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I think it's time we did a bit more head-start planning on Indiana here. Post any relevant links or vital info and I will try to keep this thread's main post updated with content as a hub!

Anything we the people of DP wish to have contained on this main post, we can call a vote for within the thread! I will add high ranking suggestions!


46 Total Delegates
3 RNC, 27 CD and 16 AL

-Selection Method-
Primary, Convention
AL Delegates Not Bound
CD Delegates Bound for 1 Ballot
- 27 Bound
- 19 Unbound

-Important Dates-
Primary: 5/08/12
Delegate Filing: 5/22/12
CD Convention: No earlier than 6/08/12
State Convention:6/08/2012 - 6/09/12

-Selection Details-
AL – Delegate allocation: n/a
Delegate election: At state convention
CD – Delegate allocation: Winner-take-all per CD vote
Delegate election: At CD Caucuses



- sovereignjanice's - (NEW) Indiana specific handout! - Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney 4th Edition
- The Green Papers - Indiana
- FREE! A few hundred "tax", "faith", and mixed handout flyers for lucky first come, first serve Indiana resident!
- (NEW) Stop the Cheating. Make Your Votes Count, Exit Polling, Affidavits, and More!

To speak with the leaders at the Indiana GOP call: 317-635-7561
Or click on the Indiana GOP website: http://www.indgop.org/


Will post important info here from other peoples posts. Click on the headline to go to their thread!

If you know people in Bloomington, Indiana send them this list! (Original post: Thu, 05/03/2012)

"Bloomington/Monroe County RON PAUL Delegates As They Appear On The Ballot

with you Tuesday, May 8th


At-large for State Delegate (vote for all 14, do not select any others)
Michael Baker
Jim Billingsley
Bryan Cogswell
Charles Escue
Sally Feuerbach
Travis Feuerbach
Greg Knott
David Like
Jake Lundorg
Miles Mattingly
John McGuire
Kimberly McGuire
Cindy Tirey
Eric Ziemer

District 1 for State Delegate (vote only for these two)
Sara Feuerbach
Trenton Feuerbach

District 2 for State Delegate (vote only for these two)
Nets Katz
Matt Wolf

District 3 for State Delegate (vote for two of these)
Justin Morrison
Brian Morrison
Allen Kitscher

** Vote only for these people and please
DO NOT vote for anyone not listed here. **

Vote Against Mitt Romney!

Vote for this list of state delegates only.

These are your Ron Paul 2012 delegates."

We need 35+ Delegates in St. Joseph County (Original post: Wed, 05/02/2012 - 07:12)

"If anyone on here is from St. Joseph County and wants to become a RP Delegate we have 35+ seats available. The County Chairwomans name is Jan Winn and she needs to fill up the slots or the money needed will be taken from the County GOP's coffer. All you have to say is you want to get Obama out of office and dont mention RP, you then send her a check or money order ($80)and you are in. This is real easy if you are a registered Republican and voted Republican last election, if not then there is a form that must be filled out and approved by the County GOP to let you become a Republican Delegate."

Indiana needs some help (Original Post: Fri, 04/27/2012 - 07:20)

"Indiana has 42/43 delegate slots open. We can fill those slots with some volunteers. We desperately need your help.

For District 6, please contact

There are open Delegate spots in some counties of Indiana Congressional District 6. Be a Ron Paul Delegate. Contact Ron Paul Volunteer District Coordinator, Janet Brown, at janbrownusa@gmail.com immediately with your name and phone #. She will get back to you.

She may help you with other districts for information. This is our chance to do some good.

(READ MORE! Updated Thread!)

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District 1

CP precinct 6, none on the ballot for any candidate...

wish you luck also!!!!

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I don't know what's going on,

I don't know what's going on, but people are upset and I am not sure if is the lack of delegates in their district or what?

People usually look to me to raise the flag and I have held off, but the messages will not stop pouring in from places in Marion County that they say there were delegates listed on the campaign for liberty website.

I was going to start a thread but felt this would be the best place to work through this.

Any info on INDIANA DELEGATES, not on your ballot...?????

Let me know please,
Thank You

No Delegates

There were no delegates on our ballot in my district either. I think they were unchallenged so they just get seated. I am checking about more openings for delegates tomorrow! :)

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

Indiana Delegates

Indiana delegate selection happens at the state convention. Whatever delegates you may see on your ballot are not associated with the presidential election.

Delegate slots are STILL AVAILABLE in some counties in Indiana. You have about a week or so to file with your county to become a delegate!!!!

This is not true

The first round of delegate selection is today in Indiana. These folks will then move on.

ATTN: If there are no delegates listed on your ballot, then the delegates are running unopposed. This does not mean that all slots are full! Check with your county election office.


If I'm wrong then I

If I'm wrong then I apologize. Although I must admit I would rather spread this information and be wrong than to not spread it and be right.

Truthbearer's picture


...for priority importance.


Fayette County

Just voted for Dr. Paul here in Fayette County (Connersville), but there were no delegates on the ballot. I assume it's because all the people who applied to be delegates were unopposed. If I am wrong please let me know. There was only one other person there when I voted at 3:30. There were about 10 volunteers at my polling location. One table for township 5 with five volunteers and the other table for township 6. Everyone was very polite. There was one Infinity voting machine for each township. The machine was very easy to use. I went to a nearby buffet right afterwards. The place was pretty busy but I didn't see one other person besides me wearing the "I voted" sticker. The voter apathy here is very sad really, considering the desperate times we are in right now.

You might have voted for Romney, because the machines are

switching the votes. To really vote for the good doctor we must do the affidavits:

Direct link to the affidavit: http://www.ronpaulvotecou...

The LAST word you should have

The LAST word you should have in your name is Research, or anything that suggests more than a 1st grade level of intelligence in math or science.

You aren't that idiot RonRules from the RPF, are you?

I just voted here in Terre

I just voted here in Terre Haute, the place was empty i was the only one voting...hopefully that means the romney supporters think he already won and are staying home.

Deleware county

I just went and voted and did not see ANY of the Ron Paul delegates...was there supposed to be?

Same here, I voted in

Same here, I voted in Washington county, saw a handful of delegates, but none of them were the Paul delegates I'd seen elsewhere.

Franklin County

Are there any Ron Paul delegates running in District 6- Franklin County? I already voted today and did not vote for any delegates because I could not find a Ron Paul slate anywhere, but I have friends who have yet to go out.

what the hell is the campaign doing with all the millions?

if not having a poll worker at every polling place? I thought we would concentrate fully on the delegates?

Franklin delegates

Received an email from CD6 coordinator Janet Brown. Although I'm in Fayette, she told me all 9 delegate slots for Franklin have candidates. Four of those are known Ron Paul supporters. Their names are Scott McConough, Kirk Shorer, Bob Braun, Daryl Kramer. Hope this helps.

went to 5 polling places in howard county

ron paul people were handing out slates at all of them. i helped for about 1.5 hours. people seemed very receptive. almost everyone took our slate into the poll with them. we are calling it the "liberty slate". who doesn't like liberty?

good news!

lets hope this happens at many places!

Vanderburgh County delegates

Does anyone know what "Delegates to state convention" I should vote for in Vanderburgh County? Here is the list:


Found it myself at


8 Parke township: Liberty, precinct:Liberty Romulo B Lasam Tangier

8 Parke township: Liberty, precinct:Liberty Valerie Lasam Tangier

8 Vanderburgh German Shaun Barber Evansville

8 Vanderburgh German Travis Willett Evansville

8 Vanderburgh German STEVE WILLETT Evansville

8 Vanderburgh Ward 3 Josh Griffin Evansville

8 Vanderburgh Ward 3 Tammi Mitchell Evansville

8 Vanderburgh Ward 3 Tyler Mitchell Evansville

8 Vigo District #2 Morgan Lidster Terre Haute

8 Vigo District #9 Barbara Lidster Terre Haute

8 Vigo District 13 Ron Hodge Terre Haute

Nary a Ron Paul sign

in the yard.....no Ron Paul delegates on the ballot. Steuben County is District 3, right? Well, I did what I set out to do. A vote for Paul, and a vote against Oath Betrayer Lugar.

Need a little help...

5:3-5 Sample Ballot (Delegate to 2012...)

Jeff Carter
Carl Mcarthy
Clement P. Miller
Scott Schneider
Chris Striebeck
George Taylor
Amy Waggoner
Jack Werner

It says to vote for at least 4, I'm obviously voting for Chris Striebeck, but who else? After some research, he was the only one I found...



Thanks Soveign Janice

I'm printing out the sheets now.

These are better than even just the signs (since I am running out of brochures, lol) I really needed these.


you're very welcome. Let

you're very welcome. Let other people know they're out there. Some are state specific and some are just Paul vs Romney or Paul vs Obama without any particular state information.

Had an

awesome good morning kick off.

Lots of people took the superbrochures!!

A few said "no thanks" but I was surprised at the last minute decision makers to vote RP. I would say about 75% took them enthusiastically.

I can't emphasize it enough, wave a sign, hand out a brochure at the polling place. Every polling place. IN is ripe for the taking.

Got to go and help someone else with their delegate race.


I contacted 3 of my family members who will

be voting the Ron Paul slate for CD6, and made sure they knew not to vote for any other than the recommended nine RP delegates.

Go Hoosiers!

Thank You

That is great.


A winning strategy for states where delegate are directly voted


I am from PA... I got to the polls early and set up a "Ron Paul' table with super brochures, some interesting facts, comparison sheets, and delegate cards. Although I did not stand at the table, I was there if anyone had questions.

What I did (and it worked)...

1. To everyone who came to vote, I said, "Here are the republican delegates, we vote for our delegates right on the ballot in PA. Please vote for these delegates." I then handed them a delegate card, some declined and I said thanks for coming out to vote.

2. Anyone who had questions, I listened and had a discussion.

This was very effective:

In my town Romney got 150 votes, Dr. Paul received 50 votes, Santorum 30, and Gingrich 20. But when the delegate counts were totaled Dr. Paul's delegates won the top 4 slots, and 3 of the 4 alternate slots. Unfortunately, in the larger distric count we did not win. But in places where we had poll workers we did VERY well... we need someone at every poll.

Some important things to consider--- smile and say thank you--- don't ask people personal questions like "Are you voting republican today" or "Who do you support--- these are immediate turn offs for many people. Just say something like "Here are the republican delegates, we vote for our delegates right on the ballot. Please vote for these delegates."

Some interesting and humerous comments I heard:

1. "What is a delegate?"

2. "I am here to vote, but not for Dr. Paul."-- I just smiled and handed her a delegate card; since I wasn't right at my table she didn't know who the delegates supported.

3. An older man was at the polls representing the GOP- I overheard him saying to someone, about me, "He's just handing out delegate information, that's not important." HAHA

There were 2 GOP folks alternating througout the day (I was there from beginning to end)- neither voted for Romney- 1 voted for Santorum and 1 voted for Dr. Paul--- THE POINT IS- there is almost NO enthusiasm for Romney, people are voting for him because they want to vote for the 'winner'- but we all know it's the delegates that count. DO NOT BE CONFRONTATIONAL, just get the delegate cards in peoples' hands.

One final thing- although the GOP people at my polling place were very friendly, I heard that others at different polling places were not. DO NOT LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND OR TELL YOU WHERE TO STAND. Keep an appropriate distance from the door and be friendly to all voters(notice a theme here).

I hope this helps my friends in states where you have direct voting for delegates.


Primary tomorrow!!!!

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