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How do I become Cali delegate ?

Im sure ill figure out....but forum gives easy answers

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RE: Delegates are picked by the campaigns!

Hi :

Sign up for becoming a California delegate on the ronpaul2012.com website for california. What district are you from in California? Each congressional district sends 3 delegates to Tampa. You can contact either Robert Vaughn if you're in Southern California or Matt Heath if you're in Northern California regarding the delegates.

My name has been sent to the Ron Paul campaign as delegate from congressional district 24. E-mail me:punni72@gmail.com and I can help you with more info.



So you are in Santa Barbara? I think California is not excepting any more names, I tried a couple times but could not get to a page to submit anything, but let me know what the process is, do we vote for you, or does it just depend who wins this district.


I believe that...

... CA delegates are hand-picked by each candidate, three per district, from what I remember. Can someone confirm?