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Doug Wead: "Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update" and discouraging news.

Doug Wead starts off by saying that Iowa and Washington have not yet set up their delegates, but that he suspects we should get more delegates from there than what the media is saying, and that is saying a lot because the media was saying we will get the majority.


But that's not the bad news.

The bad news starts on paragraph ten, when Doug Wead reveals some very, VERY discouraging news...or perhaps just a very annoying typo.

He states:

"It means that journalists are beginning to catch on to the truth of the Ron Paul delegate strategy which is very different from what has been reported. It means that we are on schedule to win many of those delegations from a number of states. It means that a brokered convention probably would have happened if the Santorum and Gingrich campaigns had not collapsed. And there are a number of options possible even now. But it also means that things can go wrong. It isn’t done yet."

Did you catch that? He said:

"It means that a brokered convention probably would have happened if the Santorum and Gingrich campaigns had not collapsed."

A brokered convention probably would have happened if the Santorum and Gingrich campaigns had NOT collapsed?!

What the hell?

I have emailed Doug Wead to ask him if this is correct, or a typo of some sort.

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I think what Doug

is saying is...We can still win but we will have to win ugly.

I for one am good with that. I would love to see fur fly in Tampa. The NeoCons need to be ousted pretty or ugly clean or dirty.

We are beating THEM at the rigged game that THEY created. I have no loyalty to the GOP...they sold me out.

Yes. Let's do whatever it takes to win and let the chips fall where they may.

Check out Latest Post

For more good info from Doug Wead.


Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins
April 29, 2012

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

this seems plausible as well

this seems plausible as well

Good try my friend

But I can see a little into the strategy and it seems to me this is going to get interesting very soon. If the strategy is what I am thinking this will be a "WHOLLY SHEET". It looks like it will be sweeter than Warren G Harding's victory.

Please "share"; some of us aren't bright enough to "get" what

you mean. Thanks


Are you speaking of vote

Are you speaking of vote abstinence?

And there are a number of

And there are a number of options possible even now. But it also means that things can go wrong. It isn’t done yet.

Did you skip over this little sentence?

Anything can happen from now until the convention.

Always in motion the future is.

That sentence is why i

That sentence is why i thought it might of been a typo when he said we probably can't get a brokered convention.

it wouldn't be the first time Doug Wead typo'd on his blog.

Full steam ahead! The best

Full steam ahead! The best weapon, the only weapon, they have against us is convincing us to give up! We will NOT give up! We will NOT give in! A lot of things can happen, we will be there ready when it does! Delegates, delegates, delegates!

NOW, you can see why voting down my post about helping Frothy win WI was not such a smart idea! Had he won WI, he would still be in this most likely.

EXACTLY! Work Every Day! R[3]VOLUTION!

We Continue = We Win.

That is the recipe.

5 Star Zagat Restaurant Celebration Dinner in Tampa, Florida, 2012.

That is where we are going.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION 2012 - United States Of America + Worldwide

Wisdom Strategies

You can very well know i'm

You can very well know i'm going to continue this revolution. I'm getting sworn in as alternate committeeman here in FL, so as to influence the party, and change florida rules once comes the RNC

Brokered convention

Well, considering brokered conventions are for when no candidate gets a majority of the delegate votes on the first ballot, it's pretty damn near impossible to have no majority vote winner when there's only two candidates. As much as I dislike Santorum and Gingrich, it was disappointing to hear them drop out.

My sentiments,

too, I'm afraid.

millions lost

We lose Mitt wins and that means 4 more years of obama.America is the big loser here and it's time to MOVE to another country for a lot of people that will not deal with this nonsense anymore in this country.

All we need to do is what we are doing and..

we will WIN! Dont fret over stuff like this now..we just need to continue with our hard work and prayers..its worked better then ANYONE thought up to this point..we are in the driver seat astraldream..we must keep them honest and that will not be an easy task..they are going to turn up the heat BIGTIME they MUST..they are LOSING! Keep our nose to the grind stone and PRAY for success!

And for the life of me..how could there be a brokered convention only if the other campaigns did not collapse??????????? There is NO WAY that everyone was going to be able to remain in the race..NO WAY. There is a BETTER chance of us getting a brokered convention as things stand..we are winning some delegates from Santorum and Newt..and to hell with all this talk about a Brokered Convention..WE CAN WIN IT!!! There is POWER IN PRAYER..say a PRAYER RIGHT NOW..it seems to have worked WONDERS for me!! Im starting to wonder if IM NOT THE ONE WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THESE DELEGATE WINS!!! I PRAY ENOUGH FOR IT!!!!LMAO! It works so DO IT!..they will consider it to be an underhanded strategy when the word get out!! morons....

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that we are successful in taking over the GOP at the committee level in order to change rules. We need that to happen.


The campaign must be over I guess and we can all quit and support our new nominee "Mitt the Twitt" via GOLDMAN SACHS.

Doug Wead is right. Santorum

Doug Wead is right. Santorum and Gingrich dropping out probably killed our chances of a brokered convention. It can still happen if Ron Paul ends up winning most of the upcoming primaries. This can happen if most of the Santorum voters switch to Ron Paul. The only alternative now is either change the rules on the convention floor or abstain from voting.


i hope to god the abstain

i hope to god the abstain rule is real

What if the true Romney supporters decide to abstain while we

abstain? What if 100% of all delegates abstain? Is the convention over?


Ron Paul needed those guys to get delegates

May was set up to be a strong month for Santorum and a weak month for Romney, due to some states with demographics that were quite friendly to Santorum. A brokered convention only happens if Romney doesn't hit the threshold. If Santorum was getting in there and taking delegates that will now be bound to Romney (in states like Kentucky and Arkansas), it would have increased the chances of making it to a brokered convention.

That is what I was thinking

That is what I was thinking too.