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Converting Dems to RP

So I have encountered a lot of people that are Democrats saying they are just going to vote Obama in the General Election. My response has been this, ' Obama is going to be on the ballot in November anyways, why not vote Ron Paul in the Primary just to make it an interesting general.' I have had several people tell me, why not! I seem to get a good response to this tactic, and I think once the general rolls around and we can get RP nominated, this could very well flip in our favor! JMHO

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What ever...

...it takes to get people to actually get off their duffs to go out and vote for Ron Paul is a fair game. What folks need to know is this is our last chance to save this country from the World War we are being set up to lose.

While most people watch the political picture, in the background they are still marching towards war with Iran. Nothing has stopped the massive expenditures towards World War in the Middle East.

There are a lot of sticks in the fire and we must all remain vigilant to any unusual babalonic activity. There are so many possibilities. We could see a false flag event sponsored by isreal and the corruption of this govt can happen any time, maybe August?

We will vote for Ron Paul all the way and get him to the place where he can make a difference on the world map if we can do that without some sort of calamity happening to prevent that.

Pray people if you do. We are entering dark waters.


Excellent Idea!

deserving of a bump! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

I like to tell Dems about

Ron Paul's litmus test for war. "If this war is worth fighting, are you willing to go and lose your legs, lose your life, or send your kids or gandkids." Democrats are very anti-war. I've gotten at least a hundred converts because of this issue, but they all say the same thing...If it's Romney vs Obama, they break for Obama. If it's Paul vs. Obama, they break for Paul.