase health-insurance and they also own your body, then they can also insist that you use your insurance, whether or not you agree that a medical procedure is necessary. The same is true for your children.

Every conservative Republican can understand the threat posed by government micromanagement of our health.

1. He is trying to get

1. He is trying to get REPUBLICAN voters.. If you think he should focus on drugs, or ending wars, you are seriously insane.
2. Raw milk? SERIOUSLY? You think that is the big topic on everybody's mind?

Pretty much every topic you suggest Ron Paul take a stance on would end up HURTING him in the primary race.

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Get out dirty ugly troll...you are littering your carp all over this site.


They're called dog whistles

If you want to appeal to a majority you have to speak in generalities that most people will support, but to activate passion in a minority to do the hard work of elections you have to speak their language and address their issues without alienating the majority. You have to learn to speak so only that group can hear. In other words, dog whistle. It's great that millions homeschool (as do I) but tens of millions still think that government schools are the only normal way to educate so will be turned off by a politician making it one of his core issues. Ditto for marijuana, raw milk, and other minority followings (don't badger me with polls showing majority support for any of these - most people may tolerate it but be easily swayed against it if it becomes a major issue in the heat of a campaign).

Agree with everything you say but..

Ron Paul is already a minority candidate and has not been able to win over a majority by speaking "generalities"

Gathering hundreds if not thousands of groups that support diverse minority positions may be the way to get a majority.

(BTW I agree 100% that the raw milk and marijuanna issues are not majority positions)

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Homeschool, check

Raw milk, pick up 2 gallons every friday, check.
Smoke pot? Nope. bad for the lungs. I make an awesome tincture tho. Drop a couple droplets into the dinner wine. Good for body aches and sleeplessness. Check.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

The statists and Teachers union think its your moral obligation

to send your kids to public schools!

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Because people are going to jail

Ron Paul and his campaign can not, and should not, focus on these issues, but rather, focus on the back ground of those issues, for example, Ron Paul does not need to tell people the pros or cons of these issues, since each state has laws, he can't go into state by state laws, since he's saying, "It's up to the state".

What this does is it leave it for Ron Paul supporters to become Ron paul Republicans, who join the Republican party, get seated on their Republican Central Committees, and then begin committees and work with their Board of Supervisors, on these issues LOCALLY (since Ron Paul would leave it up to the states, those who get in government and lead their communities on the issues of cannabis, raw products and homeschooling are our future leaders).

BE one.

interesting take

we have reached such a state that what might be considered the normal exercise of liberty is now illegal and therefore we must shy away from political action.
I suppose that is the safe but perhaps ineffectual route

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Start going to RCC and Board of Supervisors, city ccouncil, county council seats,,, write your speach, get on the floo, say it and send a copy to the local paper. You can do more to shape and change your twwn that the US or the world. We have many local laws, marijuana is legal here in Mendo, Raw milk is available, and we have many charter and home schools... we did it, not the Feds.

Well done!

BUT all the freedoms you have won can be struck down by an over reaching federal govt
For example the Feds can decide to exercise their "supremacy" and arrest those selling marijuana under federal law
the goal is increase local control as you have done AND to limit the power of the federal govt

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That's why we support Ron Paul

We are not asking Ron Paul to represent us and make our issues his issues. We are asking Ron Paul to back the federal government off, by protecting our freedom and liberty. That is what he's doing. So there is no need for him to advertize marijuana, raw milk and GMF free farming, or whatever freedoms and liberties small communities elect to enjoy and propser.


Are you? Are you part of the solution?

Alternative Currencies Proponents

and other Austrian Economic types can join, Civil liberties types can join, Veterans, et al

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The list of freedom loving group would be as long as it is

diverse-as ron paul says Liberty bring us together
Now the campaign needs to bring the group together

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Forget endorsements from political figures

get them from hundreds of diverse liberty loving organizations-(I bet that many don't want to lose their tax exempt status if they were to endorse Ron paul)
again another way the govt interferes

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marijuana is medicine. I know you mean well

but saying smokes pot just makes it sound like a lazy stoner. People cook with it like myself. Keeps my lungs in better shape for exercise. also hemp milk. I think alot of libs dont even know that Obama is very anti-natural medicine...oh well, we along with Dr. will continue to educate

ok, then those in favor of natural medicine, against the FDA

those in favor of hemp
Basically any "group" that wants freedom from the prying/taxing hand of the government

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and there are "just lazy stoners" too

their freedom needs to be protected too

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I don't know anything about NORML.org

but they purport to be a national organization working to reform marijuanna laws. The Paul campaign should reach out to them and if they are worthy seek their endorsement. Ditto for tons of other "special interest" groups.
Get the endorsement and then tout the diversity of endorsements from veterans, to etc.

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ummmm I don't homeschool my

ummmm I don't homeschool my children. I can't find raw milk. But I did just take 2 hits of OG SKYWALKER... does this count?

it does-part of the freedom coalition Ron Paul is assembling

you don't have to do all three to belong!

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Ron Paul often state "liberty brings people together"

but he really only touts his support from Veterans- he should be seeking and getting and citing support from various "freedom loving" organizations that promote lower taxes, legalizes marjuanna, allows for kids to work on farms, ends wars, ends the irs, support home schooling etc.

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Seek out National Marjiuana, Home Schooling and Raw Milk

organizations' support and have them promote Ron Paul

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