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Alaska Dispatch: How Joe Miller and wife helped get a win for the Ron Paul supporters

Interesting article, showing how Joe Miller, Alaska GOP Senatorial Primary winner and his wife helped win it for the Paul supporters.

Joe Miller was a Senate candidate and long shot in the GOP primary, but was pushed hard by Sarah Palin helping him break through for the win, only later to be screwed over by the Alaska GOP establishment who sent Murkowski in via a write-in campaign to win the Senate (counting of those write-in votes still being questioned).

The Millers huddled with the Paul backers all night to bring Tea Party and Paul backers together to win the day.

However it was ultra Ron Paul backer Kathleen Miller (Joe's wife) that came out with a coveted National Elector Position.


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um what?

Joe Miller? To be honest guys... I didn't even know he was there nor did I see him once the entire time for any of our meetings. Connecting him to us is very weird - he wasn't even involved in endorsing our campaign at all. And reading even the title of the article raised my eyebrow.

Also - this article tries to come out like all the ron Paul supporters were less than 30 years old but I can tell you that out of the hundreds of Ron Paul supporters there - there was prolly less than 40 that could be considered young. Everyone I saw with a Ron Paul button and in the meetings were middle aged +

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Run Joe!

The Millers have principle, courage, and discernment.

Joe Miller needs our help

to win next time he runs for the senate hes a liberty candidate and that witch communist Murkowski needs to go. i think its 2014 for him.

Murkowski is up for

Murkowski is up for reelection in 2016, but Miller has hinted at trying to take Mark Begich's (D) seat in 2014.


I knew Miller was solid. I'm

I knew Miller was solid. I'm thinking Palin isn't all that bad either. There's some good out there. We just need to draw it out.

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endorsed the Grinch. She has ZERO credibility IMO. Never trusted her, never will.

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ha ha

C'mon Palin knew the grinch wouldn't win, she wanted Chaos at the convention, she wanted a divided pot going into the convention. She has always been anti-establishment, including the first major backer of Rand Paul in KY.

The establishment GOP hates Palin, in my eyes that huge brownie points for her.

She's an ally in Alaska as

She's an ally in Alaska as far as I'm concerned. She backed Joe Miller in 2010 and has made a lot of enemies with the establishment. Besides, you can tell she never liked Romney, and she doesn't want Paul to drop out.


Doesn't sound like RP

I'm sure the man is tired. Looks like something has been said to him in the form of a threat, possibly.


"I'm sure the man is tired.

"I'm sure the man is tired. Looks like something has been said to him in the form of a threat, possibly."

What do you mean?

And the nasty dig in the article:

Who are they trying to reach with this comment?

"To be sure, not all Paul supporters believe in God, but a certain alliance between the tea party and Paulites was necessary for an upset in GOP politics on the Last Frontier, as evidenced by Joe Miller backers aligning with Paul supporters at this weekend’s convention. And so, regardless of religious beliefs, they cheered for Millete."


where do they come up with these things

read article at very end how outgoing Alaska chair fleeced

Alaska GOP of $100,000 so new incoming leadership has no money, nor does state party.

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bump for recognition of good work


Those Alaska Paul supporters are bad

to the bone.

PS maybe Kathleen should take out Murkowski

in 2016! Go Kathy Go!