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Giving your Social Security Number for the Backgroud Check?

I have been sent a form from the State GOP to fill out so that the Secret Service can do a background check and give me credentials for the RNC. At first I didn't think twice - seemed normal enough - but then I thought about it - ESPECIALLY because the State's GOP Chair asked me for it over the phone. I told him I would come and fill out the paperwork in person.

So I thought about it some more. I HAVE DONE background checks on my tenants and all I needed was their name and previous addresses. I am feeling uneasy about giving the GOP my social security number. I don't have anything to hide - but I thought only the IRS could ask you for that. And can't the Secret Service do a background check like I do for my renters? AND if I have a recently issued US Passport can't I just show that?

I know I'm probably being a bit over-cautious - but to put it bluntly - I do not want the state GOP or the RNC having access to my SSnumber. What do they want to do? see my credit score???

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OK social security office told me they wouldn't fill out the

OK social security office told me they wouldn't fill out the state GOP's homemade "please give your SS#" form.

We are trying to track down the Secret Service to see if they actually are asking the state GOP to collect this info.

I don't think that is kosher having a Government agency ask a private organization to collect information it supposedly needs.

Are any other states' delegates having this same issue?

Tell them to call the SS office and get it.

When they say, "they will not give it to us" then say, "it must be a secret then".

Check if form has an OMB control number

If the US Secret Service is requesting the number, then the information request has to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget. The form must have an OMB control number in the upper right quadrant in order to be a valid information collection form. If there is no OMB control number, then you are not required to fill out the form and there can be no "penalty" for refusal to full out the form, unless they tell you that the form is not approved. See 5 CFR 1320.5

no. Its just a homemade MS Word doc

You would be surprised at how often I have heard ,"well they have to get your SS# to make sure you are not a terrorist" from the state GOP members.

Switch it around

Ask for their SS number if they want yours.
A driver's license should suffice...no?
The great imposter Barry has I believe about 7 SS numbers so why don't you create your own.
I myself would NEVER give them mine...it would have to be one of dylexia
Criminals all of them!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

thanks guys

I really appreciate everyone's input. I'm not sure what I will do. But I will bring this up at the Delegate meeting the State GOP chair called. This is where he told me he would be Delegation Chair. Isn't that something we all have to vote on?

I think not giving people the full gambit of issues regarding this SS# thing is reason enough to question him automatically becoming the Delegation Chair.

RP was lucky to get any delegates for RP in my state so I would be in the minority and I'm not sure how fruitful me making a stink would be about the SS thing or the Delegation Chair thing.

What do you think?

If they want your # bad enough they're going to get it...

they have it anyways.....nothing we have is ours anymore. This is why we NEED Ron Paul!!

We don't need to give the RNC any amo at this point....just my opinion.

I don't think they have a legal right to ask for this due to

the Privacy Act. Therefore, what I would do is to send a letter, registered/better yet, certified, asking WHY they need this and WHERE is their legal right to ask for this type of information. Let them know you have concerns about identity theft, which anybody should rightfully have and then make sure you get a copy from them stating WHERE it says they have a right to legally ask this question. Anyway, I did something like this many years ago for voters registration, who wanted my ss number (nazi number - you know the ones they TATTOED ON PEOPLE'S ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyway, I made it clear that for them to require it was NOT legal and that they had better ante up the information, in writing, to clearly show they have a legal right. Go ahead, do this and really pi$$ them off!


You kidding? I hand my social

You kidding? I hand my social security number out on business cards!

I hope I get identity thefted haha!

A few years ago, I was

A few years ago, I was refused service and unceremoniously asked to leave a doctor's office because I refused to give them my SS#. I called and complained to the Privacy Act people, and they did NOTHING. People really do not like it if you deny them that number. I think switching a couple digits is a great idea..

Tell them you're Amish and

Tell them you're Amish and don't have one because it's the mark of the beast.


Good answer!

Tell them you object on

Tell them you object on religious grounds because you're Amish!

Fill it out but...

Accidently on purpose switch 2 digits, if confronted then ‘Oops, damn dyslexia, I'm always doing that!’
If they never say anything, then be very glad you gave them the wrong number...

They did that on my 763,

They did that on my 763, which took em six months to fix and get me back pay.

Social Security was not meant for ID

it is illegal for them to ask for it. Besides I wouldn't give out a S.S # over the phone even if they said they were God. When someone calls you and asks for a S.S #, something is wrong, never do it!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


I don't know if any law was changed but when I worked for SSA it was illegal to ask for the SSN from anybody, cashing checks, driver's license, etc.

Years ago the BMV asked for it to be on the license and I refused. They assigned a different number. Since then, they always assign a state number, not SSN.

Unfortunately, when I returned to this state, in order to get car insurance, I had to give it up. The man sat in my home and ran a credit bureau check. For car insurance?

Businesses have gone crazy asking for this. They can get so much information on you with no NEED to know. Thanks to Google and our government, every thing seems to be public information.

I wouldn't give it out to the RNC or anything else government without "need to know" evidence.


Social Security was meant

for retirement, not financial reporting. The government has done such a good job tracking us and not securing the future for retires. It is like every thing is flipped on it head, kind of like Romney lol. So just think if the government would have chosen to be a good steward of SS fund, instead of using the money for welfare and warfare. Our freedom wouldn't be so threatened as it is now, and we wouldn't have to look under peoples clothing for bombs.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

LOL but I'm not going to call

LOL but I'm not going to call and ask you for your number.

I should already know what it is!


are keys to your financial life, much easier to get a credit Card in someone else's name. It happens all the time, why take unnecessary chances.

We all know who you back just by looking at your profile, you should change your name to "I am for Soetoro"

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

My social security number has

My social security number has absolutely nothing to do with my financial life. Do you really think I would conduct any business as an individual?

hell no

i wouldn't give it to anyone ,exspecially the secret service!!!!

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

I would not be comfortable with giving mine...

And it also makes me suspicious that they'd WANT it! AND Our Government Gone Wild has made all of us dbl-think what's being asked, required, DEMANDED of us...in my opinion

Susie 4 Liberty

If it's for National Convention it does not seem odd to me

Security is going to extra tight this year. They are expecting OWS and others to cause a ruckus. I think they have been doing this for years. After RFK was killed during the primary is when security at the conventions got tight. Now they are on steroids.

It is your trust account#

There is No reason to give it up personaly or legal and remember legal or illegal doesn't make it Lawful (Big Difference) and 1st rule is never give information over the phone! this sounds like a Scam!


Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Well, then THEY need to take some anti-steroid medication!

Because "security" is becoming an excuse for violating every Civil Liberty/Privacy Protection in the BOOK!

Susie 4 Liberty

That's why it does not seem odd to me.

No way should anyone give out SS over the phone, but I bet if people refuse to give it out for the convention, they may not be able to go. I don't agree with any of it, but it's what they do. I wouldn't let it come between me and getting to vote for Dr. Paul at the convention. Vote him in and maybe this kind of stuff will stop.

Bump for attention

Doesn't sound right to me. I would like to read some input from others on this.

thanks for the bump

Some of the other RP delegates are not entirely comfortable with this either.