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All Hands: Please Help! U.C. Davis Rally

So we have less than one week, but I am calling all-hands to help in this effort.

I want to make UC DAVIS one of the largest rallies yet (even though they call it a townhall). Remember, UC DAVIS got a lot of news coverage for the pepper spray incident during the occupy movement, so perhaps this can make some sort of noise also for national headlines. So far there is a Facebook event for this thing and only about 800 people have confirmed going.


Please let your friends know about this!!! Even if you do not live near Davis, or cannot make it, somebody you know on Facebook might. Carpool if you can, but let's make Ron Paul's visit to Davis worth his while! Thank you!!

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Notified friends, have 5

Notified friends, have 5 confirmed. How is the college Ron Paul group advertising this?

I honestly don't know.

I don't even go to UCD, but my girlfriend does.

She says she sees Ron Paul stuff all over campus, but when I found out there was a facebook event to invite people I was pumped to see how many people were invited/going.

Then I was surprised to see only 800 pledged to attend. Then my roomate said something to the likes of, "Well, count half of that, and that's how many people will show up."

I took that as a challenge. And I will prove to him that Ron Paul is more popular than he perceives.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

Contact Public Affairs at Travis AFB to Publicize the Event

Travis Air Force Base is just 15 minutes from UC-Davis. Tomorrow morning contact the Base Public Affairs Office and ask them how the event can be publicized throughout the Base.

Send a press release to the Base Newspaper......Hopefully, your YFRP are working with the other Universities and Colleges within one hour of the campus.

Talk to the YFRP in El Paso, their facebook numbers were low also yet they worked extremely hard and had a full house last week.

These things do not just happen. We all need to publicize this BIG TIME!!!!