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Sparks of Insanity lead to War

Lots to be concerned about folks, but none so important as the way in which this country continues to bomb and target civilians in Pakistan.

How many people realize just how enraged this hornets nest is now? The trend of kicking this nest to get it to react is continuing daily targeting their lands with the US drone attacks. They are getting really fed up with this ongoing invasion of their sovereign air space and the murdering of civilians and soldiers.

How many people remember when the bush went to Pakistan just before the end of his dictatorship to give them a bunch of nuk-tech to finish off their nuk-weapons program. He gave them this as a pay off.

"WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 — Over the past six years, the Bush administration has spent almost $100 million on a highly classified program to help Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, secure his country’s nuclear weapons, according to current and former senior administration officials."

U.S. Secretly Aids Pakistan in Guarding Nuclear Arms:


But wait! The bush also gave the technology to guess who? India who shared it with Iran!! Talk about another set up. When this happened in 2007, it became apparent what could happen some day after the bush crime family set up for the third world war.

"During a three day visit to Tehran, Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee made meaningful progress in the bilateral relations of both countries. India agreed to continue the "the 2,600-kilometer Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline which would carry Iranian gas to Pakistan and India." New Delhi also managed to get a share in the Iranian oil and gas projects at South Pars fields. On the other hand, Tehran received again the Indian backing to its nuclear activities. http://my.nowpublic.com/world/fm-mukherjee-predicts-iran-wil...

I don't know about anyone else; but with the threats going back and forth between the US and Iran....with the US and Israel threatening War over Iran getting Nuclear technology; why would Bush authorize the newest technology in concern to nuclear development to India?

He is giving nuclear technology to India who went against the world rules and built its own nuke in secret. And Bush is going to trust the India Minister will not give sensitive information to Iran? Just how dumb do they think we are?"



Well, here we give the kids the matches and wood and gasoline to burn the house down, and thereafter begin the campaign to temp and tease and dare and antagonize them all knowing that this psychology will eventually push them to use the weapons we gave them to strike back. And who wouldn't after all the torturous tempting and kicking the hornets nest that continues today. The bush gave them all the means to have a MAD situation ignite larger conflagrations of world war.

Here is a quote from this news story below today ramping up the background coverage showing that the very overly tolerant Pakistani's are getting angrier and angrier. It could easily only be a few more sticks on Pakistan that breaks the overburdened camels back.

"A Pakistani parliamentary committee recently demanded an end to drone strikes on Pakistani territory as part of its recommendations for how its relationship with Washington should change. The United States has given no indication it intends to halt the campaign."

Not promoting the tainted bias yahoo/abc/reuters news, but it is interesting to watch how this has been going down for these last years. Read the story here and watch this continue to boil in the background. Pray they forgive us some day, and we do not continue to kick the Hornets Nest. Pay backs could be a blowback!



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More illegal acts of war

Illegal acts of war...... Unconstitutional..... Time to impeach....
I made the sorry mistake of voting for Obama, and I understand that even if a impeachment bill passed he would still finish his term, however if impeached he would not be legally eligible in any state, and the general election would have to be narrowed giving Ron Paul an even better chance to win.

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!