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Daily 'Prayer Call' for Ron Paul!

Just read the piece on Ron being worn out.

I resemble that remark!

I have been busting my ASS for going on five YEARS now on the 'Honest Ron' Project, and I'm flat out tired (and broke!). I'm 20 years Ron's Junior, so I can just imagine how this is hitting him.

I believe in the Power of Prayer. Those of you reading this who do not are encouraged to close this window and go your merry way, thank you! Have a nice day.

Those of you who do, I would like to start Daily 'Waves of Support' for not just the good Doctor, but for ALL who struggle in this Grand Effort.

Every Day at Noon - Local Time (wherever that may be) - stop what you are doing and SAY A PRAYER for Ron Paul and all who support him. Pray for their health to be maintained in times of stress. Pray for their strength to be uplifted when downtrodden, and pray that their families may be relieved of the encroaching TYRANNY that continues to erode our Civil Liberties at every opportunity.

As the Noon hour washes across America in each Time Zone, successive waves of God's Love is focused and magnified by the sheer numbers of voices crying to Our Lord for help in our Cause of Righteousness!

I'm setting my alarm now for a daily reminder at 11:55 a.m.

God Bless Ron Paul, God Bless each of YOU, and God Bless America.


Ed in Phoenix

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Hold his arms up!

You know the story in the Bible about Moses and the children of Israel, when they were in a battle and as long as Moses' hands were lifted up in prayer they did well, and when his arms got tired and he put them down, they started losing? So then the people held his arms up for him. Your post made me think of that. If we only realized the power of prayer, we would do it much more often! I haven't been one to pray much lately, so thanks for the reminder! You're so right, I really cannot understand how Ron does it but from now on I'm at least doing my part at holding his arms up. :-)


he deserves our prayers!!!!


Thanks to 'The Five'.

You know who you are - so does He (looks up).

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.