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Ron Paul, Risk Grand Master?

After hearing the news today, I feel as though we should now call Ron Paul the...Risk Grand Master! This is like watching all of these people bicker over most of the Risk Map and now when Romney thinks he is about to control the world, Ron Paul has 12837829 armies in Australia. It's ON - they won't even know what happened when he shows up with a majority of delegates in Tampa.

Ok...kind of a nerdy post - but I'm trying to get into RP's head on his GENIUS strategy!

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1. He is not going to have a

1. He is not going to have a majority.
2. They are all going to have to vote for Romney. or at least most.

I don't care what the minimum wage sandwich delivery boys on daily paul and rpf think...I will go with ACTUAL legal experts who all agree that there is NOT going to be abstaining or unbinding of delegates.

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Are you back again...



Go back to nitwitneyville with this BS negativity and trouble making.

How did you get back in here after being kicked off twice last night?



Itt is near the 1st of the Month...Social Security Checks come

out and many of us can easily afford to spend some of this public money to see to it that the US Public gets the opportunity to experience some kind of Liberty before we pass over. How about it, ="older" people? Want to go out with a bang? I know I do!

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I like this.



Thanks for putting that in layman's terms for me. I think I am going to volunteer to go to nationals if I get the chance. I may go just to say I went. That would be the best place to see RP for the first time. It's gonna be a Ron bomb droppin' on the Rombots. (maniacal laughter...)

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

ahhahahahaaaa!! YES!

Love the analogy! :)