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Plurality Money Bomb Needed Immediately

After the performance of tonight and the past few nights we should be at or are really damn close to getting the plurality we need to be on the ballot in Tampa. I think a plurality money bomb is needed immediately.

Nothing will slap the status quo more than a money bomb that raises two million dollars called a "Plurality Money Bomb"

I'm just saying....

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How many times do you need to

How many times do you need to have RIDICULOUSLY insane expectations for money bombs and get disappointed before you come to reality. After Romney got TWO HUNDRED delegates last Tuesday, the next money bomb is NOT going to get even close to what the LAST one got. And as an actual BOMB (and not one that lasted for a week) that got less than a million. And it was advertised for almost a MONTH.

Try to put one together for this week it less than $200,000 would come in.

you are right my friend... +1

you are right my friend... +1