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Fraud possible in Nebraska

The Nebraska primary is May 15th. I signed up to be a delegate in March and will appear on the ballot unless I'm unopposed then automatically go to county conventions the first week in June. State convention is in July. According to the state GOP website they said their meeting now to determine who goes to state. this is before primary and county conventions.

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Nebraska delegate here

I'm a county delegate and am unable to contact my party chairman. I am one of only two delegates for Burt County, and the way it was explained to me by the lady that registered me was thati would not be put on the ballot. So What do i do next?


That's not what I understand

That's not what I understand the process to be in Nebraska.


I think you might be misunderstanding what they are saying..at least I hope !!

Nebraska here also...have you been contacted yet by anyone that is coordinating things here in Nebraska for Ron Paul ?
We are trying to get a game plan together and need to all be on the same page for the county and state conventions.

Nebraska here too

Am a county delegate,hope that's not true....any way to check it out?


I checked out the NEGOP website

and didn't see what they where talking about. However they are calling Romney the GOP nominee. I'm REALLY looking forward to the conventions in Nebraska this time around. :o)


Could you please provide the link to the state GOP page which says they are meeting now to determine who goes to the state conventions?

Agreed. Sound the alarm.

Agreed. Sound the alarm.



LOTS of Nebraskans need to

LOTS of Nebraskans need to show up to THAT..get the word OUT!!