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I think it's time we did a bit more head-start planning on Indiana here. Post any relevant links or vital info and I will try to keep this thread's main post updated with content as a hub!

Anything we the people of DP wish to have contained on this main post, we can call a vote for within the thread! I will add high ranking suggestions!


46 Total Delegates
3 RNC, 27 CD and 16 AL

-Selection Method-
Primary, Convention
AL Delegates Not Bound
CD Delegates Bound for 1 Ballot
- 27 Bound
- 19 Unbound

-Important Dates-
Primary: 5/08/12
Delegate Filing: 5/22/12
CD Convention: No earlier than 6/08/12
State Convention:6/08/2012 - 6/09/12

-Selection Details-
AL – Delegate allocation: n/a
Delegate election: At state convention
CD – Delegate allocation: Winner-take-all per CD vote
Delegate election: At CD Caucuses



- sovereignjanice's - (NEW) Indiana specific handout! - Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney 4th Edition
- The Green Papers - Indiana
- FREE! A few hundred "tax", "faith", and mixed handout flyers for lucky first come, first serve Indiana resident!
- (NEW) Stop the Cheating. Make Your Votes Count, Exit Polling, Affidavits, and More!

To speak with the leaders at the Indiana GOP call: 317-635-7561
Or click on the Indiana GOP website: http://www.indgop.org/


Will post important info here from other peoples posts. Click on the headline to go to their thread!

If you know people in Bloomington, Indiana send them this list! (Original post: Thu, 05/03/2012)

"Bloomington/Monroe County RON PAUL Delegates As They Appear On The Ballot

with you Tuesday, May 8th


At-large for State Delegate (vote for all 14, do not select any others)
Michael Baker
Jim Billingsley
Bryan Cogswell
Charles Escue
Sally Feuerbach
Travis Feuerbach
Greg Knott
David Like
Jake Lundorg
Miles Mattingly
John McGuire
Kimberly McGuire
Cindy Tirey
Eric Ziemer

District 1 for State Delegate (vote only for these two)
Sara Feuerbach
Trenton Feuerbach

District 2 for State Delegate (vote only for these two)
Nets Katz
Matt Wolf

District 3 for State Delegate (vote for two of these)
Justin Morrison
Brian Morrison
Allen Kitscher

** Vote only for these people and please
DO NOT vote for anyone not listed here. **

Vote Against Mitt Romney!

Vote for this list of state delegates only.

These are your Ron Paul 2012 delegates."

We need 35+ Delegates in St. Joseph County (Original post: Wed, 05/02/2012 - 07:12)

"If anyone on here is from St. Joseph County and wants to become a RP Delegate we have 35+ seats available. The County Chairwomans name is Jan Winn and she needs to fill up the slots or the money needed will be taken from the County GOP's coffer. All you have to say is you want to get Obama out of office and dont mention RP, you then send her a check or money order ($80)and you are in. This is real easy if you are a registered Republican and voted Republican last election, if not then there is a form that must be filled out and approved by the County GOP to let you become a Republican Delegate."

Indiana needs some help (Original Post: Fri, 04/27/2012 - 07:20)

"Indiana has 42/43 delegate slots open. We can fill those slots with some volunteers. We desperately need your help.

For District 6, please contact

There are open Delegate spots in some counties of Indiana Congressional District 6. Be a Ron Paul Delegate. Contact Ron Paul Volunteer District Coordinator, Janet Brown, at janbrownusa@gmail.com immediately with your name and phone #. She will get back to you.

She may help you with other districts for information. This is our chance to do some good.

(READ MORE! Updated Thread!)

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Were alternate delegates to the Indiana State Convention...

... also selected yesterday? If so, please include alternate numbers as you total up your CD delegate numbers. (I very much do appreciate the hard work that goes into compiling these numbers. Thank you!)

If alternates were not selected yesterday, then how are they selected? Thank you.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

CD 6, Henry Co

3 of 13 are RP

Uncontested so none showed on the ballot.

As far as I know, there is still one unallotted for Henry. Contact is Todd Hiday to try to get that one seated. Time is short so if interested please try to get this one.


2 of 3

Isn't that bad.
Marion County District 7- I finished 3rd, with 1,159 votes, so I will be at the state convention representing The Good Doctor Paul.

My other friend won in his district and unfortunately our other good friend finished last in my district.

Anyone know the delegate

Anyone know the delegate results in Indiana tonight? Place to find it? It is direct election so this is final and whomever won as delegates tonight go on to Tampa!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Not True

Indiana is not a direct election state. There is a state convention that the delegates voted on yesterday will attend and select the delegates to go to Tampa.

As far a way to find the delegate results...very, very hard. The only places that I can find the results are on the county websites and comparing them with the list of RP supporters on indianaforpaul.org. There are 92 counties in Indiana and the uncontested delegates were not on the ballot. What I'm trying to say is that probably no one in the state/nation knows exactly how many we got and we won't know for sure until the convention on June 8th and 9th.

Yeah your right I was

Yeah your right I was thinking of WV. Anyway we are looking pretty good in Indiana! Hope the same out of WV!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Hamilton County

Fall Creek - 5 out of 16 (9 RP supporters were on the ballot)
Clay Dist2 - 6 out of 16 (13 RP supporters were on ballot)
Noblesville - 11 out of 17 (17 RP supporters were on ballot)
Wayne - 1 out of 2 (2 RP supporters were on ballot)
Delaware - no results (not voted on)
Washington - no results (not voted on)

So out of the results today (not sure about the automatically seated delegates), we got 23 out of 51 in what I believe was the most pro-Romney county in Indiana. Not bad, not great...


We had 22 names, 5 unchecked boxes. If we had 17 we should have netted more than 11 ?
Please dbl chk Noblesville.

Also, one name that was not on the RP slate is in fact a RP supporter....stealth

Doing the rest of CD5

Just my curious self

Tipton County: 4 out of 5 (county is alloted 7 delegates...looks like 2 open seats)
Madison County: 7 out of 17 (7 RP supporters were on ballot)
Grant County: 1 out of 10
-----District 1: 0 out of 5 (0 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----District 2: 1 out of 5 (5 RP supporters were on ballot)
Boone County: 0 out of 7
-----Eagle: 0 out of 7 (3 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----Worth 1: no results
Blackford County: no results
-----Licking: no results
Marion County: 1 out of 23 (2 precincts with no results....OUCH!)
-----5:1-1: no results
-----5:1-2: 0 out of 2 (2 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----5:1-3: 0 out of 2 (1 RP supporter was on ballot)
-----5:1-4: 1 out of 3 (2 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----5:1-5: no results
-----5:3-1: 0 out of 3 (1 RP supporter was on ballot)
-----5:3-2: 0 out of 3 (0 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----5:3-3: 0 out of 3 (1 RP supporter was on ballot)
-----5:3-4: 0 out of 3 (4 RP supporters were on ballot)
-----5:3-5: 0 out of 4 (1 RP supporter was on ballot

Hopefully this isn't representative of the rest of the state. Of the results yesterday (excluding the precincts with no results) in CD5, we got 36 out of 113. PLEASE CARRY US OTHER 8 CDs!

District 5-4 Brent Elias

District 5-4 Brent Elias finished 2nd. That's me, I'm in and not sure if the campaign even knew of me since I was never contacted.

Madison County

I know in Madison County many of us are already seated. I know in my precinct 4 out of 5 are RP and already seated.


Great to hear. Hopefully, there are many other automatically seated in other areas.

I'm a delegate

I just got my announcement in the mail. I'm in Lawerence, district 1. I'm super excited, but this is all new to me, so I'll need someone to help me with what I need to know!!!!


Forgot the 1 District of Howard County that is in CD5

4 out of 7 in this district (7 RP supporters were on ballot)

New total for CD5: 40 out of 120

Franklin County

2/3 delegates elected from Franklin County are supposedly Ron Paul supporters! Also I believe one was elected to county council as well.

voting numbers are swapped with 3 candidates.




Paul, Newt and Santorum are all switched around with improper vote totals for them. onpolitiix shows newt as second with the total votes for paul from the AP, they also show santorum in last with the votes of newt from the AP.

Thanks for the tip, we’ve

Thanks for the tip, we’ve corrected the error in our code.


Jason Crundwell
Digital Director
LIN Media, Indianapolis
WISHTV.com / INDYTV.com / onPolitix.com
1950 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

fail media

I've written emails and posted on WIST-TV's facebook page (and written to other media outlets as well) about the biased coverage and have seemed to get ignored. I haven't even heard Ron Paul's name mentioned on any local channel in Indianapolis in the last couple weeks. Heck, even the Indianapolis Star publicly endorsed a few candidates. However, it's the same thing over and over again. I have lost all faith in media on all levels. I'm done beating this dead horse... :/

My neighbor thought ron paul

My neighbor thought ron paul had dropped out. My wife corrected them.

Johnson County CD9

There were no delegates on my ballot. Johnson county did the new all-electronic voting station thing where you can vote anywhere in the county.

The machines required stylus pen to use. I did have to get the pen right on the little box for it to select it. There were 4 electronic pages on the ballot. Only contained candidate names and no delegate names. It allowed you to move back and fourth through pages to make changes. A confirmation screen was provided prior to submission to show which items you selected.

I was in south greenwood around 11:30am with a 30min waiting line.



Any delegates?

Any delegates? Or just no Ron Paul delegates?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


We had delegates for CD9 I got an email the night before telling me who they were and to vote for them.... they were just not on the ballot.

Please ellaborate

So did you write in the RP delegates?

Was this in the newspaper (did the local populace know who they were)?

Were the other candidates delegates known?

If you happened to exit poll, did others write names in, etc.?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


There was no way to write in delegates. Johnson went experimental with a new electronic voting systems. It was completely paperless.

There were no publications as far as I know in the paper of the delegates in the newspaper.

There were no exit polls at the facility I was at. You just went in told them what ballot you wanted (republican or democrat ). They signed you in to the voting machine by your location (mine was PL-46).

We were presented with a electronic ballot with presidential candidates, governor, senate, local stuff.. that is it. No option to write in, no selection for delegates.

I received an email from Paul camp, telling me who the delegates were for my congressional district.. but they were not on the ballot.

From What I Understand

From what I understand, if the race was not contested, it was not on the ballot. I could be completely wrong here...maybe they were uncontested and automatically got seated?

That maybe the case. I tried

That maybe the case. I tried to be a delegate myself, but myself and three others got denied for not having a voting history a few months back.

a lot were uncontested

there were 20 or more delegates in my district 8 and only 6 were contested. not sure how they did but the rest including myself go to state. Although, when we signed up as delegates Santorum was still in it and could have several delegates on the list. this was santorum country down in southern indiana. in my ward alone known paul supporters got 50% of the delegats, 3 out of 6. if the other three are santorum people and dont show up at state we can still take this.

The Indiana state convention

The Indiana state convention is what's really important!! Don't get bogged down with these fixed primaries. in 2008 Paul got 31,699 total votes(7.68%) right now he has 80,328 (15.2%)with 75.2% of the precincts reporting. We also seem to be on track make IN the first state where (I believe) Paul gets at least 100,000 of the popular vote!! Just remember that to tell Paul supporters in Indiana that there may still be slots open to become delegates, but only have a about a week to do so!!! Check with your county!

Yeah! More delegates bound to

Yeah! More delegates bound to Romney!