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Wikipedia Shows Ron Paul Winning 20 Secured Delegates in Minnesota, 6 in Alaska, 8 in North Dakota, 17 in Louisiana, and More


Please scroll down until you see the picture of Ron Paul on the right hand side of the page. Below his picture it says:

"Ron Paul won a plurality of delegates in Minnesota and continues to have an active campaign"

Then scroll down just a tad more to see the numbers on the purple, yellow, orange, green, and khaki beige wall of Secured delegates.

Notice at the very top of the chart how Iowa has 0 0 0 0 25

25 Iowa delegates are "Uncommitted," in khaki beige.

Then take a look at the other states....

The Secured Delegate count as of today:

Newt Gingrich (Barney purple) 132

Ron Paul (Sun yellow) 52

Mitt Romney (Elephant orange) 599

Rick Santorum (Joker green) 218

It just me, or does it look like the old media is just giving 198 uncommitted delegates to Mitt Romney?

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Whip out the old calculator

Whip out the old calculator here...

Iowa 25 uncommitted delegates
New Hampshire 2 uncommitted delegates
Colorado 13 uncommitted delegates
Minnesota 15 uncommitted delegates
Maine 21 uncommitted delegates
Washington 40 uncommitted delegates
Ohio 4 uncommitted delegates
Virgin Islands 1 uncommitted delegate
Illinois 12 uncommitted delegates
Missouri 25 uncommitted delegates
Pennsylvania 32 uncommitted delegates
Louisiana 8 uncommitted delegates

198 uncommitted delegates...hmmmmm.....

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don't forget

from Romney's totals

Wiki has no clue