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We all are One...after all

Sunday evenings best to all.

When all the chips fall down we ALL must remember, we are One after all. One nation under God...indivisible...and united for truth...justice...and liberty for all.

Turn it up and post it for all the romulans and soeterobamanites too. :)



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I enjoyed the song, Never

I enjoyed the song, Never heard it before. I believe we are all one, as the energy that is within each of our atoms and gives us life is the same thing, no matter who we are. I have had a LOT of trouble with people, though, over my many years, and I still haven't figured it all out.
From comments below I am just about certain I would not be friends with the singer..:)

Good sentiments

I am proud to be part of the movement with you and I will treat you as family. But, I am an individualist not a collectivist. I glory in our common bond, but I will not acknowledge being "one" with anyone.

The idea that we are "one nation under (the Christian) God" is how they took over. It is how they keep support for the military industrial complex. That is why they added "under God" in 1954 - to unite us in religion as opposed to our Constitution.

In Liberty.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Gave you an up vote for the post but...

I could not bare to watch the video..I use to actually like U2 music until I found out that Bono believes Rick Santorum is a "Defender of the most vulnerable"..And he wrote a blurb in Santorums wife's book supporting Rick, that also included a forward by Joe Paterno entitled "Decent manners with children", but yet Mr. Paterno did nothing when he found out about Sandusky...I got kids and, honestly, I get bad gut feelings about more than just one person named above, and these type of people make me sick.

"They were popularly elected, I think," Gregory responded. "Isn't that what democracy is about?"

"No," Santorum said.

Read article for full context, but for all the a**holes out there trying to start the: Ron Paul is "stealing" the election crap, it sure sounds to me like Mr. Santorum agrees that the popular vote should not necessarily dictate the winner of an election..If that's the case, I agree :-)


De criminalize Liberty!