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Attack Romney/Obama with "Taste Test" amongst average republicans

Check out the videos below.

By channelfortruth2012

By chrisresistance

Now imagine a booth set up with multiple topic choices on a large screen behind the booth like "Guns", "health care", "gun rights", "energy", "bailouts".

Joe Republican steps up to the booth to find out what it's about...

Operator: "Hello, sir, welcome. We've set up an experiment, a philosophical taste test for republicans, to help guage the direction of the party. Which topic on our board here would you say is most important to you?"

J: "Hmm. Health care."

The operator shows two quotes labeled option A and option B on the screen under health care. Joe doesn't know who the quotes are from, but he's very likely to notice the "options" are nearly identical and both distasteful regarding universal health care.

Operator: "Which of these options would you say you find most attractive?"

J: "What is this? Neither. Where's the republican?"

Operator: "Sorry sir. These might be your only options. Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama.".
The operator reveals the quote source on the screen and pauses to let the info sink in.

In the ad you show a montage of these quotes and reactions, then you show the second part of the experiment.

O: "Well, there is another choice."

Operator reveals Options A, B, and C.

J: "There. Option C... Who is that?"

O: "Sir, that is Ron Paul."

Operator reveals all three quotes on the screen. The same reveal and reaction for each topic.

End of ad.

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Fyi a ronpaulforums member

Fyi a ronpaulforums member was inspired to make a video related to this:


Somehow they ended up having their youtube account terminated when they posted this.... So it's on vimeo.

Bumping. I am going to try

Bumping. I am going to try sending to a different PAC since revolution PAC hasnt responded.

Chip in or kickstarter

If I don't hear back from one of the pacs I think perhaps we should commission this video ourselves with a chip in or kickstarter. Any agree or disagree? I am impatient because we have to turn the tide now in the remaining states.

How about this:

Give a list of quotes from each candidates but have the source of them concealed. After answering a question on each topic, reveal to them who said what.
(Romney and Obama's answers would be indistinguishable, so they will mix those up 50/50!)
Paul's answers would, of course, make sense.

Would make a great handout, too.

Agreed. If we put the

Agreed. Whatever variation works. If we put the similarities in the main stream memes we will force the establishment to look upon its own hypocrisy and either change course or knowingly vote for (r) Obama.

Have you seen this version?

This one is set in a context that speaks volumes.

Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama First Debate Preview


Hadn't seen that. Very cool.

Hadn't seen that. Very cool.

Fyi i emailed the idea to

Fyi i emailed the idea to revolution pac.

We are Given

The illusion of choice by being given meaningless choices.

We need a way to reach inside the head of the average apathetic American TV junkie. I like the idea presented here.

Freedom is the answer !!
What's the question ?
-Jack Blood-

Thanks lenstwo2. We need a

Thanks lenstwo2.

We need a dramatic turn against Romney NOW. Something has to break through.

Brilliant :)


Tasting Willard and Obama?

Tasting Willard and Obama? Ewwwww. Give me a taste of Ron Paul :)

Love it!

The answer is the same, like coke and Pepsi are basically the same. The guy at the guy at the booth is all confused about why he's asked to choose between the same two products, or in this case the same two candidates. Choose your favorite, voter is confused, they are both the same? Is this machine broken? Get a jab in there about unreliable voter machines while you're at it, lol.



very good!!

Maybe one of the PACs will do this?? :)

It doesnt seem like it would

It doesnt seem like it would be too expensive to create either.

Screen, laptop, presentation, booth, locations, filming, and editing.

It would be interesting to see the results of the booth, let alone the ad being played on tv in texas, ca, etc.


THIS is a great idea. Kinda borrows from that insurance taste test ad (which is a bit corny), but has a better way to deliver the message to Republicans.

Maybe something like this could get some play?

I hope so. I think we can

I hope so. I think we can make a big impact by showing the similarities between obama and romney. This is something ron paul has already alluded to.

Oh, for sure

Nothing to lose, and everything to gain, in trying to make this point stick.

Can i get a bump?

Can i get a bump?