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Deflecting Attention From The Real Question

"The debt morass sucking down the entire world is happening in Europe, not in the US. The lack of jobs and economic opportunity wearing "main street" down is a result of "unfair competition" from Asia, and China in particular. The US establishment MUST point the finger anywhere but at their own seat of power and keep on doing it until the election has safely been put to bed. They are going to have to keep it up for a bit more than six months. The US establishment has never fooled all of the people all of the time -just enough of them to keep their power. The problem is that this keeps getting harder to do."


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Good positive read supporting Ron Paul

It is good to have the support of the big boys too.

Here is a good Ron Paul supporting report that also acknowledges what everyone is waking up and seeing. The wicked evil of the black out from the lame stream propaganda machine. Here too we see that more and more are learning to be banksterwise and speak the same language.

Ha! Give thanks for that. We are growing exponentially in a quickening way. The prairie fire of liberty spreads fast and consumes the lies of the yellow journalistic pig swill called network news.

"The level of the political debate which the US establishment wants to preserve is very well illustrated by the quotes given above. Anyone who has any familiarity with Dr Paul's platforms and ideas can hardly be surprised at the concentrated venom being spewed out by the US "mainstream" against him. And yet, he remains unbowed. His goal is to give the American people something they have not had for generations, a CHOICE in November. But to do that he has to get past the Republicans, a HUGE task."

He knows how tainted the media is too.


The "debt morass"

is a construct that the PTB have worked toward for 100 years.
They are by no means taken by surprise.
This was their goal.
They have the next step in their plan waiting for those who are willing to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Our task is to NOT accept the solution of the evil Powers-That-Be.