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How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever

How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever

April 29, 2012
By Tony Cartalucci
BLN Contributing Writer

In the modern political arena, we are provided a myriad of false choices from which to choose, while our supposedly elected representatives skillfully and purposefully obfuscate and maneuver around real, permanent solutions. This is because the vast majority of the power and influence today's ruling elite enjoy across the Western world is derived precisely because of perpetual, seemingly unsolvable problems. In many cases, these "problems" are manufactured by the very people proposing solutions to solve them.

The fraudulent "War on Terror" is one such manufactured problem, perpetually both fueled and fought by the monied elite to keep their rackets, and the power, wealth, and influence derived from them going perpetually. The healthcare debate is another problem capable of being permanently solved, but allowed to purposefully drag on to maintain an entire industry built upon exploiting the desperation of the sick and injured.Read more

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